At The Swimming Pool

My wife and I have always enjoyed having sex in unusual places. Before we were married we would swim regularly at my parent’s house. On a warm day as we lay in the sun we would both get “hot” and venture down to the back shed where a table or makeshift mattress would be put to good use. Anne likes to moan as she nears climax so this added to the thrill and risk of being caught.

We are now in our late thirties and still enjoy the thought that we could be surprised at any time as we make love. Anne is a natural blonde, has good sized breasts and even though she is short at 5 foot 2 inches her well rounded figure is perfectly proportioned. I especially like her bottom which has a great wobble as she walks along.

One of our favourite places is the local indoor swimming club. We have been members for years (for obvious reasons given the old days) and we have found that late on Saturday afternoons is the best time to have the pool to ourselves. The attendant does the rounds to close up at around 5.30 and in the half hour he is normally away we get to play. Well, this particular Saturday there was one other person at the pool when we arrived. Anne went to change and as she came out of the change room she got both my and the strangers attention because she had on a white one piece bathing costume. I had seen it before but I was willing to bet the stranger also knew what to expect because as soon as Anne jumped in the water the bathing suit was almost see through. I could clearly see her nipples and the suit clung to her like a second skin.

I had never mentioned this to Anne so I still don’t know if she was aware that we could see everything she had to offer. I looked across at the stranger who was swimming about 20 feet from us. He was in his late forties, not the best looking man, pretty much bald with a big stomach that overlapped his small bathing costume. Anne motioned to me that we should move to the far end of the pool and as she climbed the steps and stood waiting for me her thick bush was clearly evident. The stranger was, by now, not hiding his admiration for my wife as he edged closer for a better look. I have always enjoyed other men looking at my wife as I know that they want what I have. I was getting excited watching my wife’s apparent indifference at being ogled and this stranger’s blatant lusting stare.

Anne’s call broke my thought as I too jumped out of the pool and followed her conscious that he was watching every move and wobble. For the next five minutes or so he stayed where he was and Anne and I cuddled and kissed at the end of the pool. She put her hand into my bathers and stroked my penis which was already more than prepared for action. She commented that I appeared more excited today and this made her hot and ready to go to the next phase of our weekly exercise. The stranger got out of the pool and it looked like he was preparing to leave. As he rounded a corner we hurried out of the pool and headed for the male change rooms as we knew we would only have about twenty minutes before the attendant came back and wanted to close the pool.

Our routine once inside the change rooms was that we would take off our bathers and shower without speaking, dry ourselves and then go to one of the cubicles to make love. Our risk and heightened anticipation was that the attendant would come in while we were showering so this really built the excitement and I always had a raging hard on as soon as I stripped off. Add to this that we were doing it in the male change room both Anne and I quickly climaxed once….and if we made it to the cubicle.

We had just stripped off and turned on the showers with Anne in the middle one of three when we heard the change room door open. We looked at each other not knowing what to do and because we were taken completely by surprise we just stood there and continued to shower. Anne faced the shower wall and as I looked out of the corner of my eye I saw that it wasn’t the attendant, it was the stranger. Funnily enough I was relieved as the attendant could have made it difficult for us as members of the club. Then I realised what an awkward situation we were in not knowing what to do next.

Anne acted as if nothing had happened and started to soap herself. The stranger never took his eyes off her as he dropped his bathers and walked towards the free shower which was next to Anne. As she continued to lather herself he took hold of his penis which was semi erect and started to stroke it inches away from my wife. I found myself doing the same as I couldn’t bring myself to stop this highly erotic moment.

Anne must have felt his presence but she had decided to keep looking ahead. He slowly reached across with his free hand and touched her on the shoulder as his hand slipped down her arm and around under her breast. She tensed but still didn’t look his way or say anything. Whether he was encouraged by her silence or simply didn’t care he now moved behind her and caressed her bottom with both hands moving them around to her front up to her breasts and then down to her bush. He pulled her to him as his fully erect 7 inch penis squashed against her. It was as if I wasn’t even there as she moved her hand behind her and felt his penis. She positioned it so that it slid between her legs and he started to move slowly back and forth.

He looked at me for the first time and smirked knowing that he had her completely in his power. Even if I had broken the moment she was lost in a lust fantasy. As if responding to my thoughts Anne turned the water off and turned around to face the stranger. I thought she might react to his baldness and huge stomach but her eyes appeared almost glassy and her face showed no emotion. He moved his hands to her breasts while she used her left hand to stroke his cock and her right hand to knead his balls. He moved Anne across to the washbasin, turned her around and put her hands on the basin. She looked behind and noticed me, a slight hesitation, then opened her stance and bent over for him. As he moved up behind her she reached between her legs searching for his cock. He placed it in her hand as she drew him into her.

His large stomach seemed like a hindrance but he placed himself so it was resting on my wife’s lower back. As he entered her she let out a slow moan and then pushed her hips back against him. He moved his cock in and out and as he pounded away her breasts swung and her bottom wobbled. Watching her breasts and bottom move I increased the strokes on my cock and spurted come over the shower floor. He increased the tempo and her moans increased. Her abandon drove him on as he approached climax. She felt him start to spasm and she came too as he pumped his sperm into her. Anne laid her head on her elbows as his cock plopped out of her. He took it in his right hand , looked at me with my limp cock in my hand , wiped the excess sperm against her bottom and said thanks…….the only word spoken the entire time.

The stranger pulled his bathers on and was gone. Anne and I dressed without a word and left the change room leaving the attendant to ponder on the messy floor.

That was six months ago. We haven’t spoken about it or been back to the pool. Anne is more dominant in our lovemaking now. I will find a way to broach the subject as it gave me one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

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