Picnic For Hot Wife

After six years of marriage, it finally happened, and I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m 28 and, while my parents were originally from Korea, I’m as American as apple pie. My breasts are average, but since I’m slender they appear larger than they really are. I have a firm bottom and most guys describe me as having ‘exotic looks’, which basically means I’m attractive.

I met the man who would become my husband in my third year of college. Michael was attractive, had a nice personality, was in great shape from being on the school’s soccer team, and was pretty damn good in bed. After a prolonged romance, we married right after graduation. At first everything was fine, with Michael landing a well-paying job and getting promoted at a fast pace, but as the years passed by things changed, and not for the better. Michael developed bad drinking habits as he moved up the corporate food chain. It wasn’t going out with the boys twice a week that bothered me as much as when it became four times. The more he drank, the more of a beer gut he acquired as well. I tried to get him to cut back, even going so far as to joining a health club so we could work out together, but he gave up after a couple of weeks on the treadmill and consoled himself with as much booze as he could find.

Our sex life took a hit, too. The more he drank, the less we had, and I have to admit his increasingly large gut was a major turn off. Now I’m no nympho that wants sex five times a day, but when it became only once a week, I began to get restless. Suddenly, I started noticing other men and wondered what they would be like in bed. I still loved my husband and never acted on my impulses, but I was tempted.

Then came my husband’s company picnic. It was an annual event that the employees’ families were invited to, which meant at least three hundred people would be in attendance. It was held at a park that had a sizeable lake, leaving plenty of space for everyone to mingle without feeling fenced in. I was feeling particularly horny that day and dressed in a pair of shorts that were a size too small and a skimpy halter top. Underneath I wore an even smaller bikini in the hopes that my hubby might get turned on and I’d get a little action before the picnic, if not canceling it outright. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t even seem to notice as we hopped in the car and drove off.

It was a good day for the picnic, sunny and a touch on the hot side, and as soon as we arrived we started mingling with the others. Michael introduced me to a couple of guys I hadn’t met before. Brett had recently been assigned to work under my husband, and Phil was the supervisor for most of the trainees for the company. Both of them were about our age and in good shape. I hit it off with them instantly, and soon we were chatting away like old friends. I learned they were married, but their wives hadn’t come (Brett’s was visiting in-laws and Phil’s detested company get-togethers). After talking for a few minutes my husband excused himself to the restroom, leaving me alone with the guys. Now I’m a born flirt, and left to my own devices, I fell into my old pattern with these handsome men. They responded in kind, and soon we were having a good time trading sexual innuendos.

All too soon Michael returned and insisted on tracking down some of his closer friends. Reluctantly, I said farewell to the guys and followed my husband. The flirting had made me even hornier, so I asked Michael if we could go back to the car for a quickie. He laughed at the idea and told me to relax and enjoy the picnic.

It didn’t take long to locate his friends, most of whom were drinking buddies he hung out with after work. I had met them several times and found them an obnoxious lot. I didn’t have much in common with their wives either, so I was reduced to standing around and forced to make polite conversation while the guys laughed it up.

The president of the company gave his obligatory inspirational speech and told everyone to have fun. It didn’t take long for my husband and his buddies to entrench themselves near the open bar and see who could drink the most in the shortest amount of time. By now I was bored out of my skull, and asked my husband if it would be all right if I walked around for a bit. He gave a short, “Sure,” and retuned to getting drunk and laughing too loudly with his friends.

I hadn’t wandered around for very long when Brett spotted me. He could tell I wasn’t having a good time and asked me what was wrong. When I told him about my husband and how I felt totally ignored, he sympathized and invited me to join a volleyball game that was about to start. That sounded like fun, so I readily agreed and followed him to where they were setting up the net. Phil was there, as were three younger guys who were introduced as Larry, Chris, and Dean. It turned out they were interns Phil was in charge of. The opposing team was a group of computer programmers, “So we stand a chance, especially with you on our side,” Brett quipped

I quickly found myself the focus of a healthy amount of attention. The interns treaded carefully and didn’t flirt as much, though Dean was a bit raunchy. I guess they didn’t want to risk saying something wrong and angering the wife of a superior. Phil and Brett more than made up for it by showering me with very flattering compliments. I hadn’t been treated this well in years.

After chatting for a while our opponents arrived and the game began. I’m a very competitive woman, so it wasn’t long before I worked up a sweat. With a touch of flourish, I shed my halter top and showed off my skimpy bikini. That little move made me the center of attention of all the guys. The interns became a lot more talkative, and Brett and Phil were flirting constantly. It puffed up my ego a bit to know I could still catch the eye of so many guys.

It was a hard fought game, but we emerged victorious, much to my delight. By the time it was over we were all a sweaty mess. Phil asked if I had worn the matching bottoms to the bikini, and when I said I had, he suggested we take a dip in the lake to cool ourselves off. I told him I had to let Michael know, but that I’d probably be around in a few minutes. When I returned to my husband, it was obvious he was well on his way to getting drunk and showed no signs of stopping. I told him how the game went, but all he did was grunt a “That’s nice,” and took another drink. When I told him I wanted to go swimming, he just waved his hand. The casual dismissal really got me steamed. He could have at least acted he wanted me around.

It didn’t take long to spot Phil and Brett. They were already in the lake, out far enough that the water was almost up to their necks. They waved me over, so I shed my shorts and ran into the water, eagerly wading up to them. They said they were glad I came by and complimented me on my bikini. Their behavior, which was the exact opposite of my husband’s, really cheered me up and made me feel appreciated. I reciprocated by complimenting them on their own trunks, which showed off their athletic bodies. They returned the favor by praising my own figure. Brett even went so far as to tell me I was “the hottest Asian woman” he had ever seen.

There were few people in the water and none of them were nearby, giving us some measure of privacy. Out of earshot of anyone else, the talk became very suggestive, and there was a lot of sexual tension between us. After a while Brett positioned himself beside me as I talked with Phil. I discovered why he moved when I felt his hand place itself on my bottom. Now, while I’ve had guys make passes at me before, I’d always politely rejected them, but the instant I felt Brett make contact I knew this time was different. I had never been this aroused or with two men this handsome. Rather than removing the hand, I allowed it to remain there. Taking my lack of protest as encouragement (which it was) Brett began rubbing my bottom. In response, I moved back into his grasp. After a minute or so of groping he slipped his hand under my bikini and really started fondling me. I stopped talking as I enjoyed the sensations.

It must have been the silence, or the looks on our faces, that made Phil pick up on what was happening underwater. He joined in, reaching out and grabbing my breasts, which were just below the surface of the water. I gasped as he played roughly with them, tweaking my nipples though the material of the top. Not satisfied with this, he moved close enough to reach behind me and loosened the tie around my back. The top remained tied around my neck, but the rest floated upward, allowing him unrestricted access to my flesh. Brett, not wanting to be shown up, slipped a hand down my front and began fingering my pussy.

I couldn’t believe I was letting them do this to me, especially with people standing just several yards away, but no one seemed to notice. It helped that the guys played it cool, talking with each other casually while they worked me over with their hands. They were convincing actors. If I was on the shore, I probably wouldn’t have realized what was happening either.

As hot as I had been running, it didn’t take long for them to bring me to climax. It wasn’t a big one. If anything, it left me wanting more. As I recovered, Phil whispered that he knew an out of the way area of the park where we could continue things in private. I knew I should refuse, but between how handsome the guys were and how neglected my husband made me feel, I couldn’t even manage a token protest. They gave me directions, then got out of the water and headed off for the rendezvous using a different route. I waited ten minutes, each one feeling like an hour, before emerging from the water and putting my clothes back on. I headed straight into the woods, becoming more excited with each step.

After a long walk through some overgrown trails, I finally came upon a small picnic area that had seen better days. Phil and Brett were already there, waiting anxiously for me. Phil said this was an older part of the park that almost no one used since the newer area, where the picnic was being held, had been built. Given the distance traveled, and that the area was heavily wooded, I was certain we’d have all the privacy we needed.

As soon as I came into arm’s reach the guys were all over me, and after a moment’s hesitation, I was doing the same. Within seconds they had me completely naked. Brett stopped stripping me long enough to grab a blanket he had brought and threw it on top of one the tables. Phil lifted me up and sat me on the edge, then pushed me on my back. As he sat down in front of me, I couldn’t help feeling I like a meal being served to him. He pried my legs apart, and began eating me out like he hadn’t tasted pussy in years. As I writhed on the table, Brett leaned over and started sucking on my breasts. I’d never had two guys before, and now I was sorry I had never tried it. Between having a tongue buried in my pussy and my breasts being sucked on simultaneously, I climaxed faster than I had in months. Phil kept a hold of my squirming legs as he continued lapping away through the orgasm, starting me well on the way to another.

Brett stopped working on my breasts and told Phil he wanted a taste. Phil let him take over between my legs, but instead of switching over to my breasts, he repositioned me so I was lying diagonally on the table with my head over the side. I was about to protest when he dropped his shorts and allowed his manhood to spring free right in front of my face. Quick on the uptake, I opened my mouth, beckoning him with my tongue. He grabbed the sides of my head and jammed half his cock down my throat. When it was obvious I wasn’t going to choke, he began face-fucking me in a way my husband never had. Despite the rough way my mouth was being treated, I was able to handle all of Phil’s average size cock. My husband is actually pretty well-endowed, but since he rarely uses it anymore, it’s definitely a case of bigger not being better.

It didn’t take long for me to have another orgasm, though I couldn’t cry out with a cock buried in my throat. Unlike Phil, Brett stopped eating me out as I came. I began to wonder if he was going to switch with Phil again when I felt my legs lifted over Brett’s shoulders and his cock nestle itself against my pussy. I grunted as Brett jammed his entire length into me with one thrust. While he wasn’t as long as my husband, he was wider and I definitely felt stretched open by the rough way he took me. He hammered away as hard and as fast as he could. I hadn’t had an intense fucking like this in years, and even I was surprised by how quickly I loosened up so he could really slam into me. I could feel his sack slapping against my ass with each thrust. It was incredible.

Phil stopped pumping and left his cock buried in my throat. I felt his rod twitch a split second before he began spewing his seed. It tasted great, and I savored the flavor of a man other than my husband on my tongue.

Brett was decent enough to pause while his friend came in my mouth, but once Phil removed himself, he picked up right where he left off. God, the man could fuck. I came around him a second time, which sent him over the edge as he erupted in my pussy. Now I had the sperm of two men that weren’t my husband in me, and rather than feeling shame, I wanted more.

By the time Brett pulled out Phil was up and ready again. He rolled me over so I was lying on my stomach with my legs on the ground and my bottom at just the right height for him to mount me. He had no problems plunging all the way in and started to pound me hard just like Brett had. I had forgotten how great a hard fuck could be.

Brett got on the table and waved his cock in my face. I opened my mouth and leaned forward to take it in, but he pulled back at the last second. He thrust forward again, but when I tried to suck it, he pulled away once more.

Brett smirked at me. “Damn, woman. You really want this, don’t you?”

“My husband hardly every fucks me anymore,” I confessed between Phil’s thrusts.

Phil said, “Shit, if my wife was as hot as you, I’d be fucking her every day instead of only twice a week.” As if to prove his point, he picked up speed.

Brett continued teasing me with his rod, leaving it just out of reach of my mouth. “You really are cock-starved slut, aren’t you?”

I was ready to admit to anything if it meant wrapping my lips around that hunk of meat. “Yes, I am. Now give this slut something to suck on!”

“Fine, we’ll give you all the cock you can handle.” He finally got close enough for me to suck him down, which I did with relish. Getting done at both ends was something else.

They lasted much longer this time around, Phil fucking me through another pair of orgasms. I hadn’t come this much in years. But even he couldn’t last forever and finally came inside of me. As soon as he was finished he pulled out, leaving me feel empty inside. I was about to beg Brett to take over for Phil when I felt a pair of hands on my hips and a hard prick shoved into my body. Confused, I released the cock in my mouth and turned around to see, much to my amazement, Dean. He had a firm grip on my hips as he picked up where Phil had left off. He wasn’t the only one either, as next to him were his fellow interns, Chris and Larry, who were already naked and pointing their hard-ons at me.

Now I understood what Brett had meant about giving me all the cock I could handle. I wanted to complain to the guys for not clearing this with me first, but I couldn’t get mad at them, not with the way Dean was fucking me. Three more cocks were just what I needed. In gratitude, I returned to Brett’s shaft and really went to town on him. He blew his load within minutes, but I didn’t have an opening available for long as Larry got up on the table and fed me his cock. Now the gangbang was really on.

The five of them took me in just about every combination possible over the course of the next hour. Larry, Chris and Dean came in me twice, and Brett and Phil managed one more time each. The interns were ready for more, but by then I was pretty worn out and begged off. Any protests were quickly squashed by Phil. Not wanting to anger their supervisor, the three younger guys thanked me for a great time and headed back to the picnic. Brett and Phil were gentlemanly enough to stay with me until I got back some of my wind. I could tell I was a mess, covered in sperm and sweat. Luckily, a part of the lake that was out of the view of the picnickers was nearby. A quick dip in the water washed off all the obvious evidence of my tryst, but I was walking gingerly thanks to the pounding the guys had given me. It was Brett who came up with the idea of saying I had strained something playing volleyball.

After I cleaned up, we returned to the picnic, from different directions, of course. The only thing I was concerned about now was what my husband would say about my prolonged absence. It turned out I had nothing to fear since he was so drunk he hadn’t the vaguest idea of how long I had been gone. I sat next to him, informing him that I was sincerely glad he had a good time, since I had one as well.

We stayed at the picnic another hour before heading back home, Michael thoroughly drunk. I helped my husband to bed, no longer irritated with him since my itch had been scratched well and good. Since then I’ve stayed in contact with Phil and Brett, and while we haven’t had a repeat performance since that day, the sexual tension is still there and there’s no telling what might happen in time.

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