Party Into The Hot Tub

The summer night air was thick, hot and filled with anticipation. Everyone at the party was holding ice-cold beers, frozen drinks and cocktails with plenty of ice to mentally escape the heat. At least that is what everyone was attributing their thirst; it was really easing their inhibitions and lubricating their libido. These kind of parties always had an awkwardness to them, but as time wore on and the liquid confidence set in, everyone seemed to warm up to each other.

Anita stood around the picnic table, dressed in a sexy black cocktail dress. Her curves perfectly concealed under a thin layer of polyester; the men around sneaking an adulterous glance when her wives looked away. She met their stairs with mischievous eyes, causing hearts to race and blood to flow. She had an intoxicating way about her; she could seduce with a stare, thrill with a subtle movement, and torture with an innocent touch. Her flirtatious ways stood out amongst the other women at the party, as the other women admired her abilities.

It’s those abilities that captivated the youthful lust of Matthew Peterson, a young associate of Kevin Devine, the man having the party. He was invited at the last minute; unaware he would be almost half the age of most of the guests at the party. He sipped his vodka cocktail; glancing at all the attractive older women around like a child in a toy store. He was caught up in a conversation with Mrs. Devine, Kevin’s wife, but kept his eyes glancing at Anita from across the patio.

As the night set in, the party had broken up into little groups, circling around in conversation clusters while discussing wine and trendy restaurants. Anita and her seductive ways managed to get a party of their own circling the hot tub. Samantha and her husband Jordan, Denise and her husband Randy, and Anita’s husband Tim. They sipped their drinks and jokingly dared each other to get into the hot tub. “I would but I don’t have a suit!” Samantha called out, attempting to be daring, but too shy to commit.

“I think my underwear would be too revealing for such an occasion.” Denise said, staring at the men’s faces awaiting their reactions.

“Oh! Now that’s something I think we all want to see.” Randy said, looking for approval from the other men as he drank from his beer.

“I’ll go in.” Anita said, quietly. All the eyes shifted to her, curious of her next move.

“In that?” Samantha asked skeptically.

“No,” Anita responded, “in nothing.” The group was quiet, shocked. Most of them did not believe her bold suggestion, but watched with curiosity as she placed her drink on the table. She glanced at her husband for his approval, and was met with a sinister smile. She nonchalantly slipped her shoulders out of her dress straps. Her black dress fell to the ground and suddenly all twelve eyes took in the almost naked image of Anita. Her beautiful, heavy breasts accentuating the pure, milky-white skin that covered her heavenly curves. The only thing left on her figure was the thin, black fabric of a g-string. The men gasped, the women bit their lips in jealousy.

She bent over to remove the miniscule fabric to reveal her entirety to the crowd. It fell to the ground, and she dipped her toe into the hot water. She gracefully stepped into the hot water, steam rising up and enveloping her as she descended. Randy and Jordan felt their cocks react. They glanced at Tim for his response to them staring at his naked wife. Tim laughed, watching their lustful responses to his wife.

Samantha and Denise whispered and laughed to one another and placed their glasses on the ground; suddenly they began to strip to their naked flesh. The men watched as Samantha dropped her floral dress to the ground, exposing her modest breasts and tight little ass. Denise slipped from her navy blue dress, showing the lacy lingerie she was wearing beneath it. Her body was curvaceous in all the right places. The naked women joined Anita in the hot tub, reaching for the glasses of champagne and hiding under the bubbles.

“Let’s go boys!” Denise called out, slamming back the rest of her champagne.

“Your turn!” Samantha added.

Anita watched quietly, taking in how drastically the situation has changed. Jordan and Randy, looked at each other, shrugged, and began to undress. The girls catcalled as the stripped down to their boxers and motioned towards the hot tub.

“No, boys,” Anita spoke in a sexy, gentle voice. “Everything has got to go if you want to come in.”

They froze in their tracks, glancing at their wives faces for a response. The look of excitement on both of their faces urged them. They dropped their boxers, exposing their manhood to the world. Randy was a heavier set man, his smaller-sized cock semi-erect, uncut; Samantha watched proudly as he slipped into the hot tub, her lust rising for her man. Jordan was a skinnier man; his cock was long and thick, hanging as he too stepped into the hot tub.

“What about you Tim?” Samantha asked, looking at Anita as well.

“I’m more of a watcher. Plus I’ll go grab you guys some towels.” His eyes affectionately gazed at his wife before turning back into the party.

“He’s okay with this?” Randy asked Anita.

“Yeah, he always lets me do these things, turns him on to know how promiscuous I am.”

Jordan and Denise already began making out, and Samantha and Randy invited Anita into their make out session. The three of them took turns kissing, rubbing bodies and stroking Randy’s cock under the water. Samantha’s other hand was also wrapped around the base of Jordan’s thick cock as Denise stroked the tip. Hands and lips explored foreign territory under the bubbles. The stroking, fingering, kissing, and moaning all went unknown to the ongoing party beyond the pool.

Inside the party, Matthew Peterson found himself stuck in mindless conversations, still putting back vodka cocktails. He knew this party could put him in good places with high people, so he had to stay and remain friendly. As he poured another drink, a man he did not know approached him.

“Hey there,” the man said, extending his hand. “Name is Tim Cotter.”

“Matthew, Matthew Peterson.” Matthew returned friendly, unaware of whom this man could be.

“Having a good time?” Tim asked.

“Yeah, great party.” Matthew responded politely.

“You must be going insane. This place is kind of a bore. Everyone talking about how much money they have, the ways they spend it to look important. You must be half of everyone’s age.” The words broke the tension and brought Matthew a comfort he had been waiting for all night.

“Yeah, but I need to be here, meet the right people, shake the right hands kind of thing.”

“Oh, well if you want to catch some air, bring some towels out to the hot tub, the party is a little more exciting out there.” Unaware of whom Tim really was, and if he had a high position at the company Matthew was looking into, he jumped on the offer.


“Towels are on the table over there,” Tim pointed to a table in the corner. “If you want to really look good, bring out a bottle of champagne.” Tim added with a smile.

Matthew grabbed a stack of towels and a bottle of champagne, and headed out to the patio. He walked the darkening path towards the hot tub, not realizing the scandalous activities taking part before him.

“I’ve got tow…” He said, looking up to find the overwhelming situation before him. The women eased up on their men, and sunk their shoulders beneath the bubbles.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interr…” Matthew began to apologize before he was interrupted himself.

“Nonsense.” Anita spoke seductively. Their eyes met, and Matthew realized it was the woman that mesmerized him earlier. “Tim send you out here?”

“Yeah,” he glanced at the piles of clothes around his feet. “I’ll just leave these towels here.”

“Relax hun,” Anita assured him. “What is your name?”


“Why don’t you join us?” Anita looked at him with comforting eyes.

“Oh, I didn’t bring my suit.” Matt stuttered as his nerves set in. Anita emerged slightly from the water, showing her naked breasts.

“None of us did, come on in.”

Matthew felt his inhibitions shed his body as his mind wrapped around the lovely image of Anita’s naked body. He thoughtlessly untied his tie and began stripping. The other members of the hot tub laughed and continued their orgy.

“Look he brought more champagne!” Samantha shouted. Matthew stopped at his boxers and handed her the bottle. His eyes went back to Anita as he dropped his boxers to the ground. Her eyes lit up as she watched the large cock dangling between his legs. Denise and Samantha snuck a peek at the manhood, both gasping lightly. Anita licked her lips as he stepped down into the hot tub.

“I was getting tired of being the fifth wheel.” Anita whispered humorously. They kissed hard as Matthew leaned into her naked body under the hot water. His hardening cock pressed into her as he rested on her, gliding along her thigh. She reached down and grabbed the thickness of his cock, and felt a rush flow through her pussy. They kissed like passionate teenagers, tongues penetrating, biting lips, hands roaming. Samantha joined them by sliding her hand up the back of Matthew’s thigh between his legs to rub his balls, all unknown to her husband.

The intensity began to lessen, but the passion was immense. Jordan and Denise eventually got out, drying off and making a mad-dash for their car to fuck each-others brains out. Randy dried himself off and went back into the party to apologize for an early departure, but he had “another meeting he could not miss”. Samantha got out with him, got snuck back in claiming she was cold as Randy walked back into the party.

“You say goodbye hunny, I don’t know anyone anyway.”

Randy agreed with this fast acting plan, excited about the sex marathon he was about to have at home.

Back in the hot tub, Samantha, Anita and Matthew chatted, still rubbing themselves in the sex charged water.

“So are you two going to have sex?” Samantha asked, her curiosity overwhelming her. Matthew and Anita looked at each other smiling, the answer in their eyes.

“You’re bad!” Samantha directed at Anita. “I’m jealous though, getting to fuck this young stud with that cock. I wish Randy had a cock like that. I just want to put that big one in my mouth.”

“Why don’t you give her what she wants?” Anita whispered. Her words sparked even further curiosity in Samantha. She sat up, her eyes pleading and urging Matthew to stand.

He stood, the water going up to mid-thigh, water dripping down his shaft and tip. His balls hung low, heavy from the warm water. Samantha immediately took his cock into her hungry mouth. She sucked feverishly, taking as much as she could. Matthew moaned, his knees weakening as Anita watched intently. Samantha took the thick cock out of her mouth, and rubbed it on her face, feeling the thickness and weight on her skin.

Randy came outside again, forcing Samantha to stop and get her towel.

“Lets go baby!” Randy shouted, unaware of his wife’s recent infidelity. She ran after him, holding her towel shut and carrying her dress.

“And then there was two.” Anita smiled at Matthew, a seductive look in her eyes.

“You want to get out of here and go back to my apartment?” Matthew asked.

“Oh, I cannot leave. But I think we can find somewhere here to get what we want.” With that she got out of the hot tub, draping a towel around her divine body. Matthew watched with lust and need; he soon followed her and wrapped a towel around his raging hard on. Anita walked towards the house, and Matthew followed, covering his tent with his clothes. They walked around to the front of the house, and cracked the front door. Anita popped her head to find that no one was there, and signaled Matthew to follow her. She tiptoed up the stairs, turned to the left and found a room at the end of the hallway. Matthew walked in behind her, taking in the surroundings that appeared to be a guest room.

“This should suffice.” Anita turned around with a sexy, primal stare. She dropped her towel to the floor and laid on the bed. Matthew shut the door, dropped his towel, and climbed onto the bed between her legs. He kissed his way up her legs, savoring the heated skin of this voluptuous woman. She squirmed with anticipation as he moved up her thighs, closer and closer to her pussy. He kissed and licked all around her, teasing her until she begged.

“Oh, God, lick me Matthew, lick me!” Anita demanded. With her request he gently licked between her pussy lips, savoring her taste. He began with lightly circling her clit with his tongue as she moaned in pleasure. He continued, moving his tongue over faster and harder as she pulled on his hair. He sucked her clit into his mouth, running his tongue over it again and again. She pulled his head against her, lost in a state of pure ecstasy. He kept going, saliva dripping down her pussy lips as she could feel her first orgasm approaching. Her hips humped his face, and soon her body tightened; the orgasm coursed through her being. Her orgasm did not faze Matthew, as he continued to attack her pussy with his mouth. He plunged his tongue inside her, tasting her wetness; she gasped. He moaned into her, sending vibrations into her, licking her pussy walls ferociously. His face pressed into her pussy lips as he licked as deep as he could.

“I’m coming again!” She shouted out. He lapped up the wetness as she writhed on the bed. Matthew gave her quick, unexpected licks, making her jerk with pleasure.

“Now let me show you how a real woman sucks a cock.” Her lust was overwhelming as Matthew laid back and Anita crawled between his legs. She began by licking his heavy balls, and then sucking them individually into her mouth. Matthew moaned lightly as his cock hardened completely. She proceeded to lick from his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock, and then took him inter her mouth. He watched intently as Anita gave him the best blowjob of his life. Saliva flowed down his shaft as she sucked, licked, stroked, and rubbed his cock. She sucked the tip while twisting on the wet base, as an orgasm began to build up within him.

“Oh, yes! I’m going to cum!” She sucked and sucked as jets of white, creamy cum filled her mouth. She gulped down every drop, pumping at the base of his cock with her hand. As the last drop of cum was swallowed, Matthew’s cock immediately went limp. The heavy member rested on his stomach, covered in saliva, as Matthew caught his breath and Anita savored the flavor of young cum. She leaned down and licked the bottom of his cock.

“Oh Anita, put it back in your mouth.” Matthew begged.

“You want more?” Anita asked, almost surprised.

“I’m going to fuck you Anita, as hard as I can. Now get that cock nice and hard again.”

Anita excitedly took the cock back into her mouth and sucked him hard. She had forgotten the power of young sex drive. She was shocked how quickly his cock grew hard again. She licked his thick tip again, covering it with saliva. Then she laid down on her back with her legs spread eagle.

“Do it, Matthew, fuck me.”

He pounced on her like a lustful animal, His thick cock head pushed through inside her pussy. She gasped at the width that entered her. Matthew began thrusting into her, rhythmically filling her pussy with cock. His balls clapped against her ass, and her nails dug into his back, expressing her pure pleasure. He begged in her ear with each thrust.

“Cum Anita, cum on my cock!”

After a few more pumps, she felt another orgasm seize her, her pussy clamping down on his cock. She threw her head back in a silent scream as Matthew continued to relentlessly fuck her. It was almost immediate that she came again, pulling his ass against her, begging him to stop for a moment. He slowed, enjoying the feeling of having his entire cock inside her.

“Fuck me doggie-style, please” Anita begged, her face flushed with heat and pleasure. He got off her and watched her get into position on her hands and knees. He knelt behind her and guided his cock inside her. He wasted no time and began fucking her as hard as he could. His balls slapped against her clit and her ass rammed against his hips. Anita glanced at the mirror on the dresser, seeing Matthew behind her, thrusting like an animal, her breasts swinging, and his cock moving in and out her pussy. She felt another orgasm as she watched. He ran his hands up her back, feeling the sweat glistening on her skin, and she was on the verge of cuming.

“I’m cuming again! Cum with me Matthew! Cum with me! Cum all over my ass and back Matthew!”

Her words sent him over the edge as well. She reached down and rubbed her clit with the last few thrusts. Matthew stroked his cock as hot cum shot out of his cock, covering Anita’s back and ass. As the cum landed on her back, Anita felt her last orgasm overwhelm her. She collapsed on the bed, cum dripping down the sides of her back and ass.

Matthew panted, rubbing his cock head in the puddles of cum on her ass. He laid down next to her, basking in the glory of a powerful orgasm. The two kissed passionately on top of the once tightly made bed.

“That was just incredible.” Matthew whispered, kissing down her neck and onto her breasts.

“Yes it more certainly was,” Anita lightly ran her hands through Matthew’s hair. “I guess we should go back downstairs.”

They got dressed, watching each other cover up their sensuous forms. Anita tightened the bed and they snuck back down the stairs. Matthew snuck over to the bar, trying to look as if he had been there for the last two hours, and made himself a water. Anita snuck back over to her husband, kissing him on the cheek and whispering, “thank you” into his ear.

Matthew walked up to them, unaware of their marital status.

“Thank you Tim for the suggestion of bringing out the towels.” Matthew said, a smirk on his face as he made quick eyes with Anita.

“Did my wife treat you good?” Tim asked, catching Matthew off guard.

“Your wife? You didn’t tell me she was your wife,” He looked at Anita, panicking. “You never said you were married!”

“Relax Matthew, Tim encourages me to explore my fantasies. It turns him on.” Anita looking adoringly at her husband.

“How was he honey?” Tim asked humorously.

“Incredible Tim, I forgot how lustful youth could be.” Anita looked at Matthew with passion.

“Guess she’ll have to get your number, Matt?” Tim asked. Matthew, still shocked by this change of events, absorbed all of it at once.

“Yeah… absolutely. I can’t pass up another night with her.” He wrote his number down on a pad and handed it to them. Anita took it and slid it into her husbands’ pocket. She leaned over and kissed Matthew on the cheek.

“I’m going to call.” She whispered in his ear.

“Well honey, I guess we better hit the road?” Tim asked his wife, pulling his keys from his pocket.

“Yeah, I think we should.”

Tim placed his arm over his wife’s shoulder and they turned for the front door. Matthew watched, confused, astonished, but completely satisfied.

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