My First College Party

I was at my first frat party. A little sad, I know. Especially for being in the sophomore year of my college career. To be fair though, I was a pretty big book worm my freshman year. My new roommate though was a party animal, so I decided to go with her. We had been friends the year before and decided we would try being roommates. We had just walked through the front door, me following her short curvy ass, trying to keep up. She was a freaking whirlwind, and a ball of energy. While I followed her I was trying to keep my tall willowy frame from knocking into anyone inadvertently.

I didn’t think I was overly nerdy, so I was hoping that I could get along with some people there. I wasn’t all that shy so that was also probably a good thing, especially since I could no longer see Erin. She had been sucked into the crowd. Oh well, I guess. I just decided to find a drink and maybe find someone to talk to. As I passed a living room, I finally caught sight of Erin, bouncing around, dancing with some bulky frat guy. At least she was already having fun. I got into the kitchen, which was filled with people who were talking and a couple that was obnoxiously making out on the counter. So attractive. Unfortunately they were blocking the liquor.

I walked up next to them, clearing my throat, but I was ignored. Well, it was their own fault if they got mildly molested by me when I reached around them to get a bottle of whatever liquor I could get my hands on. I sidled up to them, turning to face them and reaching behind them. My breasts were pressed to the guys’ arm and my hand skimmed across the girls’ ass as it closed around the cold glass of a bottle of booze.

The girl finally pulled her lips away from the guy to yell at me, “Hey, bitch! Watch it!”

“Sorry, babes. I couldn’t help myself. Just wanted a piece of that ass,” I laughed sarcastically and held the bottle up, shaking it a little to make my point. The girl glared at me, but didn’t say anything back. I was turning away from the couple when the bottle of liquor was snatched from my hand.

“That’s mine, BABES,” a voice said behind me. I turned to find a rather attractive guy standing there, unscrewing the lid of the bottle to take a swig. He had gorgeous blue eyes, a cocky smirk, and obviously fake blonde hair. “If you want some, I’d be happy to give you some. For a price.”

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Swimming Hole Lesbians

It was too hot to climb. We had gotten up early in the morning, and done a couple routes. There were three of us: Steph, Anna, and Me. Climbing as a trio was a little slow, but it was a lot of fun; and it was doubly fun because it was just us girls.

It was late morning, and the sun was beating down on the cliff. It must have already been up in the 90s, and it was humid. We were all sweating. It was time to stop, to rehydrate, to go for a swim and take a nap until the afternoon heat started to recede. We packed up our ropes and gear, and headed up the carriage road toward our secret swimming hole.

I had met Steph at work. She was beautiful. If I had been interested in women, she would have been it: slim but not skinny; bright blue eyes and long blonde hair; intelligent and funny and outgoing. And a really nice person. We had been working together for six months before we realized that we both climbed in the Shawanagunk Mountains. All spring, we had been climbing together almost every nice weekend.

Anna was a friend of Steph’s. She was new to climbing; Steph knew her from the gym. She was a fun, sunny person, with short dark hair, big brown eyes, freckles, and a cute smile that always seemed to light up her face. She was in really good shape, and was quickly becoming a strong climber.

It was a mile or so to walk to our swimming hole. I don’t know if it really is a secret, but I’ve never seen anyone else there in the two years since I discovered it. As we walked, Anna and Steph talked and laughed, discussing the morning’s adventures, politics, and the cute boys we had seen at the cliff. I preferred to walk in silence, listening and occasionally adding my two cents worth, but mostly thinking and remembering. I have never been accused of having a bubbly personality.

After the long walk in the hot sun, jumping into the cold mountain water was going to be an intense pleasure. We all looked forward to it with trepidation. Our pool was well away from the trail, a rocky shelf hidden in the woods. The stream ran through a natural fissure in the rock, splashed down a small waterfall, and formed a deep pool before flowing off into the forest. The water, even in the heat of summer, was icy cold.

We stripped down to our underwear. Anna peeled off her sports bra, setting her large, full breasts free. I had to admit, she had a really nice pair of tits. I’ve always been rather glad that mine are no more than a mouthful; but Anna’s almost made me jealous: large and round and firm, maybe a 36C; with large brown areola. She seemed totally unselfconscious about being topless. On impulse, I joined her, pulling off my top and baring my own breasts.

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Wife At Night School

It was a couple years ago that Penny started attending night school to get her tech degree. I figured it was a great idea since I’d done it a few years previously and it helped me in the job market.

After a couple of semesters, I noticed that Penny was spending longer hours in the lab and getting home a little later than usual. It wasn’t a lot later, just an hour or so and I figured she was having some trouble in one of her programming classes. By the time she got home, I was usually fast asleep.

On one such night, I had just turned off the light from reading and was preparing to fall asleep when she arrived home. She must have figured I was sleeping because she came into our bedroom quietly and went into the bathroom without turning on the lights and was very quiet. Our bathroom off the master bedroom has a night light in it so I watched as she began to undress.

After removing her sweatshirt, I was instantly wide awake. She was missing something under that sweatshirt, namely, a bra. Penny never goes braless so I squinted to try to see better in the dim light. When her jeans came off, I noticed she wasn’t wearing panties either.

I didn’t want to confront her about it so I stayed quiet while she slipped quietly into bed and soon afterwards fell asleep. When her breathing became deep and I was sure she was sound asleep, I got up and went into the bathroom, closing the door quietly behind me and turned on the light.

Her jeans were in the clothes hamper so I took them out and did a quick examination after turning the top part inside out. There were just a few minute wet spots in the crotch. It wasn’t anything I’d see if I hadn’t been looking for them. I brought them to my face and inhaled deeply to see what they smelled like. It was a strange smell and one I know didn’t belong to Penny, or me.

I couldn’t understand why, but my cock was hard as a rock as I was doing this. Next, I went outside to the car and searched to see if I could find the missing panties and bra. The bra I found under her backpack on the front seat but I didn’t find any panties. On the floorboard of the passenger side was a hand towel. This I picked up and noticed how damp it was in certain places. Again, I inhaled and found the same scent I found in her jeans a little while earlier.

My first thought was to go back inside the house and confront her about everything. My second thought was focused on how hard my cock was and that I really needed some relief. I opted for the relief and after returning everything to where it was, made my way back inside and into my home office.

I turned on the computer and after going to one of my favorite porn sites, began to stroke my cock as I started to read some of the stories. Tonight I concentrated on stories about wives who were fucking around. While reading, I started visualizing Penny with another guy. The guy remained faceless in my fantasy however the cock he was fucking her with was very vivid. Soon, I started to buck my hips and had a new mess to clean up.

I decided not to confront Penny on this and instead, see what all I could find out. The intensity of my orgasm that night made me decide this was something to be explored.
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Frat House

Sylvia had come to this particular frat party to get fucked – and getting fucked she was! Fed up with bad dates that went nowhere and relationships where her heart got broken, she’d decided that right now all she needed was a good hard fuck. She hadn’t even particularly cared who it came from, just someone who wasn’t going to leave her with a broken heart at the end of it. It had been almost 6 months since she’d last had sex and she intended to make up for it now.

The guy on top of her was actually one she knew, his name was Chris and she’d seen him around campus before. A year older than her at 22 he was a little drunk but still very excited to have this gorgeous leggy girl come up to him and start blatantly making out. She’d chosen him because he was cute and rumored to be one hell of a lay, and when they’d gotten up into bed she’d also found that he had a rather sizable dick. Right now all of it was buried in her twat, making her burn with pent-up lust as he fucked her hard, the bed was shaking he was laying into her so good. Moaning loudly she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling his thick meat deeper into her pussy.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD YOU BASTARD!!!” She screamed as she started cumming… the door to the room banged open and two more guys were staring at her getting her brains fucked out. That didn’t stop her orgasm though, it kept going as she screamed her ecstasy at the watching guys; they were grinning as Chris gasped and buried himself into her convulsing pussy, spilling cum into her body. Gasping happily as the guy collapsed on top of her she looked at their viewers.

“Can I help you,” she asked, as dignified as she could be with a dick shrinking inside her body.

“I don’t know,” said one of them as they walked forward, “Maybe you can.”

Before she could say anything else they’d pushed Chris off of her and over to the side and grabbed a hold of her breasts. One of them kissed her mouth, stifling her protests as his hand toyed with her boob; the other took hold of her other boob and squeezed it as his mouth locked over her nipple. After a minute or two her protests died as the itch in her pussy started up again, wanting desperately to be scratched.
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