My First College Party

I was at my first frat party. A little sad, I know. Especially for being in the sophomore year of my college career. To be fair though, I was a pretty big book worm my freshman year. My new roommate though was a party animal, so I decided to go with her. We had been friends the year before and decided we would try being roommates. We had just walked through the front door, me following her short curvy ass, trying to keep up. She was a freaking whirlwind, and a ball of energy. While I followed her I was trying to keep my tall willowy frame from knocking into anyone inadvertently.

I didn’t think I was overly nerdy, so I was hoping that I could get along with some people there. I wasn’t all that shy so that was also probably a good thing, especially since I could no longer see Erin. She had been sucked into the crowd. Oh well, I guess. I just decided to find a drink and maybe find someone to talk to. As I passed a living room, I finally caught sight of Erin, bouncing around, dancing with some bulky frat guy. At least she was already having fun. I got into the kitchen, which was filled with people who were talking and a couple that was obnoxiously making out on the counter. So attractive. Unfortunately they were blocking the liquor.

I walked up next to them, clearing my throat, but I was ignored. Well, it was their own fault if they got mildly molested by me when I reached around them to get a bottle of whatever liquor I could get my hands on. I sidled up to them, turning to face them and reaching behind them. My breasts were pressed to the guys’ arm and my hand skimmed across the girls’ ass as it closed around the cold glass of a bottle of booze.

The girl finally pulled her lips away from the guy to yell at me, “Hey, bitch! Watch it!”

“Sorry, babes. I couldn’t help myself. Just wanted a piece of that ass,” I laughed sarcastically and held the bottle up, shaking it a little to make my point. The girl glared at me, but didn’t say anything back. I was turning away from the couple when the bottle of liquor was snatched from my hand.

“That’s mine, BABES,” a voice said behind me. I turned to find a rather attractive guy standing there, unscrewing the lid of the bottle to take a swig. He had gorgeous blue eyes, a cocky smirk, and obviously fake blonde hair. “If you want some, I’d be happy to give you some. For a price.”

He was practically leering at me. What a dick. I rolled my eyes at him, turning around, fully willing to assault the couple that was on the counter again, but when I turned around they had moved on. I grabbed a bottle of vodka, turned to face the dick head, smiled, raised my eyebrows and took a huge shot. “I’m good thanks.”

Instead of standing around to make a drink, I just walked off with the bottle. He caught my arm before I could get far, stopping me. He set his bottle on the counter and took the bottle from my hand. He took a drink from it, smiling. “That’s mine too. Now you owe me something.”

“I’m going to assume that you are one of the guys throwing this party,” I said sweetly, trying hard not to turn into a hardcore bitch.

“Nate, babes. What’s your name?” he asked cockily.

“Please, stop calling me babes.”

“I would but I don’t know your name. If you don’t want to tell me though, I understand. I’m really more interested in what you’re giving me for that drink.” He was looking at me like I was a piece of meat. God, really? Why was this guy bothering me?

I knew I was going to regret asking this, but,

“What exactly are we talking about here?” Maybe if I just gave him something he would leave me alone and I could have a good time.

His eyes traveled down my body, making me feel like the short jean shorts, and loose lavender v-neck t-shirt that I was wearing weren’t adequate coverings. I have to admit that I hadn’t worn a bra in a weird moment of rebellion. As his eyes tracked back up my body, they halted momentarily on my breasts before locking with my gaze. “How bout a kiss, babes?”

“Are you serious? Can’t I just give you guys five bucks and drink whatever I want? Isn’t that how these things normally work?” I asked incredulously.

“Well normally, that would be the rule, but we just put a new rule in effect tonight. You drink our alcohol and we get a kiss. Since you drank my stuff specifically, you get to kiss me. Didn’t anyone tell you before you came in?” He was talking complete bullshit. I knew it was happening but I wasn’t sure how to handle this situation.

“You have got to be kidding me,” I muttered to myself. Nate stopped a guy with short, quiffed hair and dark brown eyes as he walked by.

“Hey Liam, tell this nice young lady about the new rule.” The guy looked at him a little confused and Nate said, “You know the one about girls drinking our alcohol and them having to pay for it in kisses.”

“Ooooh,” Liam nodded, looking at me. “Yeah, new rule, just happened. Better pay up. You never know what could happen if you don’t.” He quickly walked away, leaving Nate, looking proudly at me, like he had accomplished something.

“See? It’s a rule,” Nate said. I stared at him, not even sure what to say to that. “If you’re uncomfortable with it, I’m willing to accept a kiss on the cheek. Just don’t drink anymore of my stuff.” He leaned forward, whispering, “I might not be so nice next time.”

When he had leaned forward to whisper, he had put his face very close to mine. I decided that I might as well get it out of the way. I went in for a quick peck on his cheek, but at the last second he turned his face, my lips landing on his. How did I not see that coming?

He was very close to me, his body only a few inches away. I had only been at the party for like five minutes and I was already kissing someone. He pressed his lips a little more firmly to mine, sneaking his tongue out and licking my upper lip. He surprised me by pulling back afterward and smirking.

“If I had known you wanted to actually kiss me, I wouldn’t have even suggested the cheek.”

I let out the breath I had unknowingly been holding. It had felt nice. I shouldn’t have been admitting that, but he was attractive and he was almost flush against my body. He was an asshole. Yes. But a hot one who had just kissed me. It wasn’t like I hadn’t had sex or kissed a guy before, but I definitely didn’t have a lot of experience with guys. It was crazy. I wanted to do it again.

Nate brought the bottle of vodka up under my nose, “Want another drink?”

I knew full well that if I took another drink I would be kissing him again. It made my eyes track right to his lips. They were still damp from when he had kissed me, and I couldn’t look away. He kept smiling, showing his straight white teeth. He turned his head, taking a drink of the clear liquid and all I could do was watch his jaw and throat muscles flex. As he swallowed, I followed the path of the liquor, stopping on the chest hair peeking over the top of his loose tank top. I was mesmerized.

Nate didn’t even ask me if I wanted a drink again, instead just kissed me. When he opened his mouth, parting my lips with his tongue. I could taste the vodka on him and it made me just want more of him. God, what was wrong with me? I didn’t even know him.

I brought my left hand up, cupping his jaw, feeling it move as he coaxed my tongue into his mouth. He stepped forward, pushing me back into the counter behind me, invading my space, almost blocking everything out. I covered his hand that was on the bottle, pulling it from his fingers and detaching my lips, stepping around him, taking the bottle with me.

“Ah, babes, where you going?” he questioned, pouting.

“You owe me a drink, buster.” If he was going to continue calling me babes, I could call him something as well. I made sure to take a long swig of vodka, trying to tease him.

“I’ll give you the whole bottle. Just come back over here,” he said, beckoning with a couple fingers.

“I feel like dancing,” I stated. I gave myself a couple breaths before bravely taking another large drink of vodka. I took the bottle, leaving the kitchen and going into the packed living room. I twirled around flailing my arms in the air, haphazardly doing the same with the bottle of vodka. I had just begun swaying my hips to the beat when I felt large strong hands latch onto them, pulling me backward. The backs of my thighs were brushing against the soft denim of someone’s jeans.

“I kinda like the way you’re shaking that ass, babes. Wanna take it to somewhere more private so I can get a closer look?” Nate’s voice asked behind me, grinding his hips into my ass. He was so persistent. It was starting to get to me and I think he knew it. My mood had gone from irritation with an annoying frat guy to being slightly turned on by his lack of inhibitions. And I was taking another drink. I passed the bottle off to some random person that was walking by and turned around. There were so many people in the room that as soon as I was facing him, I got crushed into his chest. His arms circled around me, grabbing my ass.

I smacked at his hands, “Watch it, buster.”

He slowly slid his hands up so they were resting on the small of my back and leaned down placing his lips next to my ear. “Let’s go up to my room.”

He pulled back to stare seductively down at me. I was staring right back at him. Was I actually considering this? I was pretty buzzed because I didn’t normally drink and my body was telling me to just go for it. He could apparently see it in my eyes, because he grabbed my hand, pulling from the room, down a hallway and up the stairs. We walked into a surprisingly clean room. The only thing messy about it was the unmade bed. It was rumpled and oddly inviting. No! I couldn’t think that way. I wanted him, but I didn’t know him. My head was telling me to punch him for even assuming that he could get me in his bedroom, but there I stood. In his bedroom. Thinking his bed looked nice. Damn you, alcohol.

The snap of the door closing shocked me out of my revelry. I turned to look at him. He was moving toward me, making me take a few steps back. He continued, walking me back in the direction of the bed.

“Want to make out on my bed, babes?” I was conflicted. Punch him for calling me babes or make out with him?

“Sure, buster,” I said back sarcastically.

“Why do you keep calling me that?” Nate asked, pushing my hair behind my ear.

“Why do you keep calling me babes?”

“Ah, I see your point.” He nudged me softly, making me sit on the mattress. He turned my face upward, holding my chin and kissing me. Yep, this was happening.

I just gave in, scooting back on his bed, fisting my hand in his tank top and pulling him with me as I laid down. He smiled against me, making me giggle a little. I kicked my flip flops off over the edge of the bed, bending my knees and cradling Nate between them as he followed me down, onto the bed. Our lips parted momentarily, our eyes locking. His lips whispered across mine as he said, “Babes.”

I continued to look seriously at him, saying, “Yeah buster?” letting our lips still touch. The grin that exploded on his face was heart stopping. It was gorgeous and the laugh that exploded from his throat had me wanting to shuck my shorts off right then. I pushed at him lightly, letting him fall to his back as he continued to laugh, laying one of his hands on his stomach as if it would stop the sound. I threw my leg over him, sitting up in his lap, straddling him. God, Nate was really hot.

I leaned forward, nuzzling my nose into his chest hair. Something that I had been wanting to do since I had seen it. I used my hands to begin pushing up his shirt, loving the solid feeling of his stomach. I let my teeth sink softly into the flesh of his throat before licking my way up to his ear lobe, nibbling on it. I pulled back, looking into his smoldering eyes. He brought his hands up, cupping my breasts, feeling my lack of bra.

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered, tweaking my nipples through my t-shirt. I rolled my hips into his, thrusting my chest forward, pressing into his hands.

I ran my nose against his before smashing my lips to his, thrusting my tongue in his mouth. Apparently he didn’t like being on bottom anymore, because he grabbed me behind the knee and flipped us over. He skimmed his hand up the back of my thigh, pushing his hand up the leg of my shorts and grabbing my ass.

“Are you wearing a thong?” he asked, squeezing my ass cheek. I nodded, biting my lip. Nate groaned saying, “God damn it, take your shirt off.”

I reached down, grabbing the hem of my shirt and whipping it over my head, revealing my bare torso. His back bent as he nuzzled against my collarbone and then slowly down across my breast. He ran his lips softly back and forth across my nipple. I ran my hand from his hair, down his back, bunching his shirt up, trying to remove it. He got the point, ripping it off and returning to my nipple, engulfing it in the warmth of his mouth. He had had to pull his hand out of my shorts when he took his shirt off and he was now using it to unbutton them. Nate’s tongue was lashing across my nipple, making me arch my back and now his hand was teasing at the edge of my shorts. Then he was using his teeth, nibbling against me. I pulled on his hair, pulling him up so that I could kiss him again, but when I had his lips above mine and I was about to kiss him, he avoided me with a smile.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you,” Nate whispered. I could feel my face flushing. I didn’t want to say it. Not because I didn’t want to fuck him, but because I’m not sure anything like that had ever left my mouth. I rolled my hips upward, wanting his hand buried in my shorts and his lips on mine. I tried to distract him, running my hand down his chest and tickling through the trail of hair that led into his jeans. Before my hand could reach the waistband of the boxers above his jeans, he grabbed my hand, stopping me. “Say it.”

I whimpered, prying my hand from his and changing the position so that I was holding his and guiding it so that it was flat against my stomach. “I want you to fuck me,” I said quietly, nipping at his bottom lip and sliding both of our hands into my shorts.

“Who are you?” he murmured, kissing me ferociously. I left his hand in my shorts, taking mine and cupping him through his jeans. He was working me over my panties, pressing into my clit, my hips rising to meet him. My shorts were impeding his actions so he tried to get them off of me, but I was also busy trying to get his jeans out of my way, our hands knocking into each other. Nate growled, shoving my hands out of his way and pushing his pants off his hips, kicking them over the edge of the mattress. I did the same, tossing my shorts some place unknown.

Nate flipped me over, yanking on my hips, pulling my ass in the air. “Close your legs and lay your face against the bed,” he instructed, running his large palm over my lower back. I slowly closed my legs so that my knees were touching then lowered my face so that my cheek was pressed to the mattress, leaving my center and ass feeling exposed.

I felt his teeth graze my skin as he took the waistband of my thong in his mouth, pulling it upward, then releasing it, letting it snap back against me. I flinched a little but didn’t say anything. He didn’t waste any time sinking his teeth into the flesh of my right cheek. I’m sure leaving a mark.

“Mmm, you have a beautiful ass.” There was a resounding slap as his hand landed on the other cheek, making me jump. Nate chuckled a little, running the same hand down my ass crack over my thong, down to my aching wetness.

“You weren’t lying when you said you wanted me to fuck you, were you, babes?” he asked behind me, knowing he could feel how much I wanted him through my panties. When I whined a little but didn’t say anything, he smacked my ass again. “Were you?”

“No,” I immediately answered. I had my fingers fisted in the sheets, trying not to move, hoping that he would move my underwear out of the way and give me what I really wanted. He hooked his fingers in the edges of my thong, slowly peeling it away from my body and down my thighs, leaving them around my knees. “Please,” I murmured, my face still pressed to the bed.

“What do I get?” Nate asked. I could literally feel the heat from him, only inches away from my body as he stared at my exposed pussy.

“Anything,” I said, trying to calm myself.



I felt the bed dip as he got off. He grabbed my panties, lifting my knees as he pulled them the rest of the way off. There was some rustling around, then he was on the bed, naked, positioning us so that his head was near the headboard, my slit suspended over his face. My face was dangerously close to his hardness.

“Nate…” I trailed off.

“You said anything, babes,” he answered cockily. I didn’t mind the thought of giving him a blowjob, actually I relished the idea of blowing his mind. I was more uncomfortable with my pussy being so close to his face in this position. I worried my lip with my teeth, contemplating my options, but just decided to go with it, ignoring the butterflies in my stomach. I let my knees support me above Nate, and leaned forward, letting my warm breath brush over his dick. He shuddered, spreading my ass cheeks and nipping my inner thigh.

I licked down his dick, leaving a wet trail as I went, circling his base in my hand, lining him up with my mouth. I circled the swollen tip with my tongue, teasing him, catching a bead of precum as it left his body. He was squeezing my ass roughly and slid his tongue shallowly through my lips, making me breathe heavily through my nose as I brought him into my mouth. I applied soft suction, continuing to circle him with my tongue. He was teasing me with his fingers, circling my entrance with them and occasionally dipping inside. I pressed back against him and he finally gave me what I wanted, thrusting his fingers deep inside, filling me with them.

“Jesus, you’re tight! And so fucking wet!” he said, biting into the flesh of where my ass met my thigh, thrusting his hips toward my mouth, slipping further past my lips. He would circle his fingers inside me before slowly pulling them out and then thrusting them back in. Every time he would circle them, they would brush gently against my g-spot, making me quiver. I had to place my hands on his muscular thighs just to brace myself. I began bobbing my head, fucking him with my mouth, wanting him inside me any way I could have him. Nate’s mouth was back on me, working my clit with his tongue and teeth, fervently thrusting his fingers inside me as well. Right when I was on the cusp of an orgasm, he pulled back, removing both his fingers and mouth. I moaned in disappointment, letting him fall from my lips with a pop.

I dropped my head to his hip in frustration, “Why did you stop?” I whined.

Nate grabbed my hips, flipped me over, crawling up my body, making me aware of his breath fanning across me as he went. He stopped momentarily on my left breast, leaving a love bite right next to my nipple, while thrusting his cock through my wetness but not entering me.

“I want to feel you come around my cock, babes. I want to feel you gushing around me and trembling as I fuck you until you can’t remember your own name,” he finally answered, bringing his lips to mine.

“Do it then,” I said, lifting my hips, then lowering them, spreading my wetness along his shaft, feeling him against my clit every time.

“Dirty little cunt,” he growled, taking my lips in a passionate, rough kiss. He pulled his hips back, lining himself up and thrusting powerfully inside me, nearly destroying me with the amount of pleasure I felt. He groaned when his hips slapped loudly against mine. I was definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

As he began to move, he sat back, draping my legs over his forearms and all I could think was, “oh my God, oh my God,” he felt amazing. He was hitting all the right spots and hitting them often.

Apparently I hadn’t thought my feelings, but rather spoken them aloud because Nate paused for a second, asking, “You ok?”

I ran my hand down his chest, scratching my nails across his stomach, leaving marks, making him hiss as I nodded. He thrust again, scooting me nearly halfway across the bed. I punctuated each following thrust with a word, “So fucking big!”

By this time my head was hanging off the edge of the bed, and I was trying to hang on for dear life as he pounded into me. Occasionally he would slow down, dragging his cock from me, only to force it back in, making me feel it in my throat. Then it was back to him filling me at a rapid rate. He did this repeatedly, bringing me close to the edge but it wasn’t quite enough. I loved it and I hated it.

I reach my hand down, letting my fingers flick across my clit as he fucked me. “God, you are so hot. Naughty fucking girl. Do you like getting fucked like this?”

“Yes!” I practically screamed. Him talking dirty sending me over the edge, making me come around his dick, squeezing tightly.

I didn’t think it was possible but he sped up his pace, pounding through my orgasm straight into his. “Fucking hell,” he groaned into my chest, his hips still moving in jerky, sloppy thrusts as he finished, filling me with his cum. When he stopped moving we were both breathing heavily. It took us both a couple minutes to recuperate before Nate rolled to the side, exhausted and panting.

I looked over at him, taking in the sated expression on his face. He turned his head toward me, grinning. I smiled back, kissing him softly on the lips, then rolling off the bed, landing on trembling legs. I searched around, finding my shorts had landed on a chair and picking my shirt off the floor. I didn’t even try to find my panties, just pulled on my shirt and shorts. I slipped my feet into my flip flops ready to leave when Nate said, “Where you going, babes?”

I grinned at him saying, “To drink more, buster. I came here to party.”

“You could stay here and we could party more in my bed,” he said suggestively, rolling onto his stomach.

“Hmmm, tempting but I’ve worked up quite the thirst.” I reached for the door, pulling it open.

Right when I was about to walk out he said, “Tell me your name, babes.”

“Maybe later, buster,” I said, walking out the door, hoping that he would follow.

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