The Boss Has a Party

I’m late. I’m late. I hate being late I thought as I pulled the appetizer form the back seat and headed for the party. I could hear the music and laughter coming form the backyard as I walked from the car. Ha, no need to look at the address to find the house, my boss’s house, I just had to follow the joyous noise of friendship and camaraderie. .

I was sweating already on this steamy humid night. Being late and rushing will do that do you. A cold beer to cool down and then into some wine and I should be right in the swing of things. The front door was open so I walked in. My boss was the only one in the kitchen when I entered. She turned and smiled, kissed me on the cheek and gave me a big hug, pressing my body against her luscious form by wrapping her hand around my butt. Nice bod, I thought. I’d never been that close to her before. She felt good. “Welcome to the party. I was worried you weren’t going to show.” Obviously she’d been drinking already. I didn’t think she would normally greet me in such a way. So drinking had to be the only explanation. We unwrapped the food I brought and walked outside together to join the rest of the party. Damn, she has a nice ass too, I thought as I followed her outside. I hadn’t thought about her like this before.

She was my superior at the office and we had always carried out a very professional relationship. Sure I had thought she was an attractive woman, but right now I would follow her anywhere, as long as I was about three paces behind her. “Look who finally arrived”, she announced to everyone above the music. “Maybe we should punish him for being late”, she suggested. Everyone laughed. She turned to me and said, “Well not right now. You have a couple of drinks first and maybe I will think of a punishment later”.

Everyone was having a good time talking and drinking and eating. It really was an enjoyable party. My girlfriend was unable to attend the party. She had made arrangements with some of her friends to go drinking. I understood. This was a last minute party. She didn’t really enjoy office gatherings. And because of that she probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it and may have even ruined my time, had she come along.

An hour or so after I was there my boss came by and asked me if I could stay behind and have that half hour meeting we hadn’t been able to get in all week. “Sure”, I said and thought nothing of the request. In hindsight it’s interesting that she chose to ask me when nearly everyone else in our small office was within earshot of her suggestion. They would all not be suspicious of me staying behind… even I wasn’t. The meeting was to discuss performance appraisals and raises for each person in the office. So staying behind made sense, because others couldn’t be part of the meeting, things would be no less busy for us over the next 7 days, and the appraisals had to be completed by the end of next week.

The party progressed. Several times Carol, my boss, and I would end up in the kitchen alone together. Be it cleaning up empty glasses or dishes or retrieving drinks for ourselves and others. Whenever this happened she found some seemingly innocent reason to brush up against me or put her hand somewhere on my body. On one occasion she Carol was preparing a tray of sweets for everyone. I leaned against a counter as she bent over her island arranging the dessert. I sipped a drink and looked at her as we chatted about nothing. Her blouse hung open exposing her breasts and her minimal bra. Nice I thought and lost track of what she was saying. Her tits were a nice size, not too big, not too small, probably a B, maybe a C cup. As I imagined caressing them and sucking them, feeling her nipples become erect my mouth, I had my own erection growing beneath the shorts I was wearing. Carol walked around the island and squeezed between myself and her work area. She could have gone the other way but chose to wiggle through this small space pushing more against me than the island I was sure, and not that I minded.

“Watch where you’re pointing that thing”, she said grinning and looking at my cock pressing against my shorts, “Someone might take that the wrong way”.

“Whichever way they’ve taken it in the past, I’ve not had any complaints”.

“I’m sure you haven’t”, she replied as she gave my cock a firm squeeze through my clothes. “But then there really isn’t any wrong way to take one of those things, is there”? The flirting ended with that rhetorical question as Carol picked up the tray and I got to follow her outside. My raging hard-on pointing to her sashaying ass all the way back out to the party. I wondered with a wry grin if this had been my punishment. I decided not to worry if anyone at the party noticed the bulge in my pants.

As it got later in the evening, the party moved inside so we wouldn’t disturb the neighbors. We all started dancing, continuing the fun. My boss perked up at one point and said “Hey, you missed the house tour because you were late. C’mon, let me show you upstairs”.

I followed her and as she showed me each room she would stand in the doorway so I would have to squeeze by her to look around the room. Again we were alone, but she didn’t really make any advances towards me. And I didn’t mind that much. She was attractive and as I said she had a nice body which was reaffirmed for me each time I squeezed past her. I found myself leaning more towards her than the door frame the longer the tour lasted. My cock was hard again and I wondered if her pussy might be the least bit damp. Each time I would squeeze by her I would place my hand on her hip, and each room I would move it more and more around to her ass. And what a great ass. My cock brushed against her belly as I slid past her to enter the last room on our tour. I felt my own nipples harden against my shirt as leaned into her. Our lips found common space and our tongues danced together. I slid my hand into Carol’s top. I felt the moan deep in her throat transfer from her tongue to mine. “We should get back to the party,” Carol said. As I backed away from her she peered at the front of my shorts. “Hey, you’re spreading those ideas again.” Her hand deftly slid up the front of my shorts, “Allow me to put this somewhere where it’s condition isn’t so obvious” and she gently repositioned my cock in my underwear. Carol removed her hand, stood back and assessed her handy work. She grinned a wicked little grin and said “There really is no hiding that thing when it’s ready for action, is there”? With another question hanging in the air she led me downstairs.

I really couldn’t tell you anything about the rooms upstairs. All I could think about was fucking Carol. But at the same I wondering what in the hell I was doing feeling-up my boss and having her grab my cock. She was always very straight-forward and outgoing. I wasn’t sure any of these events were more than just flirting for her. But her nipples were hard and she did moan…

Back downstairs everyone had paired up on the dance floor, so her and I danced together. A slow song came on. She just stepped towards me and continued dancing. It seemed normal. It’s what everyone else did as well. The music was loud and I thought I heard her moaning as she laid her head on my chest and her hand rested on my butt, but I couldn’t be certain, maybe she was just humming….in a different key. My big concern was trying to keep my penis from creating a bulge in my shorts or worse, maybe even a precum stain. We definitely danced close. Our bodies firmly pressed against together. The dances changed from slow to fast to slow randomly but the partners didn’t. With each slow dance our closeness became more comfortable, more intimate.

About 2am people started leaving. I asked if she still wanted me to stay. She said, “Of course we need to get that work done”. From flirting to a business professional in the blink of eye. She truly amazed me sometimes.

We poured another drink each. It took all of 20 minutes to get through everyone’s review because we had no disagreements about contributions or abilities of any of the staff.

“One for the road”? she asked scooping up my glass and exposing those lovely breasts to me in the process.

“Sure. And we can toast to finally getting that work done”.

“Let’s sit out here where it’s more comfortable”. I followed Carol to the living room. Those were two tall drinks she had poured. She placed my drink on the coffee table at one end of the sofa and I sat down nestled into the corner. Carol settled into the other corner of the sofa, drink in hand.

“How do you think the party went”? she asked. “I would say it was a success. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. But I must say, this is a nice way to end the evening. Sitting quietly. Talking. Finishing a drink together.” “This is nice”, she said, raising her glass in a toast, taking a sip and placing her glass on the table all in one smooth motion. She continued her motion toward me. She slid into the space between myself and the sofa back. An arm slid under my back as she placed her head on my chest. “This is nice”, she murmured. Her other hand she placed with great confidence on my crotch. Carol placed it there like that was where her hand belonged. “This is nice” she said again as she gently rubbed my cock to attention through my shorts. She tilted her head towards me and kissed my cheek. I met her next kiss with my lips. My hand sliding inside her blouse. My shorts were already undone, I didn’t realize it until I felt her hand slide inside my underwear and squeeze my cock. “I want to suck you” she whispered as she slid done my body. I had no say in the matter as she extracted my penis from my pants and slid it into her warm wet mouth. “This is nice” she moaned as she would remove my cock from her mouth. She pressed my penis into my pubes and against my stomach with one hand as she ran her tongue up and down the length of my shaft. She then wrapped her lips around the sides of my cock and continued roaming up and down the length of my steely cock. Her tongue danced from side to side as she sucked and kissed my pole. I wanted her pussy within reach of my tongue. I wanted to smell her aroma and taste her honey. She wiggled out of her pants without missing a stroke. “I want you inside me”, she said. Her movements were like a dancer’s. There was a choreography to the flow of events taking place. Her pussy looked wonderful as she sat over me and guided my probe into her hot honey pot. She took all of me and bathed my balls in her fluid as her cunt engulfed the last half inch of my cock. I cupped her buttocks in my hands and felt the muscles working as she stroked my cock with her tight dripping vagina. Her ass felt better than I had imagined it would when I had admired it earlier in the evening. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra as she slowly rode my shaft. As I caressed her tits with the palms of my hands she stopped moving and just sat with my penis buried deep inside her. She closed her eyes. I could feel her vagina contracting, pulsing around my cock as she sat seemingly motionless. Carol rose again and then slid back down my shaft. Her pussy was so incredibly warm and she rocked so slowly on my cock seemingly enjoying every nuance of its contours. As she moved up again I slipped my arms under her ass and lifted her off my throbbing cock. “I want to taste you”, I told her as I lifted her up and placed her cunt over my face. The aroma was intoxicating. Her labia gleamed as the dim light reflected through the lube coating them. I sucked her juices from her pubic hair.. The dank sweetness awakening my taste buds. My tongue slipped into her labia. My face getting coated in her juice. She twitched as my tongue explored her folds and found her clitoris. My thumbs slid in and out of her pussy alternating turns being welcomed into her warmth. I moved my hands back to the curves of that wonderful ass and allowed my tongue to explore her from the top of her love slit, down and around to her anus. She was coated in her nectar, and so was I. I slipped my tongue past her sphincter and into her anus. She moaned softly yet loudly and sat back pushing more of my tongue inside her. Both her holes were wet and slippery now. I moved back to her clit. I circled it with my tongue then started to suck on the swollen bulb. As I sucked on her clit her hands moved down under my head and she gently rocked back and forth on my face. I could sense the rising pressure inside her. I placed one thumb in her cunt and the other against her anus. My tongued danced over her clit as I filled her ass with my other thumb. She pressed my face into her pussy as she bucked in response to her first orgasmic wave. She bucked and moaned and her cunt and ass milked my thumbs with their contractions. As she recovered she rolled off me and said “stand up, I never did finish sucking you”.

I stood. My cock imitating a compass needle, her mouth being the north pole. She looked at it, breathed on it and slowly ran her fingertips along it. “Spread you legs a bit more” she whispered as she dipped her hand between her own legs and collected some of her lube. She raised her hand and spread her honey on my ass hole as she took the head of my cock past her lips. WOW she was good. She made love to my cock and balls all the while rolling her fingers over the gateway to my anus. She started taking my rod into her mouth deeper and deeper. She was about halfway when she slipped a finger into my ass. A first for me and what unimaginable pleasure it delivered. She sucked and licked at my cock and slid her finger deeper into my canal. Finally she hit my prostate, my g-spot. My balls tightened as I held back the impending flood of my cum. She took my cock deeper and applied a little more pressure in my ass. My knees buckled as my balls exploded. The first load filled her mouth. The next wave buckled my knees again. My cock slid from her mouth and the second blast hit her face. She grabbed my cock in her hand and pumped the remaining load onto her face and lips. I bent to kiss her. Her finger slipped out of my ass. My cum tasted good on her lips. I began licking the rest from her face. Sharing it with her in deep passionate kisses.

Some cum had spilled onto her chest. I chased it and found her nipples. Carol reclined as I sucked on her responsive nipples. Her moans told me she was ready for more. I continued down to her pussy. I lifted her legs and drank from her cunt She reached orgasm so quickly this time we were both surprised. I stayed with her pussy though and licked at her ass while she recouped. Slowly I explored her cunt once more, being aware of her sensitivity from her most recent orgasm. I returned to her anus. I slid my tongue inside and moistened her hole. I sat back, Carol with her arms wrapped around her knees, holding her legs up, giving me full access to her quivering sphincter. I slipped a finger into her ass. Slowly moving it in and out. I pulled it out and licked it and its brother. I placed two fingers against her ass. “Yes” she moaned and I forced them inside her. In and out slowly relaxing her opening. My cock was regaining its steely state. With the other hand I caressed my balls and pumped the shaft. I remover my fingers and got to my knees. Carol trembled in anticipation. I placed my cock against her ass then slipped it up and into her cunt. I wanted it to be well lubed for its journey. Her cunt was hot and welcoming. I held Carol’s legs as she pushed back against me. A few pumps and I slipped my cock out. Poised at her anus again she closed her eyes as I gently pushed into her. The head slipped past her sphincter. She was so tight. I slowly pumped sliding deeper with each thrust. Carol bean massaging her clit as my plowed new territory. The tempo increased. She moaned. I moaned. She screamed “I’m cumming again” as her fingers worked on her pussy “Me too”, I echoed and I buried my penis entirely in her ass. My balls tightened and released in an instant. She moaned and bucked. I fell against her. Both of us panting and holding each other. As we recouped she whispered into my ear. “Now your punishment. I want you collect in your mouth some of my pussy juice and some of your cum as it leaks from my ass. Then carry it up to me and share it with me in a deep kiss.”

We alternately fucked and sucked till the sun rose that morning.

Some punishment….. delicious it was.

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