Backseat Driving

One of the things I truly enjoy the most in life is going on vacation with my wife.

It seems that every trip we take together is guaranteed to lead to some fantastic sex.

It was with that in mind that I encouraged my wife to come with me on my next business trip.

She was enjoying her usual summer off from work, and when I brought it up with her she was eager to go. I had scheduled a light workload for this trip so that we could enjoy some time together besides the long drive. The ride up was nice and I finished up my work early enough to get us a nice room at one of the local inns. We freshened up and spent the late afternoon and early evening shopping and walking the streets. The sun was setting so we decided to find someplace for a romantic dinner before we headed back to our room for a night of hot sex. We found a great bistro with a view of the bay and headed for the bar to wait for our table. We had a few drinks and then made our way to our table. My wife looked beautiful in the candle light and I was looking forward immensely to some intense fucking shortly. 

One thing about my wife that I love; when she gets a few drinks in her, she’s an animal. She gets very horny and at times flirtatious. She is almost always very conservative and modest until she has some liquor in her. We were having a great time over our meal and I could see by the warm glow on my wife’s face that she was getting nice and juiced up.

During the meal my wife had been glancing over toward the bar a few times. She whispered to me finally that some guy was checking her out. I casually peeked over to the bar and saw her admirer standing there brazenly staring right at her. He was easily six foot four and from the size of his arms he was obviously in tremendous physical shape. I looked back at my wife and asked her what she thought of him.

Well she did not take half a second to answer. “Wow!” was about all she could muster and she giggled into her drink. I found myself not all jealous but instead I was getting aroused. The rest of the meal I teased my wife about what a shame it was that she was married. We laughed and finished up our dinner. After I paid the bill I told my wife that we should have a nightcap at the bar before we headed for our room. I told her to go grab a seat at the bar and that after I paid the waiter I would meet up with her after going to the washroom.

She clumsily got up and made her way over to the bar. She was plainly on her way to being completely drunk and I was loving every minute of it. I watched her take a seat at the bar right next to the handsome stranger and he wasted no time in ordering her a drink and sitting right next to her. It was a while before the check came and during that time I sat back and enjoyed the show. This guy obviously knew she was married, as the ring on her finger was plain to see. He also knew that she was not alone, as he had been watching her all night. My wife was plainly enjoying the attention and she had turned on her stool to face him completely.

After I paid the bill I wandered over to the washroom. I passed my wife at the bar but did not say a word. She was laughing at some thing he had said and her drink was practically gone already. In the washroom I wondered at what was happening here. Sure I was turned on by the situation, it was something I had fantasized about for years. But here it was right in front of me, what should I do? I walked out and made my way to the bar. I found my wife and she introduced me to her new friend.

“Honey, this is Mark, he’s in town on business too.” “Mister, you sure are one lucky man to be able to come home to her every night.” Said Mark as he shook my hand. “I know Mark, she is a wonderful catch.” I replied. Mark was plainly smashed and my wife was also beginning to slur her words a little. 

“Honey we should go before you get anymore drunk.” “It was nice to meet you Mark but we’re heading back to our motel now.”

Mark was plainly disappointed in this announcement but he quickly asked if there was anyway I could drive him back to his motel across town. He was in no condition to drive and it was more than twenty miles back to his room. My wife looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes and I agreed.

We headed for the parking lot and it was at that point that I knew my wife was tanked.

Instead of getting in the front seat with me, she climbed into the back of our minivan with Mark. They were laughing about nothing in particular and I did not say a word. I headed out of the lot and made my way towards Mark’s motel in the darkness. The conversation died down quickly once we were on the road and I could hear faintly the sounds of movement in the back. Plainly Mark was making moves on my wife or vice versa. I could not tell, but the sound of hands rubbing against clothing became apparent. I found that my heart was pounding and my cock was straining against my pants. Then the kissing began, and instantly the two of them gave into their mutual lust and attacked each other. The sounds of their kissing became louder and my wife was moaning softly. I could not take it anymore and adjusted my mirror to see my beautiful wife already topless and wrapped in an embrace with this handsome stranger. She was drunk and she had lost all her inhibitions. They kissed deeply and finally my wife ripped Mark’s shirt open. She growled low and rubbed her hands all over his broad chest. Then her head sank out of view. I heard a belt being unfastened, then a zipper being taken down.

Mark had his hands in my wife’s hair and the look on his face was of pure conquest.

I heard my wife’s voice suddenly in the dark. “Oh god.” Then the sound of her taking his cock into her mouth. I watched her head bob up and down repeatedly in the mirror and Mark whispered softly to her as she worked his tool into her mouth. “Yes baby, that’s real good.” “Mmm you like that don’t you?” My wife pulled his cock out of her mouth momentarily to say, “You have no idea.” 

Hearing the desire in my wife’s voice was pushing me over the edge. She was in a rapturous state and I must admit I was almost as aroused as her. The sounds from the back changed then as my wife appeared to be sucking on Mark’s balls. The sounds of her hand stroking his shaft were also hypnotic to me and Mark was moaning with pleasure.

“Let me get those pants off you” he said finally and in the mirror I watched as my sweet little wife became a naked fuck toy for Mark. He got her on all fours and proceeded to mount her from behind. Seeing her getting fucked like that with her tits swaying below was too much. I almost drove off the road at this point. My wife screamed as he pushed what appeared to be about nine inches of meat into her tiny pussy. I could hear his balls slapping against my wife’s bare ass with each thrust.

I was having a hard time focusing on the road and did not even notice the car next to us honking. A car with two couples in it was enjoying the show as Mark was fucking my wife with a purpose. She was begging him to fuck harder and he happily fulfilled her request as he slapped her ass in between thrusts. 

Now my wife usually has a hard time reaching orgasm with me. She never complains but deep down I’ve always regretted not satisfying her. Well she was orgasming now and that was no mistake. She howled and grabbed the cushion of the seat as Mark pounded her pussy without mercy. “Oh Mark, you are so fucking good” she moaned. “I’ve dreamed for so long about getting fucked like this”. It hurts baby, oh god its too big!” Mark loomed over her and continued pounding his tool into my wife’s pussy. She was going limp from the liquor and the fucking and she looked amazing. His hands reached under her and he pulled hard on her swaying tits. My wife pushed her ass into his cock and I watched her nipples swell between his fingers as he pulled hard on them. 

He stopped briefly to kiss her deeply as she arched back to taste his mouth. Mark then pulled his shaft out and commanded her to suck him clean. “Yes sir.” My wife eagerly said and took his cock in her hands again as she worked every inch of it into her mouth.

He would take it out and slap it against her face every few seconds and the sound of that meat hitting my wife’s face was powerful.

I had no longer any clue as to where I was driving and simply tried to stay in control of the car during this spectacle. The car next to me had vanished and I tried to get some sense of where I was. I snapped out of my fog momentarily to get my bearing as the sounds of my wife getting fucked came back. I looked back into the mirror and saw that she had gotten onto his lap with her arms wrapped around his neck. I could see his thick cock sliding into my wife’s dripping pussy with each thrust. She was panting uncontrollably and I watched in amazement as another orgasm shuddered through her body.

Mark was still going strong but it was obvious he was close to cumming as well. He grabbed my wife’s ass in both hands and drove her hard onto his throbbing cock. She kept screaming for more and he happily continued using my wife’s pussy. I could see his heavy cock on each thrust and finally he grunted hard and I could see that he was pumping his cum deep into my wife’s pussy. She came again while he filled her pussy until she slowly climbed off him to taste her juices on his throbbing cock. She greedily drained every drop of his cum from him and he leaned back slowly in absolute pleasure.

I was in a state of shock from what had just happened and as Mark’s motel came into view I was not sure if I was relieved or disappointed the ride was over.

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