Justine and the Truckers

Last weekend we (my wife Justine and I) had driven a long haul. We had finished up a two week road trip from Fort Worth to Virginia and back to Fort Worth. We drove the entire trip back from Virginia in about a day. About 10 hours into the trip my wife was just laying back in the seat listening to the radio as I rubbed her leg. She surprised me by opening up her legs and allowing me to rub her thigh. It felt so warm and smooth that I spent at least a half hour touching the inside of her firm thigh. She wore a very loose fitting pair of cut off sweat pants without panties (for travel comfort). Every time one of my fingers came close to her pussy I could feel how warm it was becoming. I traced my finger along the edge of her quickly swelling pussy lips she closed her eyes and opened her thighs even wider. My wife is trim but has the fattest pussy lips I have ever seen. Her thick, fat, pussy lips are accentuated by the fact that she shaves her pussy bare. Seeing that she was enjoying herself I cupped her pussy with my hand and began to slowly rub it. She began to moan very softly. As my fingers began to explore her pussy I was blown away by how wet she had become. I knew from here that things were going to get very intense. After stroking her soaking bare pussy I began to move my hand up her body. Doing this and driving was easier then I thought. The roads through this section of Tennessee were very straight and empty. As I began to touch her warm soft stomach I noticed that she moved her right hand down on top of her pussy. Justine loves to masturbate, especially when I am laying next to her pulling on her nipples (actually she likes to masturbate anytime but always in private). I took this as a sign that she wasn’t going to stop until she had cum.

With that I nudged for her to remove her shorts and release the front clasp on her bra. She looked at me with a smile and proceeded as requested. She did however lower the visor to her passenger window and grab a towel to shield viewing from passers by. At this point I was in agreement with her actions. Our Explorer forbid all but the truckers from seeing in. No trucks to be seen. From here she went at it. Like I said Justine loves to masturbate and she knows exactly how to make herself cum. The Explorer began to smell of her wet cunt and I began to have a hard time sharing my eyes view of the road with her beautiful body. I had lifted up her t-shirt to expose two very swollen tits and rock hard nipples. I began to pull on her nipples as she fucked herself like only she can. By now she was in another world, grinding her ass in to the seat and hand into her incredible cunt. I glanced at her exposed clit to she her give it special attention. She licked her fingers and threw them down on top of that hot little bulb, vibrating her fingers at a speed faster then I could concentrate on. The smell of her musky cunt filled the air. She was insane with passion.

Up ahead I noticed a series of trucks entering the highway from a weigh station. I looked over at my wife going to town on herself and whispered that I wanted to show her to the truckers. She nodded her head within one of her head thrashings and I proceeded up the highway. The first trucker saw us coming in his side mirror. I slowed to pull up aside him. I pulled the towel away from her and flipped the visor up. I then began to pull on her nipples, hard. She went crazy. She spread her legs a wide as she could and bared down on her cunt. She had been looking away from the trucker but I told her to turn her head. She gazed up at him through her sun glasses and I could tell they caught eyes. I commanded her to show her cunt to him. This had always been a huge fantasy for me and now it was actually playing out. She reposition her body and pulled her knees back, almost to her shoulders. She kept eye contact with him the entire time. She licked her fingers one more time and dove them straight into her soaking gash. She almost came immediately but I told her to slow down. I stepped on the accelerator to proceeded to the next truck. This guy must have known what was coming because he slowed to a crawl until I could pull aside. At this point my wife was beyond control. The moaning and the musk were pushing me to the limit. The view didn’t slow me down either. I’d never seen my wife looking quite the slut and I was loving it. The final action to every one of her masturbation episodes involves me finger fucking her ass. She loves the feeling and it always throws her over the edge. This self fuck was no different. In the first words she had mentioned in hours she moaned, “Fuck my ass.” No sooner had I licked my finger an shoved it up her ass did she start cumming and the truck horn start honking. She bucked like never before, thrusting finger upon finger deep into her cunt. Her whole body flushed red and I watch the eyes on the trucker sink deep into Justine’s rapture. With that I sped past the trucks. Each truck honked as I passed by. Justine was flush but very satisfied.

Later that night we made love with more passion that I can remember. The entire time I reminded Justine of how turned on she had become and how hard she had made all of us. With those words she would cum again and again. Admitting in screams how much she enjoyed it. Perhaps I’ve created a monster. I can only hope. Passing trucks the next day sent small bolts of adrenaline through me each time. I could tell it did the same for Justine.

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