Handjob Niece

My sister’s daughter Carolyn is an attractive kid. She just turned 18, but she is still in high school. She was very beautiful as a young child, but through adolescence she developed complexion problems and it seemed that her nose grew faster than the rest of her face. She still has some that gangly look that teenagers often have when they are growing faster than they can adapt to emotionally. But mature’s into an adult, it is clear that she is becoming a beautiful woman.

My mother recently passed away, and Carolyn was helping me prepare some of her property for an estate sale. Carolyn was trying to polish two large silver candlestick holders, rubbing this way and that, but was not making much progress.

“Here, let me show how to do it”, I said, taking one of the candlestick holders from her. I ran my hand up and down the shaft of the holder, saying “just do it like you’re giving your boyfriend a handjob.”

Carolyn blushed a little but broke into a big grin. “Oh, I can sure do that”, she said, as she began pumping her had rapidly along the shaft of the holder she still had.

I looked on in surprise as she jerked her hand up and down the candlestick holder. “It does look like you’ve had some practice. Your boyfriend’s a lucky fella”, I said.

“I don’t have a boyfriend”, Carolyn said, looking deeply into my eyes while continuing her stroking of the holder, “my girlfriends and I do it for the guys to keep them from trying to get into our pants.”

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My First College Party

I was at my first frat party. A little sad, I know. Especially for being in the sophomore year of my college career. To be fair though, I was a pretty big book worm my freshman year. My new roommate though was a party animal, so I decided to go with her. We had been friends the year before and decided we would try being roommates. We had just walked through the front door, me following her short curvy ass, trying to keep up. She was a freaking whirlwind, and a ball of energy. While I followed her I was trying to keep my tall willowy frame from knocking into anyone inadvertently.

I didn’t think I was overly nerdy, so I was hoping that I could get along with some people there. I wasn’t all that shy so that was also probably a good thing, especially since I could no longer see Erin. She had been sucked into the crowd. Oh well, I guess. I just decided to find a drink and maybe find someone to talk to. As I passed a living room, I finally caught sight of Erin, bouncing around, dancing with some bulky frat guy. At least she was already having fun. I got into the kitchen, which was filled with people who were talking and a couple that was obnoxiously making out on the counter. So attractive. Unfortunately they were blocking the liquor.

I walked up next to them, clearing my throat, but I was ignored. Well, it was their own fault if they got mildly molested by me when I reached around them to get a bottle of whatever liquor I could get my hands on. I sidled up to them, turning to face them and reaching behind them. My breasts were pressed to the guys’ arm and my hand skimmed across the girls’ ass as it closed around the cold glass of a bottle of booze.

The girl finally pulled her lips away from the guy to yell at me, “Hey, bitch! Watch it!”

“Sorry, babes. I couldn’t help myself. Just wanted a piece of that ass,” I laughed sarcastically and held the bottle up, shaking it a little to make my point. The girl glared at me, but didn’t say anything back. I was turning away from the couple when the bottle of liquor was snatched from my hand.

“That’s mine, BABES,” a voice said behind me. I turned to find a rather attractive guy standing there, unscrewing the lid of the bottle to take a swig. He had gorgeous blue eyes, a cocky smirk, and obviously fake blonde hair. “If you want some, I’d be happy to give you some. For a price.”

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Swimming Hole Lesbians

It was too hot to climb. We had gotten up early in the morning, and done a couple routes. There were three of us: Steph, Anna, and Me. Climbing as a trio was a little slow, but it was a lot of fun; and it was doubly fun because it was just us girls.

It was late morning, and the sun was beating down on the cliff. It must have already been up in the 90s, and it was humid. We were all sweating. It was time to stop, to rehydrate, to go for a swim and take a nap until the afternoon heat started to recede. We packed up our ropes and gear, and headed up the carriage road toward our secret swimming hole.

I had met Steph at work. She was beautiful. If I had been interested in women, she would have been it: slim but not skinny; bright blue eyes and long blonde hair; intelligent and funny and outgoing. And a really nice person. We had been working together for six months before we realized that we both climbed in the Shawanagunk Mountains. All spring, we had been climbing together almost every nice weekend.

Anna was a friend of Steph’s. She was new to climbing; Steph knew her from the gym. She was a fun, sunny person, with short dark hair, big brown eyes, freckles, and a cute smile that always seemed to light up her face. She was in really good shape, and was quickly becoming a strong climber.

It was a mile or so to walk to our swimming hole. I don’t know if it really is a secret, but I’ve never seen anyone else there in the two years since I discovered it. As we walked, Anna and Steph talked and laughed, discussing the morning’s adventures, politics, and the cute boys we had seen at the cliff. I preferred to walk in silence, listening and occasionally adding my two cents worth, but mostly thinking and remembering. I have never been accused of having a bubbly personality.

After the long walk in the hot sun, jumping into the cold mountain water was going to be an intense pleasure. We all looked forward to it with trepidation. Our pool was well away from the trail, a rocky shelf hidden in the woods. The stream ran through a natural fissure in the rock, splashed down a small waterfall, and formed a deep pool before flowing off into the forest. The water, even in the heat of summer, was icy cold.

We stripped down to our underwear. Anna peeled off her sports bra, setting her large, full breasts free. I had to admit, she had a really nice pair of tits. I’ve always been rather glad that mine are no more than a mouthful; but Anna’s almost made me jealous: large and round and firm, maybe a 36C; with large brown areola. She seemed totally unselfconscious about being topless. On impulse, I joined her, pulling off my top and baring my own breasts.

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Working It Out

I am a thirty-three year old, self made manager in a blue chip company. I have been working with this company for 14 years now, and have slowly worked my ways through the ranks. I began working there as a regular floor employee, then a supervisor, then a foreman, and now I am a top manager in the company. Through my trials I have always had a good working relationship with the HR department, and I am always asking for advice, and shooting scenarios by them. We recently hired a new HR specialist in the company and immediately we connected.

Christy was an older lady, married, and had kids in college, but she was fabulous in the sense only guys would know. She was close to 6′ tall and probably weighed around 150 lbs. Long dark hair, blue eyes, and an ass to die for. Many times during our conversations I would imagine us together. The looks are not what attracted me to her though. It was the mind, she was so intone with my thought process that I couldn’t stay away from her. I always made a reason to drop by and see her everyday. I knew I was having a problem when my wife and I were making love one night and I imagined it was Christy on her knees in front of me.

At the point where I began imagining and fantasizing over her I tried to stay away. I felt guilty for imaging the stuff I was, and did not want to ruin the marriage I had. I loved my wife very much, and did not want to lose her, so I stayed away from Christy.

Christy began to seek me out. She would call me to her office or send me emails asking what was up she hadn’t heard from me in days. I would calmly and without sitting down, just stop by and tell her I was really busy. Emails began to be our normal communication, and she would send me three or four a day. Sometimes they work related and sometimes she was just saying hello. Several times I would catch myself thinking of her at work and find myself beginning to get an erection behind my desk. I would get up and go make myself busy rather quickly. I had to stop thinking of her in this way.

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Picnic For Hot Wife

After six years of marriage, it finally happened, and I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m 28 and, while my parents were originally from Korea, I’m as American as apple pie. My breasts are average, but since I’m slender they appear larger than they really are. I have a firm bottom and most guys describe me as having ‘exotic looks’, which basically means I’m attractive.

I met the man who would become my husband in my third year of college. Michael was attractive, had a nice personality, was in great shape from being on the school’s soccer team, and was pretty damn good in bed. After a prolonged romance, we married right after graduation. At first everything was fine, with Michael landing a well-paying job and getting promoted at a fast pace, but as the years passed by things changed, and not for the better. Michael developed bad drinking habits as he moved up the corporate food chain. It wasn’t going out with the boys twice a week that bothered me as much as when it became four times. The more he drank, the more of a beer gut he acquired as well. I tried to get him to cut back, even going so far as to joining a health club so we could work out together, but he gave up after a couple of weeks on the treadmill and consoled himself with as much booze as he could find.

Our sex life took a hit, too. The more he drank, the less we had, and I have to admit his increasingly large gut was a major turn off. Now I’m no nympho that wants sex five times a day, but when it became only once a week, I began to get restless. Suddenly, I started noticing other men and wondered what they would be like in bed. I still loved my husband and never acted on my impulses, but I was tempted.

Then came my husband’s company picnic. It was an annual event that the employees’ families were invited to, which meant at least three hundred people would be in attendance. It was held at a park that had a sizeable lake, leaving plenty of space for everyone to mingle without feeling fenced in. I was feeling particularly horny that day and dressed in a pair of shorts that were a size too small and a skimpy halter top. Underneath I wore an even smaller bikini in the hopes that my hubby might get turned on and I’d get a little action before the picnic, if not canceling it outright. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t even seem to notice as we hopped in the car and drove off.

It was a good day for the picnic, sunny and a touch on the hot side, and as soon as we arrived we started mingling with the others. Michael introduced me to a couple of guys I hadn’t met before. Brett had recently been assigned to work under my husband, and Phil was the supervisor for most of the trainees for the company. Both of them were about our age and in good shape. I hit it off with them instantly, and soon we were chatting away like old friends. I learned they were married, but their wives hadn’t come (Brett’s was visiting in-laws and Phil’s detested company get-togethers). After talking for a few minutes my husband excused himself to the restroom, leaving me alone with the guys. Now I’m a born flirt, and left to my own devices, I fell into my old pattern with these handsome men. They responded in kind, and soon we were having a good time trading sexual innuendos.

All too soon Michael returned and insisted on tracking down some of his closer friends. Reluctantly, I said farewell to the guys and followed my husband. The flirting had made me even hornier, so I asked Michael if we could go back to the car for a quickie. He laughed at the idea and told me to relax and enjoy the picnic.

It didn’t take long to locate his friends, most of whom were drinking buddies he hung out with after work. I had met them several times and found them an obnoxious lot. I didn’t have much in common with their wives either, so I was reduced to standing around and forced to make polite conversation while the guys laughed it up.

The president of the company gave his obligatory inspirational speech and told everyone to have fun. It didn’t take long for my husband and his buddies to entrench themselves near the open bar and see who could drink the most in the shortest amount of time. By now I was bored out of my skull, and asked my husband if it would be all right if I walked around for a bit. He gave a short, “Sure,” and retuned to getting drunk and laughing too loudly with his friends.

I hadn’t wandered around for very long when Brett spotted me. He could tell I wasn’t having a good time and asked me what was wrong. When I told him about my husband and how I felt totally ignored, he sympathized and invited me to join a volleyball game that was about to start. That sounded like fun, so I readily agreed and followed him to where they were setting up the net. Phil was there, as were three younger guys who were introduced as Larry, Chris, and Dean. It turned out they were interns Phil was in charge of. The opposing team was a group of computer programmers, “So we stand a chance, especially with you on our side,” Brett quipped

I quickly found myself the focus of a healthy amount of attention. The interns treaded carefully and didn’t flirt as much, though Dean was a bit raunchy. I guess they didn’t want to risk saying something wrong and angering the wife of a superior. Phil and Brett more than made up for it by showering me with very flattering compliments. I hadn’t been treated this well in years.

After chatting for a while our opponents arrived and the game began. I’m a very competitive woman, so it wasn’t long before I worked up a sweat. With a touch of flourish, I shed my halter top and showed off my skimpy bikini. That little move made me the center of attention of all the guys. The interns became a lot more talkative, and Brett and Phil were flirting constantly. It puffed up my ego a bit to know I could still catch the eye of so many guys.

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Wedding To Remember

I was finishing getting ready for the wedding that a dear friend invited me to. I kept checking my hair and my lipstick in the mirror until I approved what I looked like. I decided to wear a navy blue dress with gold stud earrings. Under the dress, I made sure I wore a pair of lacey blue panties with a matching blue bra. A pair of sheer stockings and a navy pair of heels completed the outfit. As I looked at myself in the mirror one last time, I remembered how my Mom always told me to be prepared for any event. 

The wedding was for a friend of a friend and my friend invited me as his guest. It was a simple thing for me to accept his invite since he had always been there for me. It was also no secret that I love dressing up either. It was five o’clock when he arrived and gave me the once over with a devilish smile on his face. I looked at him and asked if the outfit met his approval. The nod and wink he gave me said it all. 

The ride to the wedding found us catching up on our everyday lives. As we talked, I noticed that there was something different about him. It wasn’t that I found him unattractive. He was very attractive. It was just that I saw more of his heart than his outer beauty. I saw the kind ways he was there for me during those rough patches I went through. As I looked at him more intently, I would dutifully avert my eyes as I caught him staring at me a few times. There was also a glint in his eye that I had never noticed before. The drive to the wedding was almost too quick before we arrived 

The hall was beautifully decorated with flowers and white chairs were set out with the aisle in between both sides. The front of the hall had two sets of white pillars around the pulpit. The pulpit itself was overlaid with violet and purple fabric. As I walked looking at the decorations, I tended to stick by him rather closely considering I didn’t know anyone at the wedding. As we headed towards our seats, he introduced me to his friends. It was only a few moments before we sat down and watched the procession of the flower girl followed by the rest of the wedding party. The familiar sounds of the bride song played as she walked down wearing a strapless number with a veil over her Latino black hair. 

The ceremony itself was almost ten minutes long and as the couple rushed up the aisle within a hail of bubbles, I looked at my date and saw him smile a bit. We soon followed everyone else to the reception as the couple began to have their photos taken by the photographer. As we found the reception, we found where the bar was and began to have a few drinks before the couple arrived. My date brought me up to the couple and introduced me to both of them. I congratulated them and wished them the best. 

As the bride told me how lucky she was to find her guy, she made mention of how my friend was a great catch as well. I simply agreed with her before I felt his hand squeezing mine. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. As he was talking to another good friend, I excused myself for a moment and reassured him that I would be back shortly. It wasn’t until later that I realized that he had followed me into a hallway with a secluded stairwell off the reception area. I was uncertain as to how much he had to drink by that time. He pulled me into the stairwell with him and whispered in my ear how great enough I looked. He then whispered even closer to my ear how I looked good enough to eat. He leaned in and kissed me on my stunned lips.

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Backseat Driving

One of the things I truly enjoy the most in life is going on vacation with my wife.

It seems that every trip we take together is guaranteed to lead to some fantastic sex.

It was with that in mind that I encouraged my wife to come with me on my next business trip.

She was enjoying her usual summer off from work, and when I brought it up with her she was eager to go. I had scheduled a light workload for this trip so that we could enjoy some time together besides the long drive. The ride up was nice and I finished up my work early enough to get us a nice room at one of the local inns. We freshened up and spent the late afternoon and early evening shopping and walking the streets. The sun was setting so we decided to find someplace for a romantic dinner before we headed back to our room for a night of hot sex. We found a great bistro with a view of the bay and headed for the bar to wait for our table. We had a few drinks and then made our way to our table. My wife looked beautiful in the candle light and I was looking forward immensely to some intense fucking shortly. 

One thing about my wife that I love; when she gets a few drinks in her, she’s an animal. She gets very horny and at times flirtatious. She is almost always very conservative and modest until she has some liquor in her. We were having a great time over our meal and I could see by the warm glow on my wife’s face that she was getting nice and juiced up.

During the meal my wife had been glancing over toward the bar a few times. She whispered to me finally that some guy was checking her out. I casually peeked over to the bar and saw her admirer standing there brazenly staring right at her. He was easily six foot four and from the size of his arms he was obviously in tremendous physical shape. I looked back at my wife and asked her what she thought of him.

Well she did not take half a second to answer. “Wow!” was about all she could muster and she giggled into her drink. I found myself not all jealous but instead I was getting aroused. The rest of the meal I teased my wife about what a shame it was that she was married. We laughed and finished up our dinner. After I paid the bill I told my wife that we should have a nightcap at the bar before we headed for our room. I told her to go grab a seat at the bar and that after I paid the waiter I would meet up with her after going to the washroom.

She clumsily got up and made her way over to the bar. She was plainly on her way to being completely drunk and I was loving every minute of it. I watched her take a seat at the bar right next to the handsome stranger and he wasted no time in ordering her a drink and sitting right next to her. It was a while before the check came and during that time I sat back and enjoyed the show. This guy obviously knew she was married, as the ring on her finger was plain to see. He also knew that she was not alone, as he had been watching her all night. My wife was plainly enjoying the attention and she had turned on her stool to face him completely.

After I paid the bill I wandered over to the washroom. I passed my wife at the bar but did not say a word. She was laughing at some thing he had said and her drink was practically gone already. In the washroom I wondered at what was happening here. Sure I was turned on by the situation, it was something I had fantasized about for years. But here it was right in front of me, what should I do? I walked out and made my way to the bar. I found my wife and she introduced me to her new friend.

“Honey, this is Mark, he’s in town on business too.” “Mister, you sure are one lucky man to be able to come home to her every night.” Said Mark as he shook my hand. “I know Mark, she is a wonderful catch.” I replied. Mark was plainly smashed and my wife was also beginning to slur her words a little. 

“Honey we should go before you get anymore drunk.” “It was nice to meet you Mark but we’re heading back to our motel now.”

Mark was plainly disappointed in this announcement but he quickly asked if there was anyway I could drive him back to his motel across town. He was in no condition to drive and it was more than twenty miles back to his room. My wife looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes and I agreed.

We headed for the parking lot and it was at that point that I knew my wife was tanked.

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Discrete Office Party Ass Fuck

The most bland elevator music imaginable played as co-workers and various office-mates mingled, many of them strangers, some of them acquaintances from my floor. The annual fiscal year-end office party (yippee.)

I’d come alone, but was hanging out with a girl from my floor, Isabelle. She was hot, dressed funky, had class, was friendly and cool. We both felt like fish out of water, and were glad of each others’ company.

After many a glass of punch, I broke the ‘brown’ ice, so to speak. ‘You ever take it up the ass?’ I enquired casually between sips.

Isabelle pretended to look shocked and offended, but relented and offered up a saucy smile from under her thin, plucked eyebrows. ‘Why?’ she asked, ‘You like to give it to girls up the ass?’

‘As a matter of fact, Isabelle, I do,’ I said, to which she blushed and smiled. ‘As a matter of fact, I’ve had my eye on your backside ever since we were introduced in the office.’

‘Really??’ She seemed surprised and flattered. I thought she’d have been more confident of her looks, smoking hot, slim, big-boobed and apple-assed as she was. Her enormous alcoholically dilated anime eyes stared up at me from beneath her straight, yellow-blonde bangs with twin, sexy-cute braided ponytails on either side of her petite head.

‘In fact,’ I ventured, ‘we could do it right now, right here, right over there in the corner.’ Her mouth gaped. ‘Don’t think I hadn’t noticed your sexy zip-down miniskirt.’ I added. ‘We could pretend we were just standing together, or dancing.’
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Not A Whore Just a Slut

“You’re not a whore. You’re a slut,” his deep resonant voice sounded confident as he faced her. His denim shirt was open at the neck, hinting at the tanned muscular slabs of his chest. His shoulders seemed incredibly broad to Janine as she looked into his crystal blue eyes.

“There’s a difference. A whore charges for her services, but never gets involved with her customer. She never even falls in lust. You will fuck anybody, anytime. You’re in lust with every man you meet.” He smiled into her eyes as he traced the opening of her blouse, then followed the V of her bra to the depth of her cleavage. His hand followed the soft curve and then he hefted and squeezed her firm, fully-rounded tit, feeling her sensitive protruding nipple rubbing sensuously against the palm of his hand. He flicked the hardening bud of her nipple with his finger. He stepped closer to her, feeling her other breast pressing against his hard chest. His other hand slid confidently between her legs to massage her mound through the fabric of her dress.

Janine swayed firmly against his chest. Her tits seemed to thrust brazenly at the bra restraining them.

“What about my husband,” she whispered. They could hear him about in the living room, watching football and waiting for them to return. The knowledge that he could enter the room at any time and catch them added a heady spice of danger to their lust.

“That poor, stupid jerk. If he knew I was in the room next to him feeling up his wife like some street tramp, he’d probably have a coronary. Open your shirt. I want to see your tits.”

“I can’t. He’ll come in and catch us,” she said.

He kissed her deeply, his tongue first pressing against her inviting lips, then exploring her mouth. Her tongue began dancing with his, and she moaned deeply. It was obvious that she liked his kiss.

The kiss ended, and he smiled into her eyes again. “Open your shirt. I want to see your tits.”

Janine fumbled briefly with the buttons of her blouse, then paused. “What if he comes in here?” she asked.

“He won’t come in here. Hell, he won’t even get out of his chair to get his own beer. That’s why I’m in here,” he reassured her, as he massaged her pussy through her skirt.

She looked skeptical at the same time her body began to sway to the movement of his fingers.

“Hey, how about bringing us out some sandwiches when you come,” her husband called from the other room.

“You see?” he asked as stroked her pussy, massaging her inflamed flesh slowly, sensuously, teasing her passion, his finger tracing her slit.

He looked deeply into her eyes, smiled, and kissed her again. The kiss was terribly delicious. It took her breath away and her resistance dissolved with that breath.
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The Big Big One

The most memorable moment of my life occurred when I witnessed my wife guide the enormously excited penis of another man into the lips of her lovely pussy, then watched helplessly, tortured, as the long massive organ slid slowly into her, the man kneeling with his dark eyes looking down upon his engorged dickhead, already dripping with his cum and her juices, disappearing into her pussy, followed by the stiff meat of his long shaft that slowly filled her stretched vagina, her fur covered pubic mound inexorably swallowing his thick penis.

He was larger than I could ever hope to be,yet they seemed a perfect fit, her abdomen rising slightly as he filled her, leaving me transfixed, speechless, disbelieving as I stood outside of our bedroom window–the pulse of my blood roaring through my temples as this erotic nightmare played before my eyes, only vaguely aware that my underwear had been filled with my cum.

Over the next hour, I witnessed this man blow cum into my wife’s vagina three times, culminating three different fucks, all three really a continuous, non-stop session of deeply erotic and unrestrained love making, two moments almost as devastating as the sight of that large,wet penis disappearing into her vagina—the sight of her long, slim elegant fingers, with our wedding ring in place on her ring finger, masturbating his thick slick organ then cupping and massaging his balls as they spasmed with each spurt of cum during his ejaculations into her pussy.

Then the incredible sight of her lovely hands gripping his flanks, urging him deeper with his thrusts into her, and her persistant caressing of his anus with the fingers of her left hand, lubricating his opening with a mixture of his cum and her pussy fluids, helping him to a climax by inserting two of her soaked fingers deep into his anus, fucking in rhythm with his plunging penis, our wedding ring disappearing into his ass, then reappearing soaked in their juices, only to again disappear into his anus.

The sounds of their fucking is seared into my brain, wet noises, fleshy slickness, sucking, moaning and purring and deep strains of their genitals opening, stretching, plunging, squeezing, crushing together. their tongues slithering and licking in and out of one another’s mouth. I witnessed the fresh sperm dripping from her pussy as his penis would briefly emerge from her vagina, making his re-entry more delicious to them both.

I thought my legs would collapse when his body stiffened and his ass squeezed the fingers in his anus, her other hand gripping his balls, and I knew he was shooting a current of steaming virile cum into my wife’s fertile ovaries. He pulled out for a moment and they both watched his cock splash gops of sperm onto her open pussy, then slide his dick back into her.

I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from all I witnessed that night. It was the most erotically overpowering experience of my life, my extreme, intense jealousy and humiliation horrified, yet arousing powerful heat and passion in my loins, bringing me to a flood of orgasms throughout the nightmare of magnificent sex,- another man giving my wife a thorough fucking, all with her enthusiastic consent.
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