Wedding To Remember

I was finishing getting ready for the wedding that a dear friend invited me to. I kept checking my hair and my lipstick in the mirror until I approved what I looked like. I decided to wear a navy blue dress with gold stud earrings. Under the dress, I made sure I wore a pair of lacey blue panties with a matching blue bra. A pair of sheer stockings and a navy pair of heels completed the outfit. As I looked at myself in the mirror one last time, I remembered how my Mom always told me to be prepared for any event. 

The wedding was for a friend of a friend and my friend invited me as his guest. It was a simple thing for me to accept his invite since he had always been there for me. It was also no secret that I love dressing up either. It was five o’clock when he arrived and gave me the once over with a devilish smile on his face. I looked at him and asked if the outfit met his approval. The nod and wink he gave me said it all. 

The ride to the wedding found us catching up on our everyday lives. As we talked, I noticed that there was something different about him. It wasn’t that I found him unattractive. He was very attractive. It was just that I saw more of his heart than his outer beauty. I saw the kind ways he was there for me during those rough patches I went through. As I looked at him more intently, I would dutifully avert my eyes as I caught him staring at me a few times. There was also a glint in his eye that I had never noticed before. The drive to the wedding was almost too quick before we arrived 

The hall was beautifully decorated with flowers and white chairs were set out with the aisle in between both sides. The front of the hall had two sets of white pillars around the pulpit. The pulpit itself was overlaid with violet and purple fabric. As I walked looking at the decorations, I tended to stick by him rather closely considering I didn’t know anyone at the wedding. As we headed towards our seats, he introduced me to his friends. It was only a few moments before we sat down and watched the procession of the flower girl followed by the rest of the wedding party. The familiar sounds of the bride song played as she walked down wearing a strapless number with a veil over her Latino black hair. 

The ceremony itself was almost ten minutes long and as the couple rushed up the aisle within a hail of bubbles, I looked at my date and saw him smile a bit. We soon followed everyone else to the reception as the couple began to have their photos taken by the photographer. As we found the reception, we found where the bar was and began to have a few drinks before the couple arrived. My date brought me up to the couple and introduced me to both of them. I congratulated them and wished them the best. 

As the bride told me how lucky she was to find her guy, she made mention of how my friend was a great catch as well. I simply agreed with her before I felt his hand squeezing mine. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. As he was talking to another good friend, I excused myself for a moment and reassured him that I would be back shortly. It wasn’t until later that I realized that he had followed me into a hallway with a secluded stairwell off the reception area. I was uncertain as to how much he had to drink by that time. He pulled me into the stairwell with him and whispered in my ear how great enough I looked. He then whispered even closer to my ear how I looked good enough to eat. He leaned in and kissed me on my stunned lips.

I didn’t pull back, but returned his kiss as I felt his hands wrap around my waist and pulled me into him. As the kisses grew more passionate, I felt his hands slide down and my dress slide up. My hands went down his chest until I started fumbled with his zipper. He broke the kiss and whispered in a low raspy voice that he wanted to get better acquainted with me and my body. As he kissed my neck and my chest, he crumpled the dress around my waist before he ducked down and kissed my lace covered pussy. He looked up at me and nudged me up a stair so that I could be on a pedestal. 

His fingers began to rub over my panties before the fabric was moved aside and his fingers touched me gently. His fingers kept touching me as soon his lips gently touched the sensitivity before I felt his tongue licking me. My hands went immediately to his head as I pressed him against me, my desires to cum beginning to come forth. My pussy was on fire with his lips and it was a struggle to keep quiet when all I wanted to do was cry out in pleasure. It seemed too fast when I felt my climax begin to swell and I pressed him against me almost soaking his goatee in my juices

As I looked down at him, I saw a smile cross his face as he stood up and his cock revealed it’s presence to me. It almost slid very quickly inside of me as his hands found my breasts and began to slowly rub my nipples between his fingers. It didn’t take long for me to feel his hardness penetrate me almost erratically before he whispered that he was going to cum. Although I didn’t think much of it, I whispered for him to cum inside of me. It was one more firm thrust before I felt his cock empty itself inside of my pussy. He collapsed on top of me for a moment or two before he looked up and whispered that we had to get back to the reception. I quickly put the dress back in place as he zipped his pants back up. We slowly walked up the stairs back to the reception where the dancing was just starting. 

The evening proceeded nicely as sounds of Eighties music filled the hall. I found out from my date that both the bride and groom was a huge fan of the J. Giles Band as well as Journey. While dancing to the classic slow songs, we held each other closely and stared into each others eyes. We smiled at each other before e started reading the other’s mind. He took my hand and led me off the dance floor with the excuse that we needed some fresh air. As we headed away from the reception area, he saw a room that overlooked the hall and winked at me. We both slipped into the room and closed the door before we started kissing more passionately. As his hands undid my zipper, I began to melt in his arms before he stood back and saw me in just the bra and panties again. He then spanked my ass gently before he turned me around so I was leaning over the desk looking over the reception hall. 

Soon I felt his cock out and rubbing against my ass before he leaned forward and kissed my neck. He started whispering how he wanted me again before his hands found my bra clasps and undid them. As my nipples hardened in the air, I felt his hands grasp them as his dick slid inside my pussy yet again. I started grinding my hips against him as I desperately started squeezing his cock inside me. I started whispering his name as his cock started sliding into me harder. As he started telling me that he was going to cum again, I whispered back to him that I would clean off his dick after he finished. This thought caused him to explode inside my pussy before I bent down to my knees and took his flaccid dick into my mouth. I was enjoying the taste of his cum and mine on his dick and I began to suck him off more greedily before I felt him harden. 

I decided to treat him for allowing me the pleasure of fucking him by taking his slickened cock and sliding it between my breasts. I watched his reaction as he looked down on me as on every other stroke; I took his cock back inside my mouth. Although he filled my pussy a few moments prior, I could feel his cock wanting to spew forth again. I felt him getting real close before I quickly took his tool back into my mouth and stated sucking hard. The explosion felt exquisite in my mouth as his cum started flooding my mouth. I started swallowing as much as I could with little dribbles spilling out of the corners of my mouth. As he fell back, I began rubbing my pussy with my fingers until I felt myself climax again from my slutty behavior. It was then I suggested that we slip back down before we were missed.

It turned out that we hadn’t missed much of the reception. We hurriedly made ourselves presentable and made it back downstairs before the bride readied herself to throw the bouquet. After the groom threw the garter, I made mention that I left my purse in his car and asked if he would escort me to go get it. He took the hint and walked with me back to the car

When we reached the car, I leaned against the front and slowly raised my dress up as I waited for him to unlock the door. I went into the back seat and turned before I grabbed him by the tie to pull him on top of me. As I started unbuttoning his shirt, I thought of how much I was enjoying the wedding thus far.

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