The Big Big One

The most memorable moment of my life occurred when I witnessed my wife guide the enormously excited penis of another man into the lips of her lovely pussy, then watched helplessly, tortured, as the long massive organ slid slowly into her, the man kneeling with his dark eyes looking down upon his engorged dickhead, already dripping with his cum and her juices, disappearing into her pussy, followed by the stiff meat of his long shaft that slowly filled her stretched vagina, her fur covered pubic mound inexorably swallowing his thick penis.

He was larger than I could ever hope to be,yet they seemed a perfect fit, her abdomen rising slightly as he filled her, leaving me transfixed, speechless, disbelieving as I stood outside of our bedroom window–the pulse of my blood roaring through my temples as this erotic nightmare played before my eyes, only vaguely aware that my underwear had been filled with my cum.

Over the next hour, I witnessed this man blow cum into my wife’s vagina three times, culminating three different fucks, all three really a continuous, non-stop session of deeply erotic and unrestrained love making, two moments almost as devastating as the sight of that large,wet penis disappearing into her vagina—the sight of her long, slim elegant fingers, with our wedding ring in place on her ring finger, masturbating his thick slick organ then cupping and massaging his balls as they spasmed with each spurt of cum during his ejaculations into her pussy.

Then the incredible sight of her lovely hands gripping his flanks, urging him deeper with his thrusts into her, and her persistant caressing of his anus with the fingers of her left hand, lubricating his opening with a mixture of his cum and her pussy fluids, helping him to a climax by inserting two of her soaked fingers deep into his anus, fucking in rhythm with his plunging penis, our wedding ring disappearing into his ass, then reappearing soaked in their juices, only to again disappear into his anus.

The sounds of their fucking is seared into my brain, wet noises, fleshy slickness, sucking, moaning and purring and deep strains of their genitals opening, stretching, plunging, squeezing, crushing together. their tongues slithering and licking in and out of one another’s mouth. I witnessed the fresh sperm dripping from her pussy as his penis would briefly emerge from her vagina, making his re-entry more delicious to them both.

I thought my legs would collapse when his body stiffened and his ass squeezed the fingers in his anus, her other hand gripping his balls, and I knew he was shooting a current of steaming virile cum into my wife’s fertile ovaries. He pulled out for a moment and they both watched his cock splash gops of sperm onto her open pussy, then slide his dick back into her.

I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from all I witnessed that night. It was the most erotically overpowering experience of my life, my extreme, intense jealousy and humiliation horrified, yet arousing powerful heat and passion in my loins, bringing me to a flood of orgasms throughout the nightmare of magnificent sex,- another man giving my wife a thorough fucking, all with her enthusiastic consent.

Our fifteen year marriage began when we were in college. A blind date and love at first sight, three years of dating then marriage, a professional career, three children, a nice home and neighborhood in a small southern town. The man I saw with my wife was a neighbor, one of my wife’s numerous male admirers. She was not promiscuous. In fact she was much more serious about her Catholic faith than I was about my religion.

But she enjoyed an easy comfort and rapport with men, and was no prude about male humor, their jokes, tales, innuendoes…not dirty, but teasing sexual humor. Female friends were often in our relaxed home, but it was typical to find a male friend or two–mostly guys I’d known for many years, but who found my wife easy to confide in. This particular neighbor had been a high school classmate of mine, actually a year younger (my wife’s age),-we had only been acquaintances until we moved back to town and he met my wife.

The fact that he had a crush on my wife was obvious–he was a handy man, owned a plumbing business and she paid him to do many chores, then he’d hang around in the kitchen talking, drinking a beer, helping her cook while I read or watched tv. His crush on her made me feel somehow superior. He was a bar-fly, a fact that finally destroyed his marriage as his wife lost patience with his late nights, his drinking, his adulteries with his female interests in the nightclubs, and the time he spent in our home.

Here he confided in my wife the details of his marital problems,talking with her long after I’d gone to bed, also sharing with her the details of his sexual exploits, the single and married females he had fucked–my wife quietly surprised at the revelations as she knew a number of the women he claimed as lovers. My wife would tell me all this, swearing me to secrecy. We wondered together if his tales were true.

I doubted his claims because he is not my idea of attractive..too loud and obnoxious so I considered him a blow-hard who was sacrificing his marriage to hang out in bars. I never took him seriously. But I enjoyed our house being a place where people liked to hang out even though most of them were guys I knew were really there to enjoy the easy friendship of my beautiful and friendly wife, even when she was busy with the kids.

She is more like a man than a women in some ways…full of common sense, she remembers and tells an occasional riske joke, never silly but full of easy laughter, always nonchalent, thoughtful, and direct. My wife threw away her bras in college and has never worn one since…too uncomfortable. She dresses conservatively, but anyone around her for 5 minutes is likely to be inadvertantly treated to unfettered views of her breasts as she moves around the kitchen, mixing her favorite drinks, putting pots away, tending to the children or their toys, etc.

It’s one of the things I love about her…never self-conscious, usually careless about her attractiveness, a straight forward approach to people, slow to realize the sexual heat she generates…that men can’t help loving the opportunities to study the lovely shape of her breasts moving under her thin blouses or observing her revealed nipples as she bends over in her busy activities as a housewife/hostess.

Her skin is a light shade of olive, her hair black, her teeth white and her smile engaging, her eyes warm and deep brown, her legs long, slim, very shapely rising to slim hips and an ass that cups enticingly, and pussy lips that gather around the seam of her jeans or shorts. In my younger days I had been the jealous type of boyfriend; those days were long gone (so I believed) with the passage of so many years of solid marriage.

It was even sexually stirring to witness men looking down her blouse for those moments, checking out the thin fabric of her wet bathing suit clinging to her body and accidentally gathering in the slit of her pussy around our pool, knowing that they were strongly attracted to her, that she unintentionally turned them on, that they could see for themselves the beauty of her body and envied me…I knew that they knew they could only look but never really get their hands on her, never kiss her, squeeze her, sleep with her and fuck her…all of this was beyond hope for anyone but me.

This neighbor seemed harmless with his bar and nightclub addiction, his loud bragging, the repair tasks he did around our house, his obvious infatuation and preoccupation with my wife…who I knew was way out of his league. I was surprised by the gorgeous female he brought to our fishing camp weekends to swim, fish, and cook out with our family and other boating families who stopped by on these lazy weekends. He and my wife loved to fish, to prepare and cook feasts for all of us.

His presence was regular; he coaxed us to nightclubs and kept his girlfriend and my wife busy on the dance floor. My wife loved it and often stayed later when I went home, this neighbor and his girlfriend always bringing her home. He often invited my wife and I down to his apartment when he was cooking…after the first few times of going down there, he and my wife working and laughing in the kitchen while I watched tv, I’d sometimes pass on the invitation so my wife would run down there alone, clean up then bring me a piece of fish or steak. He took me hunting once, and often took my wife bass fishing in his rig.

Ofcourse now I know the truth. He had been fucking my wife for two years before I witnessed that moment when I saw him fuck her in my bed.

He’s fucked her in his boat, in the lake while they were skinny dipping together, in our pool, in the pool at his apartment complex, on the counter of his kitchen (she sitting on the kitchen counter, he standing between her legs, swaying in and out of her…my wife has told me that they both liked to watch his penis ease in and out, the excitement of her guiding his cockhead into her pussy lips, the sensations as she realized his sperm was mixing with her excretions as she moved the wet mouth of his cock over her clit and dipped more deeply between her pussy lips, actually talking as they watched him ejaculate between her pussylips then thrust deep into her in the midst of his orgasm )while I was no more than ten feet away watching tv (ignoring their banter about the “big, big, big one”).

He even fucked her in the woman’s bathroom at the nightclub while I was dancing with his girlfriend, fucking her against the door inside a stall, hearing females go in and out,the risk of being caught adding to their audacious excitement, my wife not believing he had the gall to follow her into the bathroom and make love to her with a hundred people just outside the door, me and his girlfriend not even suspicious when they danced up beside us shortly afterward. She told me she expected me to smell him on her when we danced the next dance, her freshly fucked pussy soaked with his sperm despite her brief efforts to clean herself in the bathroom. He had wondered the same thing, his cock bathed in her vaginal juices, but his girlfriend had not noticed even when she gave him a blow job during their sex later that night.

My wife loved the fact that he was so sensual, always wanting an encounter, both of them very open about their sexual past and present. He stopped wearing underwear whenever he came over; she was shocked when he told her that his cock was ready and accessible for her whenever she wanted.

Alone with her in our den, he unbuckled his pants to show her as she admonished him that I would be driving up the driveway any minute. He refused to put away his penis unless she touched him. After joking about the “big, big, big one”, she began a gentle masturbation, both hands massaging his genitals but insisting that they put away the “big, big, big one”.

“Not until he gets a kiss,” he replied, half joking, half serious, putting his hands over her hands as she masturbated him, not allowing her to close his pants.

“My husband will be home in a moment”.

“He wants a kiss.”

“Too bad…It’s never going to happen, buddy, so the big, big, big one better go visit your girlfriend.”

At that moment I drove into the driveway, but he again, with a smile, refused to allow her to close his pants, holding her hands on his cock, by then soaked with pre-cum. “A kiss, that’s all he asks,”he told her. Hearing my car door slam, she went down on one knee and allowed him to move his penis in her hands until his cockhead nestled against her lips and she tasted his cum for the first time as she kissed him. She was overwhelmed by the sensuality of the moment.

“A french kiss,” he whispered, as her fingers felt his testicles knot tightly in her caressing fingers. She hesitated for a split second. Then she heard my feet on the porch, then she lapped his cockhead with her tongue and received the first spurt of his cum onto her lips, puddling on her tongue as his balls spasmed. In a rush as I opened the door to step inside, her hot mouth engulfed him, swallowing the explosions of steaming sperm that filled her mouth, a salty, burning taste that she liked immediately, sucking hard on his shaft and penis head until the spasms of his genitals finally relaxed.

Fearful of the inevitable, she was relieved to hear my footsteps ascending the steps, realizing that I had gone upstairs instead of entering the den.

That night I received the first blow job that my wife ever gave me, one of the most surprising and exciting moments ever in our love life. I didn’t know what had come over her. But I liked it and wanted more.

His apartment and our lakehouse had become their favorite and safest locations to fuck, but now they often used our downstairs bedroom at home. My wife has admitted that on most occasions when I’ve fucked her these past 2 years, I’ve been having “sloppy seconds” while enjoying her wetness and warmness. My workaholic career made their relationship easy, natural and fun without interference.

I recall some of the things that got all this started…A swimming pool party where they were wrestling for a ball underwater; I recall the joking in the pool about the “big, big, big one”…now I know the rest of the story: she playfully pinched him after his hand accidentally pushed directly on her breast; then she tried to take the ball from him and accidentally hit his dick, he grapped her pussy over her bathing suit and held her for a long moment,his penis pressing against her from behind, when they both came sputtering to the surface laughing, my wife shaking a playfully angry finger at him, both teasing about the “big, big, big one”.

Too much was going on for me to realize anything significant had happened. The playfulness became typical behavior…the running joke about the big, big, big one. I’ve now learned their touching continued in the pool that night. He fucked her for the first time on my couch that night after I had gone to bed.

He had stayed to help her clean up after the party. Their playful touching had made him bold. He kissed her. Then his tongue fucked her mouth during their kisses. She was slightly drunk. His hands eased to the sides of her breasts, finally managing to squeeze and feel her breasts. My wife loves to have her breasts stimulated; his tongue fucked her mouth, also moving to her neck, then back to her mouth, exciting her.

Their bathing suits made it easier for him. By then very aroused and curious, she allowed him to freely squeeze her breasts, to have his way with her mouth, ears ,neck, and breasts, her bathing suit so thin , his fingers so talented in arousing her nipples. She had the presence of mind to free her mouth long enough to joke that she felt the big, big, big one; he laughed and grasped her rear in both hands and drove his stiff penis…still in his bathing suit…hard between her legs and against her pussy, whispering, “he’s coming after you.”

They fell together on the couch and hunched in their bathing suits, her legs opening and responding to him as his fingers lowered the one piece bathing suit straps from her shoulders and revealed her breasts, massaging her and stimulating her nipples as his tongue fucked her mouth, her pussy open to the hardness of his penis, penetration prevented only by their suits.

His tongue became a penis in her mouth, fucking in rhythm with their undulating genitals; she sucked his tongue as though giving him a blow job, her lips encircling his long tongue and moving back and forth on it, drawing it’s thickness deep into her mouth while she could feel his exquisite caressing of her nipples create sensations transported directly into her vagina, as though there were exposed erogenous nerve endings connecting her nipples to her ovaries.

Just as the desire to be fucked overwhelmed her, she felt his fingers on her cliterus, then thick fingers entered her vagina(she didn’t know how many, but they felt larger, thicker, driving deeper than my penis did in our love-making, his fingers manipulating inside of her while a finger continued to caress her clit). His penis-like tongue slipped from her mouth and seemed to wrap wetly, probing and sucking and titillating, around both her breasts.

Her hands went to his hips as he lay on top of her and she found that his bathing suit was gone. Instead of protesting, her hands urged him on. In a moment his fingers slipped from her pussy and she felt something vastly larger, enormously filling, much hotter and slickly wet, slide into her pussy.

“The big, big, big one’s here to play,” he whispered from above her. She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her with a smile. Then she felt the penis slide deeper and deeper and deeper. In deeper, then a graceful backstroke, then he slid deeper into her vagina than seemed possible.

She went into a long, deep orgasm that lasted through his fucking until she felt his body stiffen, then another downstroke bringing her to the apex of emotional and physical release…sensations throughout her pussy unlike any fucking I had ever given her, sensations enhanced by her realization of forbidden adultery, the wild surrender of her pussy to this unfaithful lover who had told her so often of his sexual conquests.

In total abandonment of every value that had ruled her life, her legs encircled his pumping hips as he reached his climax, his penal explosion blowing enormous wads of warm cum deep into her fertile cervix, the thickness of his manhood bringing a sexual satisfaction unlike any she had ever experienced.

He lay upon her exhausted, his penis completing the final spasms of cumshots into her. He complimented her pussy, telling her he couldn’t last longer because her pussy was on fire, a deep heat and delicious wet softness that engulfed his meat like no other pussy he’d ever made love to.

Then the jokes started again about the big, big, big one. All this I learned after I finally learned the truth, our marriage in crisis, begging her to tell me everything, fucking her many times daily trying to win her back from the intruder, a relationship she refused to give up. She tried to convince me she didn’t have any desire for divorce; that she enjoyed her lover, their common interests, their sex life being fantastic, but she told me that marriage to him was out of the question…he was a hopeless bar-hound and was incapable of a marital relationship. She was his secret lover, she said that no one else, not even his girlfriend, would ever know about her.

“What about pregnancy?” I asked exasperated. “He’s safe; he’s been fixed,” she explained.

I told her I couldn’t live with it and that I would beat the shit out of him if he ever came near her. She told me that he was very strong; she feared I would get hurt. In jealousy, I made her tell me about their sex. I learned that when she went exercise walking in the early mornings, she went to him at his apartment whenever his girlfriend was not there, to start their day with a fuck. Ofcourse I pressed her about how his penis compared to mine…was he larger than me?

“You know he is. You saw him make love to me.” She kissed me, “Size isn’t everything, my love, but he is a lot bigger.” She told me that he had told her that other men at the bars had asked him if he was fucking her, but she swears he has always denied it. I don’t know if I could live in this town if people learned of this.

She finally agreed to arrange for me to meet with him. He came to our house to go on a ride with me, to have it out once and for all. I confronted him about the affair. He acknowledged he had been fucking my wife for two years. The words burned so deeply I feared having a wreck.

He assured me that they had a special relationship but neither was interested in anything more. He told me something else that blew me away. He told me that he and my wife were talking of having threesomes with someone they could trust. He wouldn’t tell me who. “She’s gotten interested in trying other men; she notices their crotches, envisioning their penises, when she’s around men and wonders what they would be like in bed.” He asked me not to bring this to an ultimatum with my wife. He asked me to let things go on like they were. “It’s a special relationship and neither of us want to lose it.”

Then he shocked me again. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. He wore no underwear. He held in his hand his semi-hard penis.

“I fuck your wife with this. Look at it. She sucked this cock to a climax this morning, early, while out for her exercise. I woke up with my dick in her mouth. We fucked for an hour. Look at it. Yes, my cock is bigger than yours. A lot bigger. You don’t need to ask her any more questions about it.”

He massaged it and, in shocked silence, I watched it grow larger and larger to enormous proportions, the head red and swollen. Sperm appeared at it’s mouth and he used the cum for lubrication. “Give me your hankerchef”. Dumbly, I obeyed. With a spasm, he began shooting cum into the hankerchef, lifting the head of his dick so his balls,large and tight in his groin, could be clearly seen. “She likes to hold my balls when I cum.” I could see them spasm with each ejaculation.

“Now you’ve seen it all…you know all about my dick. I fuck a lot of women…including some other married women you know. No woman means as much to me as your wife. If I wasn’t such an asshole I’d want to marry her. Have I satisfied your curiosity?” He gazed at me, awaiting a reaction from me, but I was incapable of a word.

“Keep this,” he said as he tried to hand me the cum-filled hankerchief. My hands recoiled from it. He looked down at my lap. “You crazy son of a bitch, you have a raging hard on! Getting a close look at the dick that fucks your wife turns you on.” The cum stain over my stiff penis made his accusations undeniable. He placed the sperm-drenched hankerchef on my lap, covering my sperm-stain. “Keep it to beat off with,”he laughed again. Then he offered friendship, consoling me, seeking a kinship borne of our mutual relationship with my wife.

“Look, you do lots of things better than me,” he said. “You are respected in town. You are much better at making money than I am. You’re a good father and husband. Your wife loves you. Why endanger your happiness? Just open your mind to what’s been going on a long time. She tells me you get aroused out of your mind about everything you make her tell you. So accept it. Enjoy it. Let us keep fucking and see if you can handle it. She’s still your wife; she tells me your sex life has improved beyond belief since you saw us fucking in your bed.”

I finally came out of my speechless daze and reacted to all this in anger and embarrassment. But the situation remained unchanged.

He’s often here at my home, along with other guys when I come home from work; they all joke around in the kitchen and are friendly with me just like always. There are neighborhood parties just as before and no one seems to take any special note, in fact they join in, when he and my wife joke about the big,big,big one.

We still get our invitations down to his apartment for barbeques, and occasionally I go with my wife. Once in his apartment, I got up from in front of his tv and went into the kitchen for a coke and she was on the kitchen counter, seated, her underwear on the floor, our neighbor standing between her legs with his penis inside of her, his tongue in my wife’s mouth as they frenchkissed passionately.

“We can’t stop,” he managed to say to me. Within seconds he climaxed inside my lovely wife, filling her with sperm, their genitals crushed against one another as they completed their intercourse.

I left, too embarrassed to stay. She followed an hour later, removed her clothing, slid into bed beside me. She told me she loved me and apologized for what happened. “This is going to be tough for you, isn’t it.” She reached for me and found my penis hard and aroused. “You’re developing a big,big,big one of your own,” she said to me before she kissed me. Her tongue entered my mouth as her fingers masturbated me, her fingers slick and wet. I couldn’t admit to her that the sight of his penis sliding in and out of her, then seeing his sperm splashing onto her pussy lips then inside her, had brought an instant climax of cum in my own pants.

Her stroking of my cock aroused me out of mind again, talking to me as she masturbated me. “Do you want me to use my hand or pussy or my tongue to make you cum? Do you like this? His cum is all over my hands, lubricating you; there’s more in my pussy: you like it don’t you?” Her masturbating continued as she teased me,”Put your hand on my pussy, feel his cum”—I obeyed—-“Tell me you like it, that you love it….admit it and I’ll let you have sloppy seconds…” With those words sperm blew from my penis. “Admit you love it,” she demanded as her masturbating of my cum covered cock continued through shot after shot of my orgasm.

“Iloveit,” I whispered, the thought of this admission keeping my dick hard.

“Sweetheart, I’ve now fucked another man…much younger…I met him at the bar with Mike. Even Mike doesn’t know.” Mike is the neighbor I’ve been telling you about. Telling you, the reader, his actual name, is part of my effort to accept the fact of our open marriage.

“Tell me it excites you that I gave Mike sloppy seconds tonight and that I’m using the cum of two men to masturbate you. My new lover is a college kid, wellbuilt, and he doesn’t shoot blanks.” A spasm of uncontrollable jealousy and passion shot through me. My penis responded to her new infidelity by growing bigger and harder.

“I love it, I love it, I love your wild independent, ballsy attitude, your love of penises and risky sex, the thought of another man fucking you drives my mind crazy with jealousy but drives my dick wild with desire to fuck you….” We fucked for hours. I admitted anything and everything she asked me to admit. I agreed she and Mike could have their relationship; I agreed she was free to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and she didn’t have to tell me.

I never found out who the second guy was. The only time she tells me of her extra-marital sex is when she uses these stories to tease me during sex. Otherwise I’ve trained my mind not to think about it; to pretend everything is just like it always had been.

I’m married to a beautiful and elegant woman who attracts friends to our home and family…one of the many is our friend Mike who is as noisy and garrulous as ever, and who often invites us to his apartment for barbecue (though I rarely go) and who regularly takes my wife fishing.

I call home before my arrival each evening. My wife gave birth to a curly light-haired boy this past year, a fine son who looks nothing like me. Our sex life is better than ever, with obvious occasions of sloppy seconds. During our swimming parties, I keep my eyes away from the horseplay of my wife with the men in the pool, I go to bed early, and I pay no attention to the jokes and innuendoes about the Big, Big, Big One.

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