Bachelor Party Her Sister Pinch Hits

After dating her for four years, I was getting more that a little pressure from my girlfriend Lacy’s parents to “make an honest woman” out of her. The fact she moved into my downtown Chicago loft a year ago did not please her parents any and I was getting more hassles about the arrangements that expected. I was in no hurry to get married and resisted until finally popping the question one night a few months ago. She said “YES” immediately and her Mom and Dad instantly cut back on their not-to-subtle snide remarks.

We set a wedding date for six months down the road. Lacy has one sibling, a younger sister named Vickie. She was a big help in making plans for the wedding and handling many of the details Lacy could not get to with her time consuming occupation as a flight attendant for a major airline. I had the impression Vickie was more excited about the upcoming wedding than I was.

Lacy looks so much like Vickie it’s scary. They both are the same height at 5’2″. They both have back rounds in sports (track, tennis) so they have nice firm legs, full shapely hips and small waists. Long blond hair was also a feature they share.

Features they did not have in common? Well, Vickie has wavy hair in contrast to Lacy’s straight hair. One other difference was in the breast size. While Lacy has a modest set of 32B set of tits, Vickie carries a healthy set of 34DDs which stand out prominently since she is short. This was often a topic of interest at the family pool parties, especially among any males. Lacy only wore conservative one piece bathing suits while Vickie was more apt to flaunt her bigger tits in tasteful, but attractive bikini’s. The tops were not skimpy. That said, she was not self conscious about her healthy chest and was okay with the attention. Oh, one last difference was age. Lacy was 29 years old while Vickie had just recently celebrated her 21st Birthday and was a recent college graduate.

The wedding date was approaching rapidly. I was getting apprehensive but gave no outward impression of calling it off and expressed no desire to postpone the date. Lacy? She expressed her excitement more as the big day was coming. Vickie was in step with her, making arrangements. I stayed out of the process – much to my delight, no one complained. In the months leading up to the wedding I had little time together with Lacy – since we announced the engagement she elected to move back with her Mom and Dad until the wedding was over. At the same time, she explicitly told me no more sex until the wedding was official. While Mommy and Daddy were glad their daughter was no longer “living in sin” and I was not so happy to be deprived of having my sexual needs attended to.

Two weeks before the wedding, my “Best Man” Adam called say he had set up the bachelor party for the following weekend on Saturday evening. As the custom goes, he got in touch will all our mutual buddies and I gave him a list of other friends and co-workers I thought should be at the party. The day before the event, he showed me the list of guys who committed to attending the bash. It would be a fairly large party of twenty two guys. And, of course, he hired the obligatory stripper. I was very cool with that. I was hoping for at least to babes but who was I to complain?

The next night the party was well under way. Since Adam was living with his parents, I had agreed to have the party in the club house located in my apartment building. It was spacious with a full kitchen, and well furnished with a couple of couches, a recliner and a nice sound system. Needless to say, there was plenty of beer and hard liquor brought in – before long the libations were going down fast. By the time the entertainment arrived a few hours into the night we were all heavily boozed up and rowdy.

The stripper called herself “Briana” and had a killer body. I wondered if she chose the fake name due to her uncanny resemblance to porn star Brianna Banks. She was about 5’6″ with a great build – within minutes of commencing her tawdry routine she had she everything but a skimpy G-string. She made sure I was given a chair in the center of the room where she could do her thing – and give every guy a good look at her performance. She was no rookie as she was in control.

Brianna had massive store bought breasts which she bounced in front of me. Her bottle blond hair went to the middle of her tanned, toned back and had an ass that must have been maintained with lots of time on the “Stairmaster.” She was not shy about demonstrating her firm behind as she danced and delivered a hip grinding lap dance to me. My cock responded instantly. Her tits were in my face frequently and I was slobbering all over them, making kind of a scene. She was into it big time, her nipples swollen and shiny with my saliva. Shame on me – I was drooling all over her fun bags.

During her second dance, Brianna made attempts to unbuckle my belt and get my pants off but I made it clear I was not willing to go that far. While my system was plied with copious amounts of beer and an assortments of liquors, I just couldn’t handle the idea of getting too wild in front of so many of my friends. I was totally worked up and willing to consider it. As I would later find out, even I have a point at which all self control may be lost.

Having finished her direct assault on me, Briana announced the third and final dance would be for the other guys to get an opportunity to buy whipped cream shots. No “free lunch” here. Any willing taker for the whipped cream shot had to pony up ten bucks beforehand. At this point I left the chair and made it available to Brianna who declined the offer and asked a couple of willing dudes to drag the over stuffed recliner to the center of the room. Adam and one of the guys quickly heeded her request and she made herself at home. I could picture her and I catching a nice football game or two in the chair. She could even wear the same outfit – if she played her cards just right!

The music was cranked with a heavy base beat kicking – I recognized as cheesy dance tune that probably was playing in a few hundred strip joints at that very moment. She pulled the wooden handle on the side of the recliner and had the chair all the way back. Then she applied a nice swirl of whipped cream to each breast. Being a good little group of boys, and without the usual required instructions, an orderly single file quickly took shape in front of the chair – ten dollar bills materialized at an amazing rate.

Enjoying the crude display from a distance in the back of the room, I felt the door to the club house room hit be square in the back. I was instantly at a loss for words when I turned and found my future sister-in-law in the door way! Vickie had decided to check out the party after she, my fiance and her friends were out bar hopping for their more subdued version of a “bachelorette” party.

I should mention my bride-to-be Lacy was highly conservative and refused to have a male stripper as part of her party plans. However, judging by the obvious drunken state Vickie was in, they had enjoyed themselves doing the bar scene. Yet they were done at comparatively early hour. Apparently everyone but Vickie chose to call it a night. I was more than curious as to why Vickie drove all the way down to my apartment neighborhood. I felt bad about turning her away but what did she expect? Was she spying on my for Lacy? I doubted she was a spy – I chalked it up to her reputation for being more of a free spirit. I had heard she was not the conservative type on more than one occasion.

My first response was to tell Vickie to get lost!

Looking beyond me as I tried to occupy as much of the doorway as possible, she succeeded in catching a glimpse of the stripper laid out in the recliner – and one of the guys having a good time using his tongue to slather some whipped cream off sweet Brianna’s breast. Seeing this even from afar, Vickie’s face lit up, like she picked the winning door on “Let’s Make A Deal.” She said she had no intention of missing the rest of the show. We argued until Adam stumbled up to the doorway and was leering at Vickie as if she was part of the entertainment.

Vickie was in a tight red cotton dress which accented her tits, her small waist and, as I soon noted, her well shaped rear end. It was not too trashy with the skirt covering her nice thighs, stopping just above the knees. Classy – but the fit seemed to give her an erotic sizzle to match Brianna in her little G-string.

Having obtained an ally in Adam, they jointly persuaded me to let her into the room. Not surprisingly, she was quickly welcomed with a tequila shot by a friend of mine who was had remnants of whipped cream on his chin. Vickie did the shot and was soon getting as much attention as Brianna.

Vickie was no shrinking violet even when sober and found no resistance as she made her way within a few feet of the recliner to watch the decadent behavior. The line was still about six guys deep for the whipped cream shots when the song ended. Our stripper Brianna firmly announced she had another party to get to and could not do any further “entertaining.” The guys who had not yet feasted on her tits loudly expressed there disappointment over Brianna’s departure plans – but she was adamant about leaving and she was soon stuffing her purse with the ten dollar bills, dressed and out the door. Those not getting the creamy treat had long faces and were a bit pissed off about missing out.

With Brianna’s departure, the attention of the lubricated men in the room went to Vickie. She was in rare form and was engaged in doing a couple of more shots when I told her to take it easy on the booze. She laughed it off and said she had few occasions to enjoy herself among “so many good looking men.” She made it clear she was single and had every intention of enjoying herself. I backed off and figured I would leave well enough alone and grab another beer. I made my way to the kitchen area and tapped a fresh beer from a keg. I slammed the beer and was filling another glass when Adam interrupted me, a wary smile on his face.

Adam was having some difficulty getting to the point as he hemmed and hawed. I coughed up a mouthful of beer when he slurred some words about some of the guys who never got their chance to partake in the whipped cream shots and something about Vickie doing them a “little favor.” It didn’t register at first. He pointed over toward Vickie who was the middle of the room near the recently occupied recliner. Indeed she was getting a number of requests to make herself comfortable in the recliner – and not just from the guys who DID NOT get their shots at Brianna.

I made like an All-Pro running back from the kitchen to speak to Vickie. The music was playing again loudly and I had to yell to make it crystal clear she needed to keep it cool – to not do anything she would regret. She was hearing every word but she was not giving any indication of taking my advice. As I struggled to make her get a grip on herself, one of my friends was behind her bumping and grinding his hips and probably a rock hard dick against her ass while she swayed to the music.

Only one or two guys in the room, including my so-called “Best Man” Adam, had any knowledge Vickie was my fiance’s sister. Adam had told me on plenty of prior occasions to set me up with her. He was grossly over-served and did not give two shits about how much trouble I would get into if I let Vickie end up in a gang bang. She was provoking the already over stimulated room of men.

Heck, she was the only woman in a room of men already aroused by a wild performance of a hard core stripper. Vickie was showing her defiant side and was receptive to the prospect of picking up where the recently departed entertainer left off – she was caught up in the moment and the atmosphere of letting things happen – things that she would probably not really tolerate under just about any other circumstance. I believed what I wanted to believe.

I stood there unsure of my own motives. How would I, how could I get her to see my point of view? She walked a few feet further away from me and started a conversation with a guy who was my boss at work. I took a step toward her, then decided to not make a scene and risk starting any problem with my boss. My reluctance was soon punished when I observed Vickie nodding her head and then sitting in the recliner, plopping down hard on the spongy chair like she had done so a million times before.

My boss went to the side of the chair and cranked the wooden handle sending the recliner all the way back. Vickie, anticipating the chair going back, went back with it and shimmied into position. She sported a sloppy grin and and oddly erotic facial expression which I interpreted correctly as trouble. One of the other guys cruised past me, bumping my side in the process – half of my remaining beer was launched to the carpet.

I was about to utter words of complaint when I saw the cause of his hasty mission – he was approaching Vickie as she lay in the chair with a fresh can of whipped cream. Oh no, this is not really happening. I grappled with fear and morbid fascination, letting the fascination part win out. I failed to take steps of say anything to curtail the fiasco underway.

Needing no prodding from the men now beginning to make their way near the recliner, Vickie eased her upper torso up a little – she casually pulled one of the spaghetti straps from her shoulders. She directed a taunting look at my boss as she reached up and removed the other strap off her other shoulder. I was a virtual statue seeing this. I momentarily pondered the fact the guys leading all this forward were either friends or co-workers – yet none of them cared to inquire who this chick was – or if I was cool with giving even tacit approval to taking liberties with this hottie. No one had the courtesy to ask me anything – but I was complicit as well – I knew the girl was my future wife’s little sister. Well, enough of that!

I remained frozen where I stood as she wiggled and lowered the upper material of her dress downward, exposing a sheer strapless bra that did little to hide her impressive set of tits. The view of here laying there, her red cotton dress now bunched at her waist was creating a commotion in the room. I felt some remorse corresponding to a greater commotion in my jeans.

My cock was defying my sense of decency. In fact, I was getting a massive erection that countered the conflict battling my sense of right and wrong in my alcohol pickled brain. Ever drive by a car accident but can’t help gawking to see the carnage? You get the idea.

In concert with her move to undo the snap conveniently located in the front of her bra, Vickie rolled her head to the side and stared me down. She was really pushing my limits but maintained a smile – not maintained, widened her grin. She she slowly undid her bra, exposing her fleshy tits to me and every set of bloodshot eyes in the room. We made no mention of the wrinkle lines the cramping of her too-tight bra had made on her now freed beauties. Perhaps a little whipped cream and tongue lashing could erase those lines. Oh shit, I was in trouble now.

What may be described as a collective gasped went through the room as she slid the bra from behind her back and deposited it over the side of the chair. I only then noted most of her dress had also shifted – the dress which normally would be residing at just above her knees was now most of the way up her upper thighs – her underwear was probably visible to those near the front of the chair. I was staring blankly wondering the color of her panties and the style she may have chosen for the evening.

Any man with a pulse could see her diligence in hitting the gym regularly had tremendous results, making an body already blessed with great genetic structure into a totally hot head spinning sweet morsel that any guy would want to take.

In a daze, I did the only sensible thing and went to the only door in the room – and locked the deadbolt securely. If I could not stop the festivities, I wanted to make sure there would be no chance of my fiance getting have any chance of “popping in” to see what was going on.

The aforementioned morbid fascination again overtaking me, I ambled from the door and found myself back within a few feet of the recliner to take in the sight – I inched closer, and then a little bit closer still. Nothing had changed since I locked the door – Vickie appeared to be waiting for me to return before allowing any forward progress – the mass of men eager to take whatever liberties they may enjoy with her. I was nervous about the escalation of the matter – but finally not enough good sense on my part seemed appropriate to take ownership of the moment and get her up and out of the party!

As if my return had construed as consent to move on, Vickie was handed the can of whipped cream and tilted it for the first of many deposits on her tits. As the first helping of cream covered her right nipple, I acknowledged the erect nature of both nipples. They seemed smaller in comparison to the shape and size of her breasts. But they were deeply swollen – unlike her sisters light pink nipples, Vickie’s were dark in hue and were erect, flushed.

In any case, I lost sight of her nipples entirely as the whipped cream soon covered them lavishly. Not for long – a mouth was soon working on her left breast and she showed her quick willingness as her back arched to encourage the first taste. As she allowed, each man desiring to enjoy the chance to work on her tits took their turn. The first two men were somewhat civil in their approach, taking the cream treat from one breast and moving over to the other breast. Matching the vibe of the situation, there was little willingness to show any courtesy. Instead of one man at a time, Vickie quickly had a man at each side of the chair vacuuming whipped cream off her breasts. She was not just submitting. She promoted the raunchy activity using her hands to force the men’s faces all over her tits to get the cream. Some of the saliva diluted cream and just plain saliva dripped down her chest, between her tits – pooling at her waist and in her belly button recess.

At one point Vickie gave up control of the can to Adam. As each tit was licked clean he was dousing bigger portions of her tits. This was highly appreciated by each mouth in the room. The men deprived of getting their chance with Brianna the stripper were getting more than their fair share now. That said, it seemed just about every guy was getting his opportunity. Vickie certainly had no intention of stopping until she herself made them stop. No sign of that happening so far.

With the focus so entirely on the whipped cream consumption, it dawned on me the music had ceased. The only sounds in the room were those made by the men slurping on Vickie’s bloated breasts and the groans of pleasure from Vickie herself. At the moment she concluded some guys were coming back for another taste, she stopped the action, sat up and reached to take the near empty can from Adam. The attendees showed a morsel of decency, backing away slightly as she sat up and made a small move to sit near the edge of the recliner seat.

Was she sobering up a bit I wondered? Maybe not. She asked one of the boys to poor two shots of tequila – the shots were provided to her in record time, not a drop spilled.

Placing the can of whipped cream at her side in the chair she took a shot in each hand they turned to me, smiled and commanded me to come to her. I walked slowly, feeling some discomfort with my cock cramped at an awkward angle, erect, the head jammed painfully into the elastic of my briefs. Standing in front of her, I took the shot and she proposed a toast I failed to really hear. My eyes were fixated on her tits as I stood there like an idiot. We drank the shots in unison – I instantly felt the heat of the liquor warm my throat, coat my stomach and dilute any rational thought left in my soggy brain.

Vickie showed no inhibition in her sitting position – no discernible change came over her. She had enjoyed the orgy of men working her tits over, her nipples shockingly erect and pimpled a deeper hue from the aggressive plundering by over twenty men. Her pleasure was not hindered, but glaringly enhanced, by the awkward context of the party – that she was to be my sister-in-law soon seemed not to deter her lewd behavior whatsoever. She was somewhat intoxicated for sure – but she was feasting on the scene, enjoying and exploiting the nastiness.

Giving her empty shot glass to a nearby party guest, Vickie took my empty glass and also handed it away to another guest. She looked me in the eye and her voice was purposely light and matter-of-fact when she told me I was the only one who had yet to enjoy the treats.

Altering her tone she used a “reprimanding” voice to say how insulted she would be if I declined to have a turn. Assuming my submission, she held one breast – then the other, and applied a huge helping of cream to each breast. The can sputtered as the last of the cream was exhausted. She reverted her gaze to me. She smiled lightly then coyly bit down on her lower lip.

Vickie reached and grabbing a handful of my shirt near my midsection – she commanded me to kneel and have at her tits. I did as she instructed and with no hesitation I mouthed one breast at a time. Pent up sexual tension was coming out as I spared no energy cleaning each breast completely before directing my lips, tongue and even my teeth on each nipple. She grunted and shuddered – she pressed forward to match my force, using her hands as leverage pushing bracing her outstretched arms against the arms of the recliner.. I was doing nothing but making an already over heated situation a lot hotter. Not proud of my behavior, I was past the point of no return. WAY PAST. This was a one-way ticket to where? I was willing to explore – just a little more I told myself.

I felt a glaring change of my own mindset and felt it in her – while concluding my assault on her tits. I was in a fever with the happening. I backed off and locked eyes with her and convinced myself the feeling was enjoyed, shared mutually. In what seemed a slow motion out-of-body sensation, I rose from the kneeling position before the chair – and stood with conviction.

I lifted my shirt up and over my head, tossing it well behind me. Resuming eye contact, I hesitated – giving Vickie a moment to decline my implied intentions – she spoke no words nor did she exhibit body language that would cause me to cease the crass behavior. Failing to see any hint of discouragement, I undid my belt, unzipped my pants, shoved my pants to the floor and stepped out of them. Her eyes never strayed but went wider with something – either concern or anticipation. I could not read her expression to determine where her mind was with my actions.

As if suddenly startled by the circumstances, Vickie broke eye contact. Her attention went to my wickedly arranged denim colored briefs. My swollen cock, flexing and throbbing in the taught fabric, was the sole area of her attention. Standing in front of my seated sister-in-law-to-be, I was going to take great care to make a show of my movements and intentions.

Her eyes locked on my cock painfully imprisoned in my tight underwear – I paused and shifted my feet apart to bring my cock to a level which would give her a straight forward vantage point – to allow Vickie see what my cock – when I was ready to remove any mystery in her mind about what I used to fuck her big sister with on many, many occasions. I then secured the elastic of my briefs in the thumb and forefingers of each of my hands – and VERY slowly raised and hoisted the elastic band up and over the head of my cock. I made quick work of getting them down my legs, all the way off – and resumed my position, so my nerve spiraled cock was back at her eye level.

There was stunned silence in the room as several guests unconsciously retreated a few steps. Things had gotten out of hand with the whipped cream but no one foresaw this level of chaos – especially from me. Vickie did not lose her composure, much to my surprise. Well, I did note some remote expression of uncertainty, some indecision and some blatant “watch what you ask for, you just might get it” kind of fear. Too late now..

Frankly , she was alarmed. Alarmed perhaps of my endowment. My cock had been unattended by her sister since the announcement of the engagement. I was undersexed for many months and the neglect was correspondingly showing in nature of my erection. Not just a “little stiffy” here. Not just an erection. If I were a professional athlete, I would be suspected of injecting growth hormone directly to my cock. That’s how overdue it appeared, how overdue I felt.

While not prone to speak of my dimensions to other men, I have never considered the aspect of my size suitable to bring up or boast about. Admittedly, I was the recipient of compliments from my bride-to-be. In our intimate moments, she said my cock was very big – but often showed resistance to take me orally because of my unnatural thickness and the excessive size of my head. If anything I was self conscious when having to be naked among other men. As I suppose guys with really small cocks are worried about people seeing them, I usually held some apprehension for the opposite case. I was an outcast, a guy with a cock that could draw ridicule for the size of it.

It seemed Vickie was coming to the same conclusion about the size of my cock, especially considering I was so candidly flaunting it at her eye level. At the moment of “are we really doing what I think we’re doing,” she failed to make any move to advance or retreat. I took this as approval to take some initiative. Placing my hands on her shoulders. I pushed to have her lean back – she did. Next I reached to place my hands under her thighs, pulling lightly to signal her to shift her body toward me as she was laying on her back – she did. I had he positioned so her upper back was toward the edge of the seat cushion. What a sight – she was laying topless, her chest still moist from the outrageous whipped cream assault, her dress still on but of no concern as it was wrinkled and tangled at her hips.

I leaned to her, squatting to some degree – my cock thick and pumped – the magnitude of my erection only further illustrated by the absurd visibility of the veins mapping my unnaturally wide, thick shaft – and the flagrant obesity of the head. This moment in time is locked in my brain as I recall her look of abject fear of what damage my cock may potentially wreak on her body. I sensed some relief as I advanced to merely situate my cock between her breasts. Taking each of her hands, I placed her arms gently over her head, laying her arms back on her blond hair as it lay splayed wide across the seat and littered against a large section of the backrest in the recliner.

I took hold of her breasts, felt their firmness with a healthy groping of sexual pressure. Rolling my thumbs over her recently whip cream plastered nipples, I teased them to reassure they were erect to full capacity. I then lowered my hands, cupping the sides of her plump tits – and tenderly eased the breasts to meet in the middle. The middle was presently occupied by my cock and I adjusted my hips very slowly to arrive at the position to meet my comfort – and Vickie’c comfort. Selfsihly, I would have to say my comfort took first priority.

Having settled into what felt to be the optimal position, I looked to meet her eyes. She was wearing a euphoric kind of smile. She was really into the moment. I proceeded to slowly rock my hips, my cock slipping nicely, riding on the chemical path of whip cream, saliva and natural oil seeping from her skin in a heightened sexual state.

The vision of these tits which I had admired previously only in distant fashion, then taking in this sight in sudden realization – it was stretching my rationale concept of where I was heading in marrying this girl’s sister. With full understanding and conceding to male instinct, I let my hips take instruction from my rod and semen gorged balls. I was going at a good firm pace, the room was electric in witness of the act. Some of the guests considered the act too demented or too personal and resorted to taking up residence in the kitchen – some guest were apparently repulsed and simpled left the party altogether. A few remaining certified perverts stayed close to the chair and watched me hammer fuck her glorious tits with great passion. Was I too aggressive? Too rough? No, this is the way to do it.

In a prolonged erect condition, I was not apt to cum soon. In fact I felt in control of my pleasure switch and was content to fully milk the moment for all it was worth. I changed my angle at some point, allowing me to really drive my cock deep into her cleavage, packaging my shaft and minimizing the chance of letting my meat escape to flesh shackles of her tits. In the latter stages I repositioned Vickie to the side of the chair, her upper back over the arm rest – a welcome variation we both liked which was improved when I had two small pillows delivered and placed under her head – so she could get what she actually asked me for just a moment beforehand – a better position to see my scary dimensioned penis pumping between her tits. Her verbal confirmation of wanting to be able to see my cock riding through her breasts reassured me I was not the only one enjoying this.

This was going on so long I wore out much of the crowd interest and there were only five or six men left – all of which were giving their undivided, envious attention to the over-the-top sex. I motioned to Vickie I was getting ready to cum and she got crazy with the prospect. She pushed me off her chest and had me stand back – she asked to reverse positions.

She laid me sideways across the recliner. She sat partially on the seat of the recliner and leaned her arm on my chest to restrain my ability to move. With her other hand she grabbed my cock at mid-shaft and began pumping my cock, changing speeds at random – altering the grip from easy for excessively hard. My hips began to vibrate, shudder and spasm – she stopped cruelly and gave a low throaty laugh to signal her morbid pleasure in the torture of the stoppage. In grand finale style she resumed pump me, taking a very hard grip and brutally hammering my shaft to full range – from the base of the shaft and slamming all the way to the purple head – back and forth, twisting the shaft and cranking it toward my knees in all around, never and any consistent pattern.

The finish was as fittingly outrageous as what this party brought out. As I first started to cum Vickie leaned over me and forced my cock in a direction to splatter he large breasts as they swung side to side over my stomach. She shifted back to the cushion as I continued to expel months of reserve semen onto my stomach, some raining to my chest, some even to my forehead thanks to her overzealous efforts jackhammering my cock. Then to ensure there would be no chance of any semen residing in my human form, she would not be denied the chance to get her mouth on my cock. She turned, raised slightly at forced her mouth on my head as it flexed and contracted. Vickie resorted to a panicked attempt to engulf my head – she failed to find a position soon enough to capture the final heavy thick jelly as it pulsed from my head, the last spunk pooling in coagulated globs as it drained from my twitching helmet into Vickie’s hand, over her clenching fist – her relentless style would not omit literally milking my cock. I offered no complaint.

Vickie conceded several days later she found the episode out of character for her, but wanted to emphasize she felt liberated by the experience and would not have regrets. She did not leave our discussion on the subject before saying she would like me to consider and occasional discreet chance to achieve something she failed at in the final moments of the party. She concluded by looking at the crotch of my jeans and said she had never really tried oral more than a couple of times with one of her old boyfriends. It seems she kind of liked having the reputation as the “wild” sister but – in fact – had never really experimented much with her dates and was eager to consider some new ideas. Oh no. I created a monster.

Present day: The wedding was a big event. Lacy and I have put off the honeymoon until our work schedules permit time off. She is travelling more, doing her flight attendant thing on international routed these days. I have finally taken the leap and started my own business as a personal trainer and certified massage therapist.

Oh yeah, I am now part of Lacy’s family officially. One could say I was welcomed with “open arms” at the bachelor party along with pleasing Mom and Dad with the wedding. Quite a contrast.

One month has transpired since the bachelor party – no word has leaked about Vickie even being at the party, not to mention letting me power fuck her great chest. Who knows what may happen in the future – she DID call me yesterday asking me to stop by her apartment soon to take a look at hear furnace. Seems it has been running a little hot. She also has been a great person in getting me several referrals for personal training clients. She also booked an appointment for a massage. She will officially be my first massage client in three days. I have time – big sister will be out of town ob business. Wonder if there may be a story waiting to happen with the massage.

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