Mom and Daughter Try Pornos

“I don’t think we should be doing this,” Alana said to her mother, “I know we need the money, and since daddy died things have been pretty tight, but to perform in a porno flick, I think you’ve lost your mind!!!” Vera Autry kept her eyes on the road as she wove in and out of rush hour traffic, but after letting her daughter vent, she calmly replied, “In less that two weeks the bank is going to repossess the car, in a month is will be the house, and unless you pull off some miraculous trick at school and earn a full ride scholarship, you can forget going to college, so don’t give me any crap about we don’t have to do it, cuz baby, we do have to do it!!!” The two of them rode the rest of the way in silence as an uneasy truce seemed to have been called, and for Vera at least, she was dead tired about arguing with Alana over every little thing!!! Fifteen minutes later Vera pulled into a vacant parking spot next to an old run down factory on the south side that housed Triple XXX Studios!!! “Well,” Vera offered brightly, “we’re here!!!” “I can see that, mom,” Alana replied a little sullenly, “just look at this place, we must be out of our minds!!!” “Oh come on,” her mother replied, “let’s at least go in and see what the deal is, okay!?!” Alana shrugged her shoulders, and slightly nodded of her head in agreement!!!

Even though the building was in a run down part of town both Vera and Alana were surprised to find that the studio offices were really quite nice, with fresh wallpaper and what looked like new furniture!!! There was an attractive woman of abut thirty or so sitting at the receptionist’s desk, who Vera approached and said, “We have an appointment with a Mr. Merrill, could you please tell him that Vera and Alana Donner are waiting!?!” “Of course, Mrs. Donner,” the young woman replied, “just have a seat and Mr. Merrill will be with you in a few minutes!!! After taking their seats, Vera said in a low whisper, “See, it’s not as bad as you thought it would be!!!” “Mom,” Alana said in exasperation, “we’re here to make stag films, you could do it in the Vatican and it would still be smutty!!!” Vera was just about to come back with a rejoinder, but was interrupted when the receptionist called out, “Mr. Merrill will see you now!!!”

Mr. Merrill was a tall handsome man of about forty five, and right away he put the two woman at ease with his easy manner and gregarious voice!!! “I’m really glad you two decided to come down,” he said effusively, “you see we have this film coming up that is entitled “Mother and Daughter”, and if you know anything about our company, we use true to life examples in all of our films!!!” “For example, when we make a picture about gay men we only use real gays in the movie, never actors only pretending to be gay,” he explained, “so, in the case of our new film we need a real mother-daughter combination!!!” After both Vera and Alana let that sink in, Alana spoke up and said, “We don’t have any acting experience, Mr. Merrill, so if you’re looking for actors with a resume`, you’ll have to look for someone else!!!” Mr. Merrill nodded his head as she spoke, and when she was finished he offered, “Your point is well taken, Miss Autry, but in this case we don’t want experience we want amateur like freshness, and from the looks of you two you will do splendidly!!!” Now it was Vera’s turn to speak, and she got right to the point by asking, “So, how much does it pay and what do we have to do to earn it!?!” Mr. Merrill chuckled at Vera’s forwardness, but answered directly, “The job pays five thousand a piece for a total of ten grand, and you will be expected to perform sexually with each other as well as other actors and or actresses!!!” Vera’s head was spinning when she heard the words “ten grand”, and before Alana could say a word Vera reached for a pen and asked, “Where do we sign!?!”
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