Wife At Night School

It was a couple years ago that Penny started attending night school to get her tech degree. I figured it was a great idea since I’d done it a few years previously and it helped me in the job market.

After a couple of semesters, I noticed that Penny was spending longer hours in the lab and getting home a little later than usual. It wasn’t a lot later, just an hour or so and I figured she was having some trouble in one of her programming classes. By the time she got home, I was usually fast asleep.

On one such night, I had just turned off the light from reading and was preparing to fall asleep when she arrived home. She must have figured I was sleeping because she came into our bedroom quietly and went into the bathroom without turning on the lights and was very quiet. Our bathroom off the master bedroom has a night light in it so I watched as she began to undress.

After removing her sweatshirt, I was instantly wide awake. She was missing something under that sweatshirt, namely, a bra. Penny never goes braless so I squinted to try to see better in the dim light. When her jeans came off, I noticed she wasn’t wearing panties either.

I didn’t want to confront her about it so I stayed quiet while she slipped quietly into bed and soon afterwards fell asleep. When her breathing became deep and I was sure she was sound asleep, I got up and went into the bathroom, closing the door quietly behind me and turned on the light.

Her jeans were in the clothes hamper so I took them out and did a quick examination after turning the top part inside out. There were just a few minute wet spots in the crotch. It wasn’t anything I’d see if I hadn’t been looking for them. I brought them to my face and inhaled deeply to see what they smelled like. It was a strange smell and one I know didn’t belong to Penny, or me.

I couldn’t understand why, but my cock was hard as a rock as I was doing this. Next, I went outside to the car and searched to see if I could find the missing panties and bra. The bra I found under her backpack on the front seat but I didn’t find any panties. On the floorboard of the passenger side was a hand towel. This I picked up and noticed how damp it was in certain places. Again, I inhaled and found the same scent I found in her jeans a little while earlier.

My first thought was to go back inside the house and confront her about everything. My second thought was focused on how hard my cock was and that I really needed some relief. I opted for the relief and after returning everything to where it was, made my way back inside and into my home office.

I turned on the computer and after going to one of my favorite porn sites, began to stroke my cock as I started to read some of the stories. Tonight I concentrated on stories about wives who were fucking around. While reading, I started visualizing Penny with another guy. The guy remained faceless in my fantasy however the cock he was fucking her with was very vivid. Soon, I started to buck my hips and had a new mess to clean up.

I decided not to confront Penny on this and instead, see what all I could find out. The intensity of my orgasm that night made me decide this was something to be explored.

Our sex life was still good so I had no complaints there. I just started making mental notes over the next couple weeks. Penny had class three nights a week but was only late on Thursday nights. It was also on Thursday nights that she was too tired to have sex when I asked. I also noticed she was doing a load of laundry on Friday mornings before she left for work. Other than that one night, I still had no proof to confirm my suspicions. When I’d look for her panties in the middle of the night, I could find none with any evidence of any activities. Finally, one Friday morning when she was about to start the wash, I told her to wait because I still had a shower to take before going to work and was running a bit behind. I volunteered to start the machine before I left. There was a hint of of reluctance in her voice but she finally said ok and left for work.

I waited until she had been gone for about 10 minutes before I went to the washing machine and opened it. Inside was the pair of red panties she was wearing yesterday morning. Looking them over, I felt the now crusty substance lining her panties and brought them up to my nose and smelled deeply. It was the same scent from a couple weeks ago. The color was a yellowish white and I knew what it was. Now I just had to decide what to do with the proof. I went back in the bedroom and laid down to think on what I now knew as fact. I don’t remember what thoughts I started with but only remember my thoughts drifting to Penny on her back with some faceless guy sliding slowly deep inside her. I visualized her face and the sigh that always comes from her lips whenever I first enter her. I unconsciously started to stroke myself as I got caught up in the images that entered my mind. I could almost see her legs and arms wrapped around the man, pulling him closer and deeper as she thrust her hips up to meet his as he pounded into her pussy. All too soon, I visualized her cumming and telling the man to fuck her harder the way she does me. I felt my own cum racing through my cock as it shot all over my hand, chest and the bed. I was still holding Penny’s panties close to my face, inhaling the fragrances of their combined juices as I came down from my own orgasm.

I now knew what I was going to do next. Somehow, I wanted and needed to see Penny and her faceless partner for real. I wiped the messy cum from my body with her panties and reluctantly got up and threw them into the washing machine. I couldn’t let on that I knew anything was wrong or different. Over then next week, everything went on as usual.

Thursday finally came and I had just thrown on a movie in the DVD player when she came in and told me she was heading to class. I told her I was pretty tired and would probably go to bed after the movie. With that, she kissed me goodbye and left. I waited until she had been gone for almost an hour before I left for the school.

The school isn’t all that large so it was easy to locate her car in the parking lot. I parked near some trees on the far side of one of the buildings that she wouldn’t be passing when she left the school. I knew what classroom she was in and could see the door to that room through one of the entrances of the building from across the parking lot where I waited anxiously in the shadows. As the time for her class to end neared, my heart started beating faster in anticipation. I could feel the involuntary stirring of my cock as it started to get hard in my jeans.

When the door to the classroom opened, people walked from the room to the door. I looked at each guy, wondering if he was the one. Finally I saw Penny. She casually walked from the room to the exit. She walked alone and I didn’t see anyone approach her or appear to pay any special attention to her. When she walked directly to her car, I figured I’d have to rush back to my own car to try to follow her at a distance to discover where or if, her rendezvous was going to take place. I was making my way carefully as I saw her take off her backpack and toss it into her car. I was starting to become afraid I wouldn’t be able to get to my car before she had a chance to drive away. Then, to my surprise, she locked the door of her car and started walking across the parking lot. I looked around, trying to determine where the guy’s car was and how I could follow. I knew I hadn’t planned this very well and soon, she might be gone without me knowing where or being able to follow.

To my surprise, she exited the parking lot and entered another of the buildings at the far end of the small campus. I was somewhat at a loss since most of the people were already gone from the school for the night. I followed her in the darkness though and though the glass doors, I saw which room she entered. After a few minutes, I couldn’t wait anymore and took a daring chance and entered the building and started walking towards that same door. Behind me, I heard the same door I’d entered open behind me. I turned and saw a man coming up the hall behind me. When I got to the door Penny had entered, I saw that it was the workout room but continued past without stopping. I made the turn at the end of the hall and stopped, my heart now racing in my chest. I took another chance and looked back around the corner only to see the door to the workout room closing.

Since I’d gone to the same school, I’d had a tour of the building and remembered the workout room. It was filled with new equipment and was never used in the evenings. It was there for the students but being an unconventional school, no one lived on campus so after class, people just went home.

I walked back outside the building and made my way around to the windows where the workout room was. The blinds were all drawn but there was a little bit of light coming from the slots between them. Luckily this part of the campus had a lot of trees and was isolated off in a corner. I was able to approach the window without fear of attracting any attention.

The workout room wasn’t very big so I was able to see it fairly well from my vantage point. Penny was standing next to the treadmill and the stranger was standing close to her. They chatted a while before I saw them embrace in a deep kiss. I felt butterflies in my stomach as they kissed passionately not twenty feet from where I was crouched outside. I watched as the stranger caressed Penny’s breasts through her shirt and watched as Penny responded by running her hand over the crotch of her friend’s pants. Just when I thought I was in for a show, her friend moved away and went back over to the door and appeared to lock it. From there, they both entered the locker room and were lost from my view. I waited for what seemed like hours but was probably more like ten minutes before I decided I’d seen all I was going to see.

I reluctantly got up and went back to my car and left the school. I arrived home and went to bed and just waited. It was another half hour before Penny came in. I feigned sleep as she quietly got undressed and came to bed. I slowly “woke up” and moved closer to her and started to cuddle. At first I could feel her stiffen up but after a few minutes she relaxed. We started kissing and I could make out the scent of sweat and the strangers cologne on her body.

As I started to caress her, she stiffened and told me she was too tired but I persisted and continued kissing her neck until she relaxed again. She stiffened again when my hand made its way to her pussy. I could feel how wet she was when my fingers entered her but again she relaxed when she figured I was unaware of her earlier activities.

When my cock entered her, I almost came. It felt so different. The warm pussy I was so used to was now coated in a layer of slick warm sperm and felt like nothing I’d experienced before. It wasn’t long before Penny’s legs were around me and she was cumming harder than I remember her cumming in a long time. My own orgasm soon followed. We both fell asleep soon afterwards with ideas for next Thursday already going through my mind.

Over the next week, we couldn’t seem to get enough sex with each other. We were fucking like newlyweds again and I was enjoying it. When Thursday came, Penny left for class and I went to 7-11 and got a six-pack of Mountain Dew before I made my way back to the college again. This time I went to the workout room and looked around. Inside the locker-room was a utility closet for the hot water heater. Luckily, this was unlocked and had the slats on the door common to those kinds of rooms for ventilation. Inside, I had a good view of most of the locker-room. I locked the door from inside and waited. It ended up being a longer wait than I’d expected.

Finally, Penny and her friend came into the locker-room. They were kissing and fondling each other as I’d seen through the window the previous week. Clothing was coming off and I stood mesmerized as I saw Penny’s naked breasts being kissed and sucked by this stranger. I was a little surprised when she went down to her knees as the stranger lowered his jeans and his cock sprang free, hitting Penny’s chin. They both laughed as she took hold of his cock and started stroking him. When she took his cock in her mouth, I though I’d lose it and had to quietly unzip my own pants and start stroking myself.

Penny continued to suck on that cock as the man placed his hands behind her head and began a soft rhythmic thrusting into her mouth. I was still waiting for her to stop sucking and start fucking when I saw that he was increasing his speed. Penny does not give head to completion so I was surprised when she continued to suck on just the head of his cock while stroking him. That’s when I heard the first words from either of them.

“I want to cum in your mouth tonight.” He said.

Penny didn’t say anything but nodded and continued to suck him while stroking him faster. I knew when he came. He hips went faster for a few seconds and then he stopped. I could see Penny’s mouth working on his knob and then her eyes opened wide as her cheeks expanded. He was filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of his cum. Unable to contain it any more, I saw some drip from her mouth down to her tits. Finally, she swallowed a couple times and I knew she was drinking him down. My own cum was being sprayed against the wall in the closet.

I thought it was over for the night and was surprised when Penny got up and laid down on the dressing bench. The strangers cock hadn’t even started going soft. He straddled the bench and in one movement was deep inside her, pounding away. The way he was fucking her was just raw sex, without emotion, without feeling. It was obvious that both were just into the moment at hand. There were no words of endearment or feelings involved. This was just hot sex for the sake of getting off. Penny finally spoke for the first time.

“Fuck me harder!”

With that, I watched as he pounded her harder and Penny grasped him tight as her own orgasm rocked through her. The stranger was soon to follow and I could see as his ass clenched tight time after time while he sent spurt after spurt of his cum deep inside her. When he pulled out, I saw cum leaking from her pussy and onto the bench where a small pool appeared.

“That felt great Penny.”

“Yeah it did Bob. I guess we better get out of here. I wish we had time to do it again before we leave thought.”

“So do I but if I’m too late, my wife might start wondering. Besides, she’ll probably want some when I get home.”

“I can understand that. My husband will probably be asleep when I get home. We fucked last week after I got home and I was worried he might suspect but he didn’t. Guess we’ll just have to wait till next week”

I watched as they quietly got dressed and left the room. I left the closet and got a paper towel and cleaned off my cum from the wall in the closet. I didn’t want to get the custodian a reason to start locking doors. I also took another paper towel and wiped up the pool of Penny and Bob’s cum. Without thinking, I raised it to my nose and smelled it. I don’t know why but I got stirrings in my jeans again. I waited a few more minutes to give them time to leave the parking lot before I also left.

When I got home, Penny asked where I’d been and I told her I went over to 7-11 and picked up some sodas. She had a relieved look on her face and we both undressed and climbed into bed. I was a bit surprised when she asked me if I was “in the mood”.

Penny kissed me deeply and I could taste a strange taste in her mouth. I knew what it was but didn’t give it a second thought. When I sucked her breasts, I felt when my tongue came in contact with the dried cum just above her nipples. As before, I felt the slickness of her pussy when I slid deep inside her. We took our time and I was able to get her off twice before adding my own load of cum to the one Bob deposited earlier.

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