Trailer Trash

Damn, if that wasn’t the hottest summer I ever lived through. My cold-hearted and frigid wife had left me with nothing but my student loan and my computer. I’m sure I would have had alimony payments if she hadn’t run off with her divorce lawyer so soon. The bitch even took the dog. My only consolation was that they had to go to Rome to get the official annulment after the bishop here refused. Oh, well, I’ve never understood the Catholic sentiment of official sanctification.

Without much of anything left I quickly signed up for summer school duty. As an English teacher, my classes would be comprised of those unlucky, uncaring, or slow enough not to pass during the regular school year. The only housing I could afford was at a trailer park three-quarters of a mile from the last stop on the commuter train line. With a crappy trailer home without air-conditioning and a class of unwilling neer-do-wells, I was in for a long, hot summer.

I trudged along to the train stop the first day of school with the assorted collection of domestic help headed into the wealthy houses for the day and the few motley students who attended where I taught. The trailer park was in the furthest unmentioned corner of an otherwise wealthy school district. What caught my eye that morning was a mother-daughter team walking with the rest of us. The mother’s waitress outfit was just tight enough to give me a vision of a nice medium-sized rack, and when she bent over to pick up a hair-tie to pull her dark hair back into a really cute shaggy pony-tail her bubble butt gave me a shudder in my much self-abused crotch. It wasn’t hard to see where her life had traveled: young and wild, young and pregnant, working hard now to make ends meet.

The daughter seemed headed the same way, but on second thought, perhaps not. There was something a little calm and calculated about her. She had a nice mane of strawberry-blond hair she spent some time on that morning, a nose ring of defiance and what looked to be the early stage of the nice rack and ass of her mother’s ilk. She wore flip-flops with the toes painted an ironic “Trailer-Trash” green, some short shorts which were just short of being too slutty for school but which I knew were going to give her male classmates something to dream about, and one of those clingy tops with spaghetti straps.

The mom gave me an interesting look as she parted ways with her daughter at the station. She headed to what I was certain was her place of employment: a fantastic dinner on the highway not far from the station which did a great business: great food, outstanding banana-cream pie. It was popular with everyone from SUV-driving yuppies to the bikers who met there on the weekends.

We boarded the train and the girl made an interesting choice in sitting across from me in a double-seat in the corner. I wasn’t sure whether I was invading her usual space or whether she was just being bold. She flopped down and closed her eyes in a bored adolescent way. She raised one foot up and placed it on the seat next to me. The pretty foot and painted toes made me have to adjust my growing member as I gave the rest of her a closer look. What gave me more discomfort was what her breasts were doing in the chilly a/c of the train car. I could now tell that she had amazingly big areolae and nipples the size of #2 erasers. Goddamn, if those aren’t big turn-ons for me. Both those lovely dark areolae just barely discernable through her tight top and huge nipples were hardening. If only those shapely legs would adjust a little more I would be able to see up those short shorts. Oh, well, I just smiled, enjoyed the glances and feigned looking out the window when she looked up during the trip.

Of course, I found out later she was assigned to my class. She smiled slyly as she took a seat in the middle of the class – not too close or too far. I learned she was very smart and that due to some personality conflict with what I knew to be an old prick of a faculty member she had failed last year. She was eighteen and should have graduated at the end of the year. It was going to be a challenge to bring her out, if I could. Due to her financial status and grades last year, Laura was assigned a mandatory tutor funded by the state. Oh, yes, I said that it would be no problem for me to take on that duty.

At the end of the day I informed Laura of this and despite her insistence and my agreement that she probably did not need such services, she agreed to introduce me to her mother that night so I could inform her as well. The thought of that waitress’ ass made my heart skip. Laura shuffled off to her summer dance company practice while I got down to grading the class’ first day’s work. We met later at the train stop, and I got some more ganders at those tits, ass, and feet as we talked amicably on the way home.

Laura’s mother, Elaine, while extremely pleasant to look at in her cut-off T-shirt, shorts, and bare feet was none too pleased with the news. A proud, independent woman who had raised her daughter without any help was refusing any form of what smacked to be charity. As I struggled to salvage the situation, I offered a deal: my tutoring in exchange for dinners and my trailer cleaned once a week. She looked at me askance, and I began to explain my current personal situation.

She wanted to hear more before she agreed, so I told her the rest as Laura and she cooked dinner for me. Elaine’s t-shirt became damp with sweat, and I could see that Laura’s dark areolae and nipples came from her mother. Elaine’s dark complexion made her nipples even darker than Laura’s; that t-shirt definitely left everything bare. I couldn’t blame her; it was fucking hot. While Laura’s coloring ran into the reds and pinks, Elaine’s was pure black-Irish. Her icy-blue eyes and black hair were riveting. As she bent over to put a plat in front of me I got a great look at those beautiful tits swinging and dangling. She paused, caught me looking, and simply smiled. I blushed and looked away. No one mentioned anything. I breathed a little easier.

After the meal, I suggested that Laura come back to my trailer to start with the tutoring while Elaine got some rest. Back in my trailer, we worked for a few minutes on an essay I had assigned. Laura was resisting any help when I cut her a deal: she cooperates with me for a little while, I help her become what I thought might be a helluva writer, and then, for the rest of the tutoring hour she could surf the net, instant message her heart out, or do whatever. I had managed to have the cable modem installed in a trailer-park – what a coup! The installer thought I was nuts. Laura couldn’t wait to take advantage.

My porn files are quite extensive, and they had been getting a lot of use lately. I never thought to hide them beyond nesting them into a couple of innocuous folders. I just assumed Laura would chat away. But I began to notice over a couple of days that the history in my browser showed some porn sites I didn’t remember visiting. But who can remember them all? I found some open folders of picts, mpegs, and erotica open I swore I had closed. I didn’t give this much thought until I noticed Laura seemed to be showing me her ass a lot more during our sessions. Once she even put her feet in my lap and asked for a foot rub. And her t-shirts were now usually white and tight. Oh, boy.

I could almost swear her mother was doing the same thing. Her cleaning sessions were killing me. Her ass in the air as she scrubbed the floor made me adjust my cock to a straight-up position to avoid any further uncomfortable glances. Dinners, because of the extreme heat, became a minimal-clothing affair. Even I was wearing only shorts and a loose t-shirt.

It all came to a head one night during the “free” half of our session when Laura begged me to let her show off her dance routine. I said, “ok,” and she began to take off her shorts. I quickly stopped her, but she replied that she couldn’t do the moves in shorts. “I have my bathing suit on underneath. What did you think you were getting?” She said. I let the question alone.

She quickly shed her shorts and t-shirt. Oh, goddamn, I was in trouble. The bathing suit was a thong. I sat back and tried to hide my erection and my purient interest in my hot-as-hell student. My cock was like stone. She preformed the hottest number I’ve seen short of a strip club. There were moves I definitely knew couldn’t be in any school-sponsored dance company act. The finale had her shoving her ass toward me, grabbing an ass cheek, and looking back coyly over her shoulder at me. She had grabbed on cheek and pulled so hard that her ass spread open really far. That, coupled with her slightly bent-over position, revealed her beautiful butthole as her thong ran to one side. Holy Christ, I was in heaven. Her cute puckered asshole, so pink and lovely was meer feet from me. I could swear I saw it pulse open and close as she breathed deeply from her exercise. I quickly ended the session and ushered her out so I could jack off like I had been doing every night since I met her and her mother.

The next evening was a scorcher. It was Friday, and Laura had dinner over at a friend’s. Elaine and I were on our own. Elaine was just wearing a long t-shirt which just covered the essentials. She explained it was just so fucking hot; she usually went naked. She suggested I take off my shirt, and I complied. We had a nice dinner. Then, as Elaine was cleaning up, she mentioned that she had heard that I had seen Laura’s dance routine. I looked down and said, “Oh, yeah.” I dreaded this conversation.

Elaine replied with a knowing smile, “It’s a hot one, isn’t it?”

I was taken aback, but Elaine explained that she used to dance in a strip bar in her youth. She had, at Laura’s request, shown her a few moves. Elaine then turned and did the same ass-grabbing move which ended her daughter’s routine. My cock had the same rock-hard reaction. Elaine’s move did reveal that she, indeed, had nothing on under her long t-shirt. I could see that much in the single candle we had lit to spare us the heat of any light bulbs. Her asshole looked every bit as beautiful albeit darker as her daughter’s.

Elaine said, “You don’t know what kind of effect you’ve had on us girls.”

I mumbled something about the effect they’d had on me. Elaine replied, “I know. I’ve seen that computer light on pretty late. Are you looking at dirty pictures and whacking off?”

Before I could sputter a response, Elaine added, “I’ve probably going to have to work a few double-shifts to pay for all the batteries Laura and I have been going through the past few weeks.”

“Batteries?” I inquired.

“For our vibrators, silly.” My jaw was on the floor. Elaine continued, “I’ve been very open with Laura about sex and sexuality. I feel if she can pleasure herself, she won’t seek out pleasure from any asshole with a prick like I did. We’ve got lots of toys, and she knows how to use them all. I’m surprised you haven’t heard the humming from your trailer.”

“Well… I’ve been busy with my own pursuits,” I confessed liking the new honesty but not knowing where the hell this was going. “I was never fulfilled in my marriage. I had to hide the porn, We rarely had sex, and even then it was quick, clean, and boring. I’m pretty wild and like to experiment and try out different things.” I thought that I should reciprocate her honesty, but if I thought this would dissuade her from continuing, boy, was I wrong.

“Oh, yes, I know. Laura’s told me everything,” Elaine stated smugly.

“What?!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t imagine where we were headed.

Elaine stood up and pulled the t-shirt over her head revealing that gorgeous body to me all shiny with sweat. Her pubic patch was pitch back with a good amount of hair just like the girls in those Swedish Erotic films from the ’70’s. I nearly fainted.

“What would you like to do first? Would you like to tit-fuck me and come on my face?” She smiled and let that one sink in a little before continuing. “Or, how about a foot job?” She placed her foot and painted toes (the same “trailer-trash green by the way) right on my cock. “Or…” she spun around and grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled showing me her butthole in all its glory, “would you like to shove that cock up my ass?”

Laura had indeed been all through my porn files. All my fetishes, kinks, and proclivities had been laid bare. I said, “How about ‘e’ all of the above? But first, I’d like to get a close look at your gorgeous pussy and eat you out. Come over hear and sit on the table.”

Elaine smiled and sat on the table right in front of me gently raising up her legs and placing her feet gently on either side of my head. I had a beautiful view of everything from her asshole to her big clit. She had a great patch of unshaven black hair and a clit which could be considered a small penis. I went right for it. I sucked on that great clit for all I was worth running a finger in and out of her cunt. After she was well on her way to cumming, I worked another finger into her tight little asshole. As soon as that finger was in, I stuck another up her poop shoot. She was moaning to beat the band, but as soon as I put that second finger in her ass she screamed out loud cumming like a banshee.

She finally pushed my head away she was shaking so hard. She dropped to her knees between my legs and said, “Let me get a look at this cock… It’s beautiful,” she exclaimed as she pulled it out and immediately started licking and sucking.

Damn could she suck a cock! She worked the shaft, the balls, the head with her tongue and hands. He head began to bob up and down while one hand worked the rest of my shaft. Her other hand, meanwhile, was working on my asshole. This drove me crazy. After a few minutes, she put my cock between her tits and started tit-fucking while talking real dirty.

“Goddamn, I want you to fuck me silly. Fuck my tits and cum all over them. Cum all over my face. I want to feel your hot cum all over me. I want to taste you and rub your cum all over my face and tits. I want you to fuck me in all my holes. I want you in my pussy and my ass. I want you everywhere. Cum, please, cum.” Here eyes were wild as she begged for my seed.

Well, I didn’t last long at all. I sprayed her tits and face just like she wanted. She gladly took it all. The first stream was huge and hit her tits and splattered all over. She raised my shaft up to her face and the next shots hit her nose and mouth. She stuck out her tongue and caught the next few spurts rubbing my cock all over her face. The cum just kept flowing from my cock, and she just kept moaning and rubbing it all over her face and tits.

After cleaning me with her mouth and hands like a greedy cum slut, Elaine went to a drawer and got out some toys. “Go to town buddy. I want you to fuck the shit out of me,” she ordered. I grabbed a vibe and a set of ass beads and set her on the table. I began by shoving the ass beads into her rectum. With her ass packed, I began assaulting her cunt and clit with the vibe. She was back to moaning hard when my cock sprang back to life. I stood up and shoved my cock into her pussy as she lay on the table. She took the vibe and kept the pressure on her clit as my cock ran in an out of her tight, warm pussy. I took her leg and lowered her foot to my mouth and began to suck her toes. She started to shake and quiver. She came long and hard. I reached down and pulled out the ass beads one at a time. Elaine screamed like there was no tomorrow.

She calmed down just enough to shout, “Shove that beautiful cock up my ass.” Well, who could refuse? She walked to the rear of the trailer to her bed and stuck her ass in the air. “Fuck me in my ass,” she said as she pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her butthole. It gaped slightly as it waited anxiously for my cock to penetrate. I lubed up and stuck my head in a little then pulled it out to see the effect. Her butthole gaped a little further, and Elaine moaned. I played this way for a little before slowly entering her ass. She looked back at me over her shoulder, her face on a pillow. Her black hair was plastered in sweaty-slick strands against her white skin. Her eyes were so blue in the dim light as she moaned a soft, deep “Yesssss.”

We were about five minutes into this amazing ass fuck when I looked up towards the front of the trailer only to see Laura staring intently and unabashed at our tableau. Her mother was moaning with each stroke, and I though I heard Laura softly moan when her mother sighed, “Oh, yes, fuck my ass.” Laura quietly stood in the shadows watching the show. I could just see that she had hitched up her short skirt. The short, rapid arm movements I could see let me know there was a third person in the trailer in the throws of pleasure. That hot little number was masturbating as she watched me fuck her mother’s ass.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and yelled out loud as I poured spurt after spurt of cum into Elaine’s bowels. She was moaning and cumming herself. Her spincter was contracting like mad which sent new waves of pleasure through me. I was exhausted and fell asleep as my cock slowly oozed out of her ass.

When I awoke, Elaine had gone to work the busy and lucrative Saturday morning shift and Laura was busy cooking eggs for my breakfast dressed only in an apron. Her beautiful tits were sticking out the sides and I could see as she danced back and forth from the stove to the table that she had not shaved the light red hair from underneath her arms.

“Get up and eat, silly. You are going to need your strength.”

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