Working It Out

I am a thirty-three year old, self made manager in a blue chip company. I have been working with this company for 14 years now, and have slowly worked my ways through the ranks. I began working there as a regular floor employee, then a supervisor, then a foreman, and now I am a top manager in the company. Through my trials I have always had a good working relationship with the HR department, and I am always asking for advice, and shooting scenarios by them. We recently hired a new HR specialist in the company and immediately we connected.

Christy was an older lady, married, and had kids in college, but she was fabulous in the sense only guys would know. She was close to 6′ tall and probably weighed around 150 lbs. Long dark hair, blue eyes, and an ass to die for. Many times during our conversations I would imagine us together. The looks are not what attracted me to her though. It was the mind, she was so intone with my thought process that I couldn’t stay away from her. I always made a reason to drop by and see her everyday. I knew I was having a problem when my wife and I were making love one night and I imagined it was Christy on her knees in front of me.

At the point where I began imagining and fantasizing over her I tried to stay away. I felt guilty for imaging the stuff I was, and did not want to ruin the marriage I had. I loved my wife very much, and did not want to lose her, so I stayed away from Christy.

Christy began to seek me out. She would call me to her office or send me emails asking what was up she hadn’t heard from me in days. I would calmly and without sitting down, just stop by and tell her I was really busy. Emails began to be our normal communication, and she would send me three or four a day. Sometimes they work related and sometimes she was just saying hello. Several times I would catch myself thinking of her at work and find myself beginning to get an erection behind my desk. I would get up and go make myself busy rather quickly. I had to stop thinking of her in this way.

Then the day came when all roads were to meet an end in one way or another. Christy sent me an invitation to lunch on a Friday afternoon, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get everything out in the open, so I told her I would go. I met Christy in the front office at 12:00 and we headed out for lunch, she said she knew a nice little restaurant down the road that we could enjoy a good salad at. So I rode with her, and followed her to her car. Christy was wearing a nice business skirt and top, and I could watch her ass swing from one side to the other as I followed behind her. I could feel my groin begin to stir as I watched her walk ahead of me.

Christy unlocked her Yukon and got in as I walked around to the passenger side and got in. I immediately noticed that her skirt was up kind of high and found myself not stirring anymore but the beginning of a hard on. As Christy drove I continued to watch her bare thigh showing and watched as the skirt rode even higher as she drove to the restaurant. I was a bit uncomfortable as I tried to hold conversation about one of the supervisors with her as she drove. My cock was now pushing down the leg of my pants, and straining to get out. I tried to adjust my legs so as not to be seen, but I knew if she looked at my crotch there was no denying what I was doing. I sat with my legs together and my hands in my lap. When we got the restaurant I jumped out of the vehicle only after Christy had gotten out and then I pretended to tie my shoe so I could get my erection to subside long enough to get into the restaurant.

During lunch Christy continued her conversation about Eric, one of the supervisors that were having problems coping to corporate world and policies, and I followed a long with the conversation for the most part. When we were done eating lunch Christy surprised me with her next conversation before I had a chance to talk to her.

“Jon, I need to tell you something personal is it appropriate?” She asked.

“Sure!” I said.

“Well I have been struggling with this for a while, and I have to get it out in the open so we can look each other in the eye again. I am lusting for you. I do not want to have an affair on my husband, and I am sure you don’t want to cheat on your wife, but I want you so bad.”

I couldn’t talk. I just looked at her, and realized she was feeling the same way as I was.

“I have wanted you since I started here. I am physically attracted to you, but even more so I want to experience your mind with you.” She said folding her napkin and looking down as she said it.

“I know I should just leave you alone now, and I will if you want. I just had to get that off of my chest. I figured you had begun to suspect my feelings when you quit stopping by.” Christy said looking at the table not making eye contact with me.

“Christy, I have wanted you to, that is why I have stayed away. I find myself imagining I am with you more often than not, and that is why I have avoided you.” I confided in her.

At that point I had decided in my mind that I was going to have her, and it would be a one time affair. I asked Christy if she wanted to meet me after work at a said named hotel, and we would finish our business once and for all. She agreed.

That afternoon I called my wife and told her I would be late coming home as I had to stay and cover the second shift for a while. It was pretty common for this to happen so it was no big deal to her. I drove to the hotel with an erection the whole time, and pulled up in front noticing Christy’s Yukon was already there. Christy stepped out on the balcony wearing a robe and waved to me as I exited my vehicle.

I climbed the stairs to where she stood and we embraced in a lust filled kiss immediately I took Christy’s tongue into my mouth and ran my hands down her back to her firm little ass. I then began to push her into the room still embraced in our kiss. As we entered the room I pushed until Christy fell back onto the bed. I then slowly opened her robe and discovered she wore nothing under it.

I removed her robe and then stood back and marveled how beautiful her body was. Long muscular legs met at a nicely shaven pussy. Her flat belly rose and fell with anticipation as I squatted on the floor in front of the bed, and began to kiss her legs working my way upwards. As I got inches from her sex Christy arched her back pushing herself towards me, but I backed off and went to the other leg. Slowly kissing and licking my way up that leg I again stopped a fraction of an inch from her sex again.

“Quit teasing me Jon, I want you so badly. I don’t have a lot of time, before my husband will call wondering where I am” She moaned.

With that being said I slowly began to circle my tongue around her shaven pussy lips and lightly flicking her clit. This is what I had been fantasizing about, it was actually coming true. With that thought running through my head I increased the pressure with my tongue and slowly inserted a finger into her tight little box. Christy immediately began to buck her hips to meet my tongue and was soon coming all over my tongue and finger. It took no more than three minutes to reach the nectar I had been searching for. Christy was very hot and tight, and was very willing.

“Come here.” Christy said as she came down from her orgasm.

I climbed onto the bed kissing every inch of her skin as I went. Her belly, her nipples, her neck, and finally her mouth my tongue and lips massaged. We kissed with a fever and Christy began unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled my shirt over my head and then flipped me over onto my back. Christy crawled up in between my legs and unbuckled my belt and top button on my slacks.

Christy wasted no time now as she reached her hand inside of my pants and felt my manhood. “MMM very nice,” she said as she pulled my pants and briefs down in one movement.

Christy gave my cock a few long strokes before bending down and taking the head into her mouth. Christy stroked me with one hand, played with my balls with the other, and sucked as much of me into her mouth with each down stroke as she could. I knew I would not last long like this so I pulled her up by her arms and told her to mount me.

Christy pulled one foot over to each side of my hips and then raised herself off of the bed. Being almost six foot tall Christy had no problem squatting over the top of me with my cock pointing directly at its wanton place. Christy slowly squatted until the head of my hard cock was in contact with her shaven lips and then slowly added more and more pressure until inch by inch I began to fill her tight little box.

“OH it feels so good. I have been waiting for this moment, fantasizing about it, oh my GOD you’re in me!” She said as she finally accepted the whole length. Christy lay motionless on top of me and her pussy was convulsing all around my cock. I could feel my cock head pushing her cervix up as the ridges of her walls squeezing around my length.


“MMMM!” is all she said as she began to slowly rock her hips back and forth.

Christy began to slowly lift up and down on my cock until I was well lubricated with her juices, and then the pace increased. After a few minutes Christy was moaning uncontrollably and slamming up and down on my cock. I loved watching my cock exit and enter her with its full length with each stroked she made.

“OH GOD IM CUMMING AGAIN! FUCK ME!” Christy yelled, and I fucked her from the bottom with everything I had. Slamming my full 8″ into her with each thrust, feeling my pelvis slam into her with each upward thrust was mind blowing. Christy was in a squat position and he legs began to shake as her orgasm took her fully. As her orgasm took her she collapsed on top of me and breathed frantically like she couldn’t get enough oxygen.

As she lay on my chest catching her breath I could feel her pussy flexing around my hard cock. I rolled her over onto her hands and knees and pulled Christy’s hips up. I lined my cock up with her wet pussy and slowly sank the whole thing into her from behind. I started with long slow strokes until she was moaning for more, and I picked up the pace. Soon I was slamming into her with deep hard thrusts, and the lust became apparent. Her ass was beautiful, and I loved watching her pussy lips stretched around my girth. I was giving Christy everything I had when she exploded into orgasm again. As her pussy pulsed around my cock I could hold back no longer, and began to tell her.


“IN MY PUSSY! OH GOD YES! CUM IN ME!” she yelled.

I unloaded the hottest, thickest load of cum I think I have ever seen. I shot about 9 huge squirts into her and each time one shot out her orgasm got louder. She was practically crying as I unloaded my balls I her tight little pussy.

“OH MY GOD Jon, that was wonderful and worth every minute of the wait.” She said as she jumped up and kissed me.

“We have to go; my husband will be getting anxious very soon. I am usually home by 5 PM and it is 6:30 now” She said as she got up and began getting dressed.

“We will talk tomorrow.” She said as she ran out the door.

I just laid on the bed with my spent cock laying on my leg wondering what I had done, and how far I would let this go.

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