Friends Huge Breasted Daughter

Autumn’s father and I have been friends for a long time. I used to baby-sit his baby girl Autumn all the time when she was ust a kidd while he and his wife were off at work. By the time Autumn started going to high school, she and her parents moved to a new location. I was upset that my best friend had just moved. They were pretty much the only family I had ever known. Being 40 years of age, life sure does suck when you’re lonely.

It’s been a few years since I have seen Autumn and her family. But one day out of the blue, I got a phone call from Autumn’s father Henry. I hadn’t spoken to him in ages, and I was very pleased to hear his voice. We talked seemingly for hours on the phone before he had to go. He invited me down to his new work place just an hour from where I lived. I agreed to meet with him after all these years. I couldn’t help but ask him how Autumn turned out since the last time I saw her. Henry assured me that I would like the new Autumn. In fact, I’d get to see her because Henry hired her. I couldn’t wait to see Henry and his daughter again. I literally counted down the days until that day had arrived.

The day came for me to see Henry and his family again. I drove down to a local construction company just an hour away from me. As I drove up into the parking lot, a man was waiting for me with a smile on his face. I knew it had to be my good old buddy Henry. He greeted me as soon as I got out of the car. We hug and told each other how good it felt to meet again after all these years. Henry invited me up to his office to meet his co-workers and employees. It turned out that Henry was one of the top supervisors at his construction company.

We went up to his office and I met everyone he was working with but I wasn’t really much into meeting new people. I just wanted to see how Autumn turned out since the days I knew her. Henry told me that Autumn was in her new office and that I should surprise her. Henry had to take off to one of his projects he was working on downtown so he told me to spend the day with Autumn.

Some workers pointed me in the direction of Autumn’s office. I read the name tag on the front door and it was indeed Autumn’s office. I knocked twice before I heard a lovely voice telling me to come in. As I opened the door, there sitting on her desk and talking on the phone was Autumn. She was more beautiful then I could have imagined. My eyes quickly drifted from her glowing Brazilian face and those juicy red lips that were moving with words, to what I couldn’t believe. Autumn was huge in the chest. I felt my cock immediately start to rise. It’d been so long since my dick tingled with excitement over a woman. But Autumn wasn’t just any woman. She had gorgeous long black hair with matching dark perils. She was slim and seemingly thick in all the right places. My mind was going blank as I realized that Autumn was no longer the little girl I used to baby-sit but now a 21 year old buxom woman.

“Uncle Marty!” Autumn yelled out after she hung up the phone. She called me Uncle Marty because I was more then just a baby-sitter to her. We were family. But now, I just wanted to break family ties and slide my hard cock between her juicy Brazilian tits.

Autumn quickly walked up to me and gave me a huge hug.

“I haven’t seen you in ages, Uncle Marty,” she said to me. I wrapped my arms around her tightly. The feeling of her bra-encased knockers pressing against my chest sent a wonderful sensation throughout my body, especially down in my private region.

“OH! Uncle Marty! Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?” Autumn said jokingly. I knew she had felt my hard on press against her crotch. I felt embarrassed that she actually noticed.

“Mmmm. Don’t worry uncle. Your secret is safe with me,” Autumn said giving me a wink as we released each other from our hug.

“Have a seat uncle or should I just call you Marty now?” Autumn asked.

I took a gasp of air and replied, “Yeah, sure Autumn. You’re all grown up. I guess Uncle Marty is a little bit played out.”

“I think I like calling you Uncle Marty,” she replied smiling.

“My, my, my, Autumn. You have certainly grown up to be such a beautiful young woman. I remember when you were just a little baby. So cute then and very cute now,” I told her followed by a little laugh.

“Oh, yes, the good old days. Do you remember those times I would stuff my shirt and pretend I was a grown woman?” said Autumn, laughing afterwards.

“Of course, How could I forget? Now, you have the real deal,” I said and then I gasped and realized what I had just said.

“I’m sorry for saying that Autumn. Forgive me,” I quickly apologized.

“It’s ok Uncle. We’re adults now. I don’t blame you for noticing. I mean, who wouldn’t notice these huge watermelons I’m carrying on my chest. Gee. Wish guys knew how it felt to have breasts especially if you’re a size 44EE.”

As soon as she said that, my dick rose to its full hard on, throbbing to be released and played with by my favorite girl in the whole world. Suddenly the phone rang and Autumn answered it.

“Oh hi daddy,” I heard her say.

“Yeah. He’s right here. I’m so glad that you invited him to come visit us. Sure. I’ll ask him. Ok. Be safe. Bye bye.”

She hung up the phone and said, “My dad wants to know if you’ll stay at our house tonight and keep me company. He has to go out of town on some business, and he doesn’t want me to be alone. Ever since mom died, dad tries to make me feel more secure. It would mean a lot to me if you would stay the weekend until Dad gets back. That’s what he wants too.”

My heart nearly skipped a beat. The thought of Autumn and me in the house alone all weekend was too much.

“It’ll be like old times when you used to baby-sit me,” Autumn added while giving me a cute and hard-to-resist puppy dog face.
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