Real Birthday Treat

It was my husband’s birthday and as he has everything he could possibly want or need I was struggling with ideas for a present. One night we were laying in bed watching one of our favourite porn movies when he stated how horny it was watching me sucking his hard cock while watching two women licking and fingering each other’s pussy’s. This gave me an idea.

Now other than the occasional fumble at school I have always been straight. Yet there is something about the shape of a woman’s body that turns me on. I love it when my husband has been licking my wet cunt and then shoves his tongue into my mouth. I get so hot and wet sucking my juices from his face, or his cock. I found a local adult friend finder website and created an account. I thought I would have problems finding a woman who was prepared to join a couple in the bedroom who wouldn’t want to be fucked by the husband. I was wrong. I placed the advert with the headline “Lesbian wanted must be willing to join couple and love the taste of cum…” Within 2 days I had over 20 responses. I looked through the photos and found one woman who got me wet just looking at her. The thought of having my first real lesbian experience with my husband joining in got me so hot I had to thrust two fingers into my hot wet cunt and make myself cum. I couldn’t resist tasting my fingers after I’d cum.

I emailed the woman, Jo, and after a couple of emails discussing what we would both like and dislike our emails became hotter and hotter until one night we met up on line and were having such a filthy conversation I jumped on my husband taking his cock deep into my mouth as soon as he walked in through the door. Before he had even taken his coat off I was bent over the stairs with his hot cock pounding my dripping cunt.

His birthday arrived and I had booked a hotel for the night half way between our home and Jo’s. The plan was that my hubbie and I would go out for a meal and then we would go back to our room where I would instruct my hubbie to go take a shower and make sure his cock was clean for a great sucking, I would say that I was going downstairs to get a bottle of champagne, Before I went I decided that to be sure he was in for a real surprise I would gently tie his wrists to the bed post with some silk scarves and blindfold him. I told him to lay there and wait for me to return. He did object slightly but when I told him that if he did this for me I would suck his hard cock with champagne in my mouth. This is one of his favourite kinds of blow jobs. He loves the way I swill the bubbles around the head of his cock.

I left him alone tied to the bed and went to the bar to collect not only the champagne but Jo as well. We kissed deeply as soon as the lift doors had closed. This was our first meeting in person and neither of us was disappointed. It took all of our self control not to strip each other in the lift. As we entered the room Jo was silent as she promised. I told my hubbie I had the champagne and that I hoped he was ready for the best birthday present ever. I dropped my clothes to the floor and Jo did the same. As we both stood their in nothing but our stockings and Basques I could feel my cunt get hot and wet. I took a mouthful of champagne and went down on my hubbie. He started to moan as I swirled the bubbles around the head of his cock with my tongue. I gently stroked his balls and rubbed his asshole with a finger with my other hand. He began to fuck my face. At that moment I felt Jo kneel down on the edge of the bed and begin to rub my clit. I almost came in an instant. It was so hot having my face fucked and my clit rubbed by another woman. I let out a deep moan. This really excited him as I felt his huge cock grow even larger. He commented that although sucking him normally turned me on it never usually got me this hot.

I decided it was time to give him his true birthday present. I took my mouth away from his cock and kissed up his body holding his hard member in my hand until I reached his face. I kissed him deep and hard, at that moment I felt Jo insert two fingers deep into my soaking wet cunt. I reached up and untied my hubbies wrists and slowly untied his blindfold. I then said ‘Happy Birthday’ his face looked confused for a moment then he saw Jo as she stood up beside the bed and then grabbed my hips and turned me over. She shoved her face between my legs and began lapping at my cunt hungrily. I saw the look of confusion change to surprise then passion within a couple of seconds. I begged him to fuck my face hard but not to come as I had other plans for his gorgeous juices.

After a few minutes of him fucking my face whilst watching Jo licking me out the combination of my moans and the visual effect of watching another woman eat his wife’s pussy it was almost too much for him. He was almost begging me to let him cum. I told him I wanted him to fuck me hard while he watched Jo sit on my face. He didn’t need to be asked twice. Before I knew it he had turned me over onto my knees and was shoving my face into Jo’s cunt at the same time as he parted my ass cheeks and thrust his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. He fucked me so hard I thought his balls would vanish up there as well. I licked Jo’s cunt and fingered her until we all exploded in a fit of cum within seconds of one another, it was the hardest I had cum in a long time and I could tell by the way his cum was dripping out of my cunt while his cock was still in there that he had really enjoyed it too.

Once we had all recovered he turned to me and told me that was a great birthday present. I told him it wasn’t yet over. I kissed him deeply and turned over to lay on my back. I could tell that kissing me while I tasted of another woman was turning him on again. Little did he know there was more in store…..

Jo moved round and positioned herself between my legs again. She grabbed three of the pillows from the head of the bed and shoved them under my hips. She then began eagerly fingering my cunt and scooping out my husbands hot cum and smearing it over my cunt, my clit and my ass. She then began to hungrily lick my cunt clean. My husband said it was hot seeing another woman enjoying his cum off of my cunt. Jo lifted her head and said that the only drawback of being a lesbian was that she didn’t often get the chance to enjoy the taste of cum and she missed that. This statement obviously turned my husband on immensely. I saw his cock harden. I reached over and began slowly stroking him. He kneeled up and I began gently sucking his balls and licking his cock clean. I could feel how horny he was getting as he watched another woman devouring both my cunt and his cum. Then Jo titled my hips slightly and spread my asshole with two fingers. She then dropped a mouthful of his cum directly into my asshole and shoved a third finger into my ass to ensure that it was fully lubricated. This felt so good I sucked harder on his cock and begged him to fuck my mouth hard.

I love having my husband fucking my face hard. It get’s me really wet and hot so the combination of this along with another woman fingering my ass that was lubricated with my husband’s cum I was soon bucking hard against her fingers while sucking harder and harder. My hubbie then grabbed hard at my pert tits and I exploded in another intense orgasm.

Jo waited for the orgasm to subside then began to suck on my clit to get me back up onto the wave that was now a new found euphoria. I then heard her directing my hubbie to take his cock out of my mouth and shove it into my ass. I had never before considered how hot is would be having another woman holding my ass open for my husband’s cock before but trust me it was really hot. Especially as for a split second my ass was stretched further than it has ever been as it contained three of her fingers and his cock.

Jo then moved round and sat on my face again, I hungrily began to eat her hot pussy juices. I could feel her clit throbbing as I pressed my nose against her so that I could extend my tongue deep inside of her. I could feel my ass being pounded. I obviously wasn’t the only one finding this whole experience intensely horny. Then before I knew what was happening I felt my cunt being stretched and my asshole grow tighter around my hubbies cock. I was unsure what was happening as I had my face buried deeply into Jo’s pussy. I sure didn’t want to stop eating pussy it was my first time and the fact that it was getting my hubbie hot as well made it even hornier. I reached down and could feel that Jo now had most of her hand inside my cunt and was stroking his cock from the inside. This was too much. I was overcome with passion. I began to finger her cunt and asshole whilst licking alternately between them both. I knew that very soon my ass would be filled with hot cum and my face would be covered in pussy cum. The thought of this sent me over the edge and for the first time in my life I squirted as I came. The sight of my fingers and hands all over another woman’s cunt and ass and my tongue sucking and licking a woman hungrily combined with seeing my cunt squirt juice all over his balls and the additional wetness allowing Jo to bury her fist in my cunt up to her wrist sent my hubbie over the edge. I felt him pump another load of hot Cum into me, this time into my asshole. I sucked Jo’s clit with more passion and fucked her ass with my thumb hard. This caused her to explode in an amazing orgasm which flooded my mouth and my face in hot white creamy pussy juices.

After an amazing night we all curled up in the large double bed together and fell asleep. I thought I would have trouble sleeping with a hot woman spooned behind me holding my cunt and my legs wrapped around my husband, I had no trouble falling asleep I was so exhausted as were we all. A couple of hours later I awoke to find myself in bed alone with my husband. I felt behind me and there was a space where Jo had been sleeping. I looked round it was only 5am, less than 2 hours after we had gone to sleep. I saw that her clothes had gone and that there was a note on the bedside table. I reached over and read the note:

“Sorry I had to leave, this evening was amazing and the best sex I have ever had. I will be making myself cum with my fingers for years to come just thinking about tonight. I had to leave or I may never have wanted to go. If you ever want to enjoy a night like this again please let me know, or if you want to make it a regular event please call me. The thought of eating your cum filled cunt once or twice a month is great. Hot Kisses Jo xxxx”

I smiled and then put my head beneath the covers and sucked my husband until he stirred. I explained that Jo had left and told him what she had said in her note. We curled up and made deep passionate love before falling asleep together still connected at the groin.

The following morning as lay in the Jacuzzi bath together we began to discuss whether we would ever repeat the previous night….. Should we repeat it and make it a regular thing or just enjoy the wonderful images the night had given us for years to come?

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